History of healthcare

This is a page of resources relating to the history of the SHA and of socialism and health generally. General websites are at the bottom, specific items in reverse chronological order at the top. Some of the material carries no date, so I have attempted to deduce a likely date.

The archives of the Socialist Health Association and the Socialist Medical Association (we changed our name in May 1981) are held in the Hull History Centre archive of Politics and Pressure Groups, from which some of this material is taken. I have corrected the spelling and punctuation where necessary.  If you have material which could be included here please let me know. Unless otherwise stated the copyright for material on this site belongs to us. You are welcome to reproduce it so long as you give us the appropriate credit.

Performance Evaluation and The NHS: A Case Study In Conceptual Perplexity and Organizational Complexity Rudolf Klein 1982

“medicine is a social science and politics nothing but medicine on a grand scale.”

British Health Ministers

General Resources (and those covering more than 100 years)