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Many members have been asking for information concerning the”Medical Policy Association (London)”, a recently-formed group that is campaigning against medical planning. Its avowed objective is “To preserve freedom for doctors as individuals”. It issues stencilled and printed bulletins and memoranda, and in September, circulated a questionnaire on “control” of doctors to the majority of the profession; in this questionnaire the secretary described the Association as a group of democrats and asked for donations.

On September 9th. the Evening Standard, in its “Londoner’s Diary”, published the following

Harley street scene

I have had many strange interviews, but none more curious than a meeting I have just had in Harley street. I had gone along to meet Dr Basil Steele, secretary of the Medical Policy Association. This is a group composed largely of Harley-street specialists and formed to fight the proposals for a State medical service.

Dr. Steele made an appointment for me at 18, Harley-street, the consulting rooms of Mr. Andrew Rugg–Gunn, eye specialist. To my surprise, there were four surgeons to meet me. I was given a chair in the full light of the window. Mr. Rugg-Gunn faced me. A surgeon in white overall stood in the shadow on my left. Dr Basil Steele sat on my right slightly back from the full light of the window. In the far corner sat the fourth surgeon. The two unknowns coyly declined to give their names.

Anti -Semitic

To this Ku-Klux-Klannish gathering I explained that I had read one of the Bulletins of the Medical Policy Association which was strongly anti-Semitic. I wanted to know how anti-Semitism would save them from State control. Mr. Rugg-Gunn would not admit the term anti-Semitism. They were against P.E.P. (Political Economic Planning) because it was the parent of the idea of a State Medical Service. And, they said, Mr. Israel Moses Sieff provided a considerable portion of P.E.P.’s funds. All four surgeons stood by the paragraphs in that bulletin which placed the responsibility for interference with the medical profession on “Fabianism” and “International Jewish Financiers”.

Protocols of Zion

The names of Sieff, Rothschild, Sasson Baruch, Guggenheim, Warburg and Niemeyer are cited in the attack on International Jewish Finance. “We are not against the Jews” said the four doctors in chorus. “We are against Jewish Fascism – international financial control by the Jews”. I can believe them. The bulletin they have circulated refers approvingly to the notorious “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” – the forgery which has been employed. by anti-Semitic movements from Hitler’s upwards all over the globe.

I was informed before I left that the results of the Medical Policy Association’s referendum on whether the medical profession are in favour of being controlled are starting to come in. So far the reply is, “No.”

The Bulletin referred to was No.1 and ends with the following:

“Expense and other considerations, including desirability, militate against a wide, and particularly against an indiscriminate, circulation of this Bulletin”. In addition to P.E.P. – the Fabian Society, Labour Party, and the London School of Economics are mentioned as the “opponents of the medical profession,” but the B.M.A. is also attacked for “furthering the interests of the planners”. It should be noted that neither subsequent Bulletins and memoranda, nor the questionnaire, contain anti semitic references, so that more recent adherents and donors may be unaware of the earlier tendency.

S.M.A. members must decide for themselves whether the M.P.A. is an organisation formed solely for the purpose of fighting a State Medical Service, or whether the divisions within the medical profession are being used for a more sinister purpose; there is no doubt but that a crisis over the White Paper will carry the risk not only of detracting from the War effort, but of causing alarm and despondency among both the profession and the public.

Whatever decision S.M.A. members come to, they are advised strongly to point out to their colleagues (in S.M.A., B.M.A., trade union and other organisations) the nature of the contents of Bulletin no1, and their similarity to certain radio broadcasts; Hitler’s letter, quoted in Hermann Rauchning’s “Hitler Speaks”, could be quoted – “Anti-Semitic propaganda in all countries is an almost indispensable medium for the extension of our political campaign. …. It is beyond question the most important weapon in my propaganda arsenal, and almost everywhere of deadly efficiency”. We should see that anyone who uses the M.P.A. to combat a State Medical Service does so with his eyes open.

The medical and general and local public press should be watched, and any provocative letters answered. In some cases a resolution might be desirable.

Finally, members who have not returned the questionnaire might consider answering “Yes””

To all Branch Secretaries

As the subject matter of this document directly concerns doctors, a copy has been sent to all medical members. Owing to the paper shortage it is not possible to send to every S.M.A. member. Will you therefore please pass this copy round to other members.


33, Murray Road, Northwood, Middlesex

Undated but between 1940 and 45.

Medical Policy Association Briefing on the BMA referendum