Labour Party Policy consultation June 2012

Labour Health Policy SHA policy

We have produced a submission after wide consultation among the members and friends of the Association.

It does not represent an agreed view on the Party’s health policies, as members disagree on some issues, and the time allowed for this process has not permitted resolution of these disagreements.  We don’t think that all the important issues are raised in the consultation, – in particular there should be a lot more discussion about the role and practice of public health and the determinants of health, and that these should involve the Party more widely –  but we hope the submission will assist the debate.

For convenience the submission is broken down into sections, each relating to one or more of the questions posed by the Party.

Patient Experience

How can we better extend services to hard to reach families and communities?

How should the health and social care service be funded in the future?

How can the NHS promote better mental health and well-being?

How can services be made more accountable to patients, public and staff?

Key principles for any health and social care service?

Good and bad in the local NHS

Health inequalities