How can we better extend services to hard to reach families and communities?

Part of our response to the Labour Party Policy consultation June 2012
  1. Use community development approaches wherever you can. In the Clinical Commissioning Group , in the Local Authority , in Health Watch and in the Health and Wellbeing Board. Community development has a long and effective track record. The Party needs to champion it across primary care. It has been shown to improve health protection, help tackle health inequalities, support behaviour change, improve patient and public involvement – and it saves money.
  2. For an example see
  3. Respond to what they say.
  4. Ensure that the patient voice is integrated into every part of the planning and commissioning process.
  5. Promote neighbourhood-based services, integrated with other public agencies – for example based in local libraries. Emphasise the importance of multiple points of entry to episodes of care and support – not just via primary care. Councils to lead joint plans on reducing social exclusion for hard to reach groups jointly with NHS and related agencies. End the discrimination and pauperization of refugees and asylum seekers.