Labour Party Policy consultation

Labour Health Policy

The full documents – on the Labour Party website

Submissions received by the 8 June will be made available to NPF representatives from the relevant division ahead of the meeting on 16/17 June. Submissions received after this date will go to the relevant policy commission for consideration post-NPF.

These are the questions on health to which the Party is looking for answers:

• How can we ensure a better experience of patient care?
• How can we better extend services to hard to reach families and communities?
• How should the health and social care service be funded in the future?
• How should we best integrate physical, mental and public health services and social care?
• How can the NHS promote better mental health and well-being across the population, for example?
• How can services be made more accountable to patients, public and staff?
• What would you list as the key principles for any health and social care service?
• How do we best put patients back at the heart of the NHS and reintroduce cooperation rather than a market free for all?
• What aspects of your local NHS could be improved upon?
• Are there positive examples in your local NHS that others could learn from?
• How can local and national governments build health into all policies, and what can we learn from health policy in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales?
• How do you think the NHS can best work to reduce health inequalities?
• Which services need to work together to tackle health inequalities?
• How can health and social care services be integrated locally to deliver the seamless quality in care service provision that patients have requested?
• What kind of service do we want to see for carers and families are there any examples of local services that are working well?
• What can we learn from the Dilnot Commissions about to how we fund social care?
• What can we learn from the Scottish example of providing free personal care?