Proposed amendments to Education and Children

Children Your Britain

These amendments relate to the Education and Children consultation document. They are just ideas. They haven’t been agreed by anyone.

Page 7

Line 21 insert “Good health education should be strengthened as part of the curriculum, with parents and families encouraged to participate.”

Line 41 insert “Schools will be incentivised to ensure that all pupils who are able to do walk or cycle to school.”

Page 9

Line 21 insert “The health care sector relies heavily upon publicly funded research  and upon publicly supported students. In terms of research, Labour should operate a strategic health research programme concentrating upon selected areas where the UK  has good existing infrastructure. ”

Line 42 insert “Research for UNICEF has shown that children in the UK feel trapped in a “materialistic culture” and don’t have enough time with their families. The UK is in 16th position – below Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Portugal – in a league table of child well-being in the world’s richest countries. We will ensure that the well being of children and particularly the provision of public facilities for children and young people will be a high priority. New standards for children’s play facilities will be developed.”

Page 10

Line 4 insert “In 2013 the UK had worse rates than nearly every other western European nation for early neonatal deaths, due to risky behaviours during pregnancy especially smoking, which is more common among women who are socially disadvantaged. We will ensure that sufficient support from midwives and health visitors is available for women and babies to tackle the appalling level of death among young children. We will increase benefit rates for pregnant women so that they can afford a healthy diet.”

Line 36 insert “All children are vulnerable and schools need to do much more to promote both physical and mental health. Every school must have a school nurse.””