There are now three Tory parties in the Labour Party

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This is a comment which was first posted in response to a blogpost here.

Politics is in a massive state of flux at the moment, due to the total distrust of politicians in all the major parties.

Neo-Liberalism has been the driving force in politics and so has been the instrument that has brought centralised control over every aspect of peoples lives, leaving them feeling powerless and disenfranchised.

The institutions that have propagated such myths as the “deficit” have exploited the ignorance of the masses to privatise our public services.

Most know that they have been duped by the politicians but fail to understand fully why it is all happening because all the major parties are saying the same thing.

Our academic institutions rely on extra funding from outside organisations (business) therefore is it any surprise that they conform to to singular aspect of economic theory.

As we are now in the final year prior to the election and clearly Ed Miliband has surrounded himself with the old Blairite guard, he will offer people more of the same, which will be woefully inadequate to confront the real issues facing ordinary people.

In fact even if he were to adopt policies such as the manifesto of 1945, he would need to reject everything he has stood for in his career and sell a much more convincing agenda than he has to-date.

Which is clearly not going to happen, the reason he has employed an American PR professional to organise his campaign, is because spin rather than conviction is the order of the day.

If Labour politics (Not Blue Labour) were to survive it would have to split and join a party such as Left unity and field candidates in as many seats as possible, this Blue Labour Party will eventually die a slow death if it continues, as membership will inevitably dwindle. There is no place for three Tory parties at the so called centre of politics.