The 65th birthday of the National Health Service

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*  Across the country more than 1.5 million patients and their families will be in contact with the NHS every day.
*  Approximately 170,000 people (the same number who attended the Glastonbury music festival) go for an eyesight test each week.
*  Our NHS will help deliver around 16,000 babies at home. This is enough children to fill the Royal Albert Hall three times over.
*  Each month, 23 million people (more than three times the population of London) visit their GP surgery or practice nurse.
*  In a typical week, 1.4 million people will receive help in their home from the NHS.
*  Ambulance services will answer five, 999 calls every minute of every day.
*  In a year District Nurses will call on the equivalent of the populations of Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta and Iceland – combined!
*  Each full-time GP treats over 255 patients a week.
*  NHS chiropodists inspect more than 150,000 pairs of feet every week. That’s about half the British Army.

The wisdom of the crowd: 65 views of the NHS at 65 – Nuffield Trust

Roy Lilley  says Yes, the NHS has to be efficient and safe and clean but it has to be central to a political desire to promote, encourage and endorse social medicine and its values. I judge it is not. If we want an NHS we have to pay for it.

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