Annual General Meeting 2011

Socialist Health Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting of the Socialist Health Association held on Saturday 19th March 2011 at Wesley’s Chapel 49 City Road, London EC1Y 1AU, starting at noon.

Present: Brian Fisher Huw Davies Gavin Ross Martin Rathfelder Tina Funnell Doug Naysmith Mike Roberts Vivien Giladi Chris Bain Melanie Johnson Roy Oliver Ali Syed Barrie Brown Jane Thomas David Mattocks Peter Mayer Richard Bourne Noemi Fabry Nye Harries Jos Bell Harry Clarke Fiona Wright Neil Goulbourne Lynne Friedli Christine Hay Rosemary Ross Catherine West Gita Malhotra Patricia Moberly Janet Shapiro John Nunney David amos Rachael Maskell Carolyn Emanuel Jane Roberts Barry Silverman

Dr Clare Gerada, Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners led a discussion on the current position in respect of the Government’s proposals to reform the NHS. Dr Gerada was keen to listen to the various points raised by members. Dr Gerada was thanked by members for leading the discussion and raising a number of pertinent issues.

  1. Apologies for absence: Dr Adrian Heald, Catherine Mackereth, David Pickersgill, Derek Marcus, Lady Diane Hayter, Debbie Cain, Ed Derrick, Gill Poole, Dame June Clark, James Grayson, Lesley Pavitt, Mike Gerrard, Mike Young, Phil Gregory, Rehana Azam, Robert MacGibbon, Rosemary Clarke, Simon Wright, John Lipetz, Michael English, Rosemary Clarke, Phil Gregory, Dave Watson,

  2. Minutes of the AGM 2010 were accepted.

  3. Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda: Thanks were given to retiring members of Central Council, especially Diane Hayter. Members were sorry to learn that Dr Margaret Gilmore a very active member in Edinburgh had died at the age of 93.

  4. Chair’s report – a written report had been circulated. Brian Fisher stressed the immense seriousness of the present situation and urged members to focus on how we can mobilise opposition to the bill and work with the shadow health team to expose the dangers inherent in it.

Annual Report: tabled and accepted

Performance report: tabled and accepted

Organisational issues: Interest groups, publicity, fundraising, forward planning.

A vote of thanks was passed to the Director – Martin Rathfelder for his hard work – much of it beyond his contractual duties.

  1. Financial and audit report – tabled and accepted

  2. Constitutional Amendments: Moved by Martin Rathfelder and seconded by Huw Davies. Agreed nem con.

i) in clause 10 of the constitution delete the existing paragraphs b) and c) and insert: “b) For each 30 members or part thereof each branch shall be entitled to elect one of its own members to the Central Council. c) SHA Scotland and SHA Wales shall each appoint representatives on the same arithmetical basis.”

ii) in clause 10 of the constitution paragraph d) which provides for us to be able to co-opt up to 3 members to fill functional positions – increase that number to 5.

7  Officers elected

 Chair: Dr Brian Fisher MBBCh MSc MBE

 Secretary: Huw Davies

Treasurer: Gavin Ross

Central Council (20 to be elected, not including the 3 Officers): Anna Lynch, Prof David Amos, David Pickersgill BA, BSc, DipHSW, RMN, Debbie Cain, Dr Doug Naysmith, Dr Fiona Wright, Gita Malhotra, Jane Thomas, Jos Bell, Melanie Johnson, Dr Michael Grady CQSW, M.A, DMS, D Prof (Mdx), Cllr Mike Roberts BSC, FRSA, Mike Young, Dr Neil Goulbourne, Noemi Fabri, Nye Harries, Richard Bourne BA, Simon Wright, Tina Funnell, (19 nominated)

  1. Other members of Central Council

 West Midlands:(5) David Mattocks, Dr Peter Mayer MA, FRCP,

London:(10) John Lipetz, Dr Lynne Friedli PhD, Vivien Giladi, Patrick Vernon, Michael English, Dame Jane Roberts , Tom Fitzgerald

Scotland: Dave Watson, Ali Syed

Wales: Professor Tony Beddow, Bsc Econ, IHSM

North East: Lewis Atkinson

Each nationally affiliated organisation is entitled to a representative

Unison – Christine Durance

Unite – Barrie Brown

Society of Radiographers – Warren Town

GMB – Rehana Azam

  1. Officers elected at the AGM

Vice Chairs (4): Mike Roberts, , Neil Goulbourne, Melanie Johnson, Tina Funnell

Richard Bourne was nominated as editor of Socialist Health News

Auditors (2): David Mattocks, Tom Fitzgerald

Delegates to Labour Party Conference 2011: Nye Harries, Richard Bourne, Mike Young

Delegates to Socialist Societies Executive: Huw Davies, Brian Fisher. Cover provided by Vivien Giladi or Noemi Fabry

  1. Co-options to Central Council proposed: none

  2. Proposed affiliations to other organisations:

a) existing: agreed to re-affiliate to:
Labour Party centrally and Regional Labour Parties
NHS Alliance – concern was expressed about this organisation’s stance on the proposed NHS reforms but it was agreed to re-affiliate in order to maintain our voice
James Lind Alliance
Drugs and Health Alliance
Smokefree Action
Keep Our NHS Public
National Voices

b) New: Ali Syed suggested affiliation to Cooperative Party. Members decided to revisit this at next meeting

  1. Nominations to the Labour Party’s National Executive: Simon Wright – Agreed

  2. Labour Party Constitutional Amendment: Members decided to revisit this at next meeting

  3. Resolutions: none submitted

The AGM was followed by a short meeting of the Central Council at which Brian Fisher called again for members with a variety of skills to contribute to the campaign group which has been running this year. It was important to mobilise across the country in all ways that we can do so effectively. Proposed future ordinary meetings: 18th June, 24th September (in Liverpool), 14th January