Sponsorship Policy

1. The Socialist Health Association (SHA) enters into financial and political relationships of various kinds in the course of its activities. This enables it to work towards its aims more effectively.

2. The SHA subscribes to a number of organisations, generally agreed at the Annual General Meeting. This signifies that the SHA supports their objectives and is prepared to be seen supporting them. The SHA may not necessarily agree with everything they do.

3. A number of organisations subscribe to the SHA on a similar basis and the SHA is happy to acknowledge their support. In some circumstances it might refuse to accept a subscription from an organisation with which it did not wish to be associated.

4. The SHA runs conferences and other events and sells publications on a commercial basis. It may levy different charges to organisations and individuals that meet specific criteria. It is content to accept at its conferences and events delegates from organisations with whom it disagrees.

5. Some SHA events and publications are organised in partnership with, or with the support of, other organisations. The nature of that partnership and the financial arrangements are agreed by the SHA officers, either in respect of specific event/s or with regard to a partnership with a particular organisation. This may include the provision of accommodation, services or publicity for an event, running a stand at an event, or sharing the administrative work.

6. The SHA wishes to see the widest possible debate on issues involving health and health care. This includes giving organisations with which it may not agree the opportunity to put their point of view.

7. The issues that will be considered by SHA officers when considering an arrangement with any other organisation are as follows:-

a. The degree of financial risk falling on the SHA should, for example, a planned event not take place or not cover its costs – whether any payment by an organisation might be refundable, or the costs fall entirely on the SHA; whether either party is liable, either legally or politically, for the actions of the other partner.

b. The degree of political association – whether, for example, either party would want to claim credit for working with the other by using its name or logo in any wider context; whether a long term relationship is contemplated; whether all partners are clear about exactly what each will get out of the proposed arrangement; whether, in the event of a conflict of interest, this can be managed appropriately; how long any arrangement would last.

c. Editorial control and ownership over any publication or advertising for an event.

d. Integrity and openness – the SHA will acknowledge publicly any corporate sponsorship or donation.

e. Independence – funding will be accepted provided that the independence of the SHA is not compromised in any way.

f. Acknowledgement of a company’s support is not normally to be considered an endorsement by the SHA of that company or its products.

g. Whether it would be helpful to produce a contract or terms and conditions which both sides would sign.

8. The SHA reserves the right to withdraw from any collaboration or sponsorship arrangement if, in the opinion of its officers, the integrity of the SHA is likely to be compromised

Agreed by Central Council