Socialist Health Association Environmental Policy

1)The Association conducts its affairs in such a way as to minimise damage to the environment and the health of those participating in our activities.

2)We use electronic communication rather than paper where possible.

3)We use recycled products where we can and we recycle waste where possible.

4)In organising events the Association will where possible use venues which are accessible to people who use public transport.

5)We choose venues and suppliers which are run on sound ethical and environmental principles where we can.

6)The Association will reimburse expenses incurred by staff and members in using public transport or bicycle at a realistic rate. If private transport has to be used we will encourage shared use.

7)We will where possible offer healthy catering options. In particular:

a)Fresh water should be freely available. Tap water is perfectly acceptable and a low or no cost alternative to expensive bottled waters.

b)Avoid sugary carbonated drinks & fruit squashes.

c)Specify that bowls of sweets or mints should not be available

d)Offer fresh fruit for all refreshment breaks

e)Ask for locally grown or produced ingredients and seasonal produce to be used where possible.

f)Always have vegetarian options

g)Try and keep chosen dishes simple – good quality ingredients simply cooked

h)Avoid highly processed foods as they may contain hidden high levels of fat, salt or sugar.

i)Ask for salt to be used in small amounts in cooking and not added after cooking. Salt cellars should not be necessary on tables

j)In the interests of sustainability, the use of proper glassware, crockery, cutlery and napkins is preferable to disposable items

k)Ask for descriptions of food, simple nutritional information and details of the source or origin of foods to be provided so that consumers can make informed choices about what they eat

l)Request Fairtrade products wherever possible, especially for teas & coffees.

8)This policy may be varied by a vote at the Central Council.