Annual General Meeting 2010

Annual General Meeting of SHA held at Toynbee Hall, London at 12.00 on 20th March 2010

 The first section of the meeting was a discussion on Foundation Hospitals led by Richard Bourne, until recently chair of the Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust (12.00-13.00). Issues covered included the accountability of Trusts and the potential for more accountability through governance mechanisms, and the prospect of privatization of the trusts. The speaker emphasized that it was early to draw any firm conclusions re governance but there were very few trusts where ‘members’ were active in any meaningful way and training was nugatory.

Present: Brian Fisher, Huw Davies, Gavin Ross, Martin Rathfelder, Tina Funnell, Doug Naysmith, Mike Roberts, Vivien Giladi, Chris Bain, Seton During, Melanie Johnson, Roy Oliver, Ali Syed, Barrie Brown, Jane Thomas, Jacob Hunt Stewart, David Mattocks, Peter Mayer, Richard Bourne.

Apologies for absence: Jane Roberts, John Lipetz, Sylvia Hikens, Sheila Jones, Jean Gaffin, John Charlton, Lesley Pavitt, Sharon Holder, Mike Gerrard, Judith Blakeman, Roger Berry, Patrick Vernon, Michael English, Elsie Collier, Audrey Chamberlain, Mike Grady, Mike Young, Dianne Hayter, Penny Barber, Derek Marcus, Mike Grady, Penny Barber, Christine Hay, Madelaine Sharp, Neil Goulbourne, Suresh Pushpananthan, George Conchie, John Grayson Llin Golding David Pickersgill Rosemary Ross

Minutes of the AGM 2009 – accepted

Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda. Thanks to Judith Blakeman, Paul Walker and Sally Young, who are standing down from our Central Council.

Annual Reports: The Chair reported on a busy year for the SHA in terms of events, meetings and discussions. He felt that the Association still required a sharper focus and a structure which promoted this as well as an agreed agenda for the focus. Working groups led by Vice Chairs or other volunteers with expertise and willingness to commit time may be the way forward. Organizational effectiveness in areas such as media and finance might benefit from a more flexible and devolved structure whilst recognizing the role of the Director in coordinating and organizing much of the work. Nonetheless the implications of these ideas needed to be thought through carefully. Given that we were looking at Inequality, Involvement, Integration and Marketization, what other areas of focus should there be? (Mike Roberts suggested social care, medical care including  NHS and public health as additional focus areas). It was also agreed that the Director should have a formal job description. Other formal proposals would be worked up.

Papers were presented outlining activities and membership. A proposal to look at voluntarily increased individual membership rates was agreed.

Financial and audit report: Finances were sound.  Advertising policy: Members agreed that caution needed to be taken with any advertising by bodies of whom we know little

Constitutional Amendments: none

Officers nominated:

a) elected by ballot of members  Chair: Brian Fisher, Secretary: Huw Davies, Treasurer: Gavin Ross

Central Council (20 to be elected, not including the 3 Officers): Neil Goulbourne, Mike Roberts, George Conchie, Richard Bourne, Seton During, Jane Roberts, Lynn Friedli, Jacob Hunt Stewart, Patrick Vernon, Dianne Hayter, Michael English, David Pickersgill, Melanie Johnson, Suresh Pushpanathan, Tom Fitzgerald, Tina Funnell, Doug Naysmith  Vivien Giladi Jane Thomas Mike Grady

Other members of Central Council:  West Midlands: Waheed Salim, Peter Mayer,Chris Bain and David Mattocks , London: John Lipetz , Scotland: Ali Syed and Dave Watson, Wales – to be confirmed

Each nationally affiliated organisation is entitled to a representative: Unison – Christine Durance, Unite  – Barrie Brown, Society of Radiographers – Warren Town

Officers  elected at the AGM:  Vice Chairs (4): Neil Goulbourne, Mike Roberts, Tina Funnell, Melanie Johnson Auditors (2): David Mattocks, Tom Fitzgerald

Delegates to Labour Party Conference 2010: Brian Fisher, Tina Funnell, Wendy Savage, Ali Syed & Mike Roberts

Delegates to Socialist Societies Executive: Huw Davies (Brian Fisher volunteered to substitute as necessary)

Co-options to Central Council proposed: (if any)-none

Proposed affiliations to other organisations:

a) existing: Labour Party centrally and Regional Labour Parties, Medact, NHS Alliance, James Lind Alliance, Drugs and Health Alliance, Smokefree Action, Keep Our NHS Public , National Voices

b) New: Equality Trust, Health Equalities Alliance


  •       Labour Party’s National Policy Forum:  Martin Rathfelder
  •        National Constitutional Committee: Pat Ireland
  •       Conference Arrangements Committee:  Martin Rathfelder
  •       Auditors:  no nomination
  •       National Treasurer: no nomination

Labour Party Constitutional Amendment – none but issue deferred to 19th June

Resolutions: none

Proposed calendar of meetings of Central Council 2010:  June 19th – York ,  25th September  – Manchester;  2011: 8th January 2011 – Wesley’s Chapel, 19th March 2011 (AGM) Wesley’s Chapel.

Minutes of Central Council 16th Jan 2010 – accepted   Matters arising: none

Meeting closed at 15.00