Dr Zahid Chauhan

Zahid Chauhan

Dr Zahid Chauhan is a GP working in some of the most economically challenged areas of Greater Manchester and a national campaigner for health equalities and our NHS. A Labour councillor in Oldham, Dr Chauhan is the founder of the Homeless-Friendly programme, which has ensured that those without a permanent address get access to the same quality healthcare others in society enjoy. His work  has also helped improve housing provision, job opportunities and mental health care for vulnerable people. Dr Chauhan is a member of the Unite union and actively campaigned for junior doctors during their recent and successful fight with Government. A popular spokesperson on local and national health issues, he has led high-profile media campaigns on NHS staff shortages and other cuts to healthcare services, the need to reduce life expectancy discrepancies between those in affluent and less affluent areas and the impact of poverty on physical and mental health. He has held posts with the ambulance service (using this to campaign for safety and better treatment of paramedics), local schools, the Committee of the Regions at the European Union, and is a much sought-after speaker on women’s rights, poverty in the developing world and global healthcare issues such as disease and drugs resistance.  Dr Chauhan is passionately committed to free-at-the-point of access healthcare for all and social justice through cooperation, compassion and cohesion.