Diane Jones

I’m a lifelong socialist – well since teenage years anyway… I joined the Labour Party in 1969 and have been an active member in Chester, in London (Hampstead) and since 1980 in Newcastle Central. (with an Iraq war protest break)
I’m Chair of my Branch, Communications Officer in the CLP, (Currently conducting a member survey in the CLP one if the objectives of which is to encourage more activity among members.) I was recently elected Treasurer of the Newcastle LCF.
The SHA Contemporary motion for Labour conference 2017, which I proposed in my CLP, was agreed unanimously – as it was (after a compositing battle) subsequently at Conference.
I was very active in both the Labour leadership campaigns as a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. Until recently I was an organiser in Red Labour, regularly posting material on the Facebook page and engaged in Organisation and Development.
I’ve been active in Keep our NHS Public NE since 2008 and a Steering Group member in recent years. I attended the Health Campaigns Together Conference in London in November 2017.
I’m a new member of SHA, and I believe we have a very urgent task to ensure that when the Labour Party comes to power it is equipped to STOP and ABOLISH the marketisation that is already in progress, as well as all the shocking conflicts of interest, in order to reinstate the NHS to its founding principles.
I intend to continue to work hard to ensure that we don’t go down the route of the US where so many are deprived of the healthcare they need because they lack the resources to pay for it.