Cllr Mike Roberts

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the NHS. Those of us who attended the marking of the event at the 60th anniversary in the area above Nye’s constituency, in the rain, we were all reminded of how important this new dawn was for the ordinary people of the UK.

It has never been more stifled with resources, political ideology as it is now by the present Government and as Nye said we need to fight for it or it will be lost.

But Health embraces all polices from Planning to Housing from transport to working and so it should.

The SHA needs to be more involved with these wider areas of policy as well as its traditional furrows.

The next revolution is now before us.

Apple on 1 March announced that they were getting into health care so its about digitalisation which the Scandavian countries excel at as does the Netherlands.

With a Labour Government we will need to respond to those dramatic new challenges but we are the only Party that can do and I, as a key mover and shaker in policy will do so for all our benefits in the SHA and with other areas as well.

About Mike Roberts

  • LGA Labour Group Member
  • Unite member
  • Former Member Community Wellbeing Board at LGA (Health and Social Care with Public Health)
  • Community Spokesman Housing and Health Opposition Labour Group Rushmoor Borough Council
  • Mental Health policy member local CCG and Strategy Member overall
  • PPG member of the local CCG and Practice lead
  • Working with various bodies on Health inequalities and relation to implementation into Local Government best practice and the Public Health agenda
  • Working with TCPA on various policy issues like Planning and Health Inequalities and now review of the London Plan
  • Working with RTPI on the same and former chair of Politicians in Panning Group
  • Convenor in past of Regional Policy Review team for Labour Party under Dick Caborn MP
  • Convenor in past of Transport Policy Review team for Labour under John Prescott MP
  • Former Parliamentary Adviser to South and East Economic Strategy Group of Councils
  • Labour Business EC member
  • Team Leader Labour Business On Treasury Policy with John McDonnell MP Shadow Chancellor
  • Team Leader Labour Business on Housing Planning and Regeneration with John Healey MP and Roberta Blackman-Woods MP
  • Locally Involved on GP Practice Group and Strategic Group Rep with CCG
  • Chair of Professionals Mental Health Forum
  • Member of Patients Forum London Ambulance,  SECAMB, Health Campaigns Together, National Planning Forum and the Assembly of European Regions
  • Jt Co-coordinator of Campaign Group on Hampshire and IOW STP and Frimley Health STP

Register of Interests

My interests in health and social care are not pecuniary but cover: Local CCG Strategy Group and working groups or non-emergency patient transport, mental health to integration of social care and health. Working with UCL’s team on health inequalities, Rushmoor Borough Council Community lead for the Opposition ( Health and Housing), Chair of a Well Being Centre in Aldershot. Policy work for the Shadow Teams via Labour Business where direct and indirect health aspects and social care might be involved as well as housing. Working with the TCPA and RTPI on planning and transport and health issues from a policy perspective.