Mike Eakins

Our health and social care system is under attack. We have a Tory government which if permitted would happily see the breakup of the National Health Service and the destruction of the Labour Party’s greatest legacy. There has never been a more important time to grow the SHA’s support, champion its historic contribution to the Labour movement, continue to develop evidence-based, contemporary socialist policies to eradicate health inequality and maximize the voice of SHA members in the development of the next Labour government’s health and social care platform. I am standing for the Central Council to play my part in achieving these ambitions.

Mike Eakins

Professionally I work in a policy role for a large, Northern, local authority. Through my work I can see first-hand the imperative of bringing about a new approach to health and social care integration and tackling the chronic underfunding of services across the UK. Social care is on its knees, and this cannot go on. I have been a proud and active campaigner for the NHS since I joined the Labour Party ten years ago, age 17, and I am currently the Chair of Weaver Vale Constituency Labour Party.

I am passionate about inclusivity and would like to support the SHA to become more accessible to people from all backgrounds irrespective of their personal circumstances.

For me, the biggest challenges our health system faces and which the SHA should focus on over the next year include:

  • Continued chronic underfunding of the NHS and social care;
  • The abject failure to deliver parity in practice for mental health services;
  • Tackling the internal market in the NHS and ending the purchaser/provider split;
  • Delivering real integration of health and social care services, supported with a proper level of funding and benefitting from clear lines of accountability.

In the not too distant future I hope we will see a socialist Labour government returned by the British public. Now is the time for the Socialist Health Association to utilize the talent and expertise of its members to design and influence Labour policy for the future. I would be honoured to play my part and ask for your support.

Thank you.