Harry Clark

Harry Clarke

Why I’m standing for Central Council

I’ve been an active member of the Central Council for the last three years, in supporting the Council and the SHA at events and Conferences. I’m standing as :

  • Only one of three candidates in the East of England –which covers 56 Parliamentary Constituencies –important for a non-London, more rural representation
  • A member who had an extensive senior NHS Career – but now back  working in the NHS  again- important to have  insight from within the NHS
  • A member who is firmly against not only the current  NHS reforms, but who wants Labour to embrace “Whole Person Care “ and Andy Burnham’s vision, and to move on from the failed model of competition not collaboration, outsourcing, rejecting the purchaser –provider split, and having democratic control of the NHS – bringing “Trusts” back into the NHS, scrapping the role of the OFT and some regulators, and getting us out of the EU/US Trade agreement!
  • I campaigned against the H&S Care Bill extensively, and am now seeing the damage on the inside. It will be N. H. S . Not Here Soon. Many of us will be proved right
  • I want to see more women members, younger members, better links with CLPs, and more TU involvement in the SHA, more devolution to branches and bringing the SHA into the 21st Century
  • I want us to be sharper and more inclusive on Policy making, and engaging with Labours Health Team
  • I Chaired and led the SHA Governance and Constitutional Review – our themes were Democracy, Accountability and Transparency. Please read it!
  • . Lifelong Labour Party Member;    CLP Secretary Mid-Norfolk, former  Eastern Region Labour Board member, Chair of Health Policy Group  of LFIG

I’m a member of the Fabians; Co-operative Party, and the GMB, Unite and Unison, and a former Deputy TU Health branch Sec. Also in the Aneurin Bevan Society, Amnesty International and Cuba Solidarity and the SEA.  Have stood as a Labour candidate in District and County elections.

I hold NO shares, Directorships, or consultancies, or Trusteeship

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal Society of Public Health, and a member of the Institute of Health Service Management

My   NHS Career, has particular experience in Quality , Clinical and Corporate     Governance Risk Management.  Management posts held in Child & Mental Health,     Acute Paediatrics – Deputy Hospital Manager Great Ormond St, Primary Care Management, Patient Safety & Clinical Quality, NHS Commissioner, and NHS Board    Secretary/Governance. Led inspectorate Team at Commission for Health Improvement .