Gavin Ross

I have been involved with the NHS since 1975 when I analysed a patient survey for the local Community Health Council, which I then joined, and later chaired, and since then have belonged to a Patients Forum and now a Patient Group, involved with many local campaigns in Herts to save local hospitals and primary care services.  I contributed to the Radical Statistics Health Group which exposed misuse of statistics by the Thatcher and Major governments.  I have been a Labour Party constituency secretary since 1994.

Gavin Ross

I joined the SHA when my wife Rosemary was appointed administrator in the early 1980s, and then joined Central Council.  When I became Treasurer in the late 1990s the SHA finances were in dire straits, and we had to take action to ensure the continuation of the association, including a temporary appeal to members, giving up the office, and raising the subscription.  When Martin Rathfelder became sole administrator he worked hard to increase SHA income, running successful conferences and forging links with the Health Trade Unions.  I helped to edit Socialism and Health for some years.

Now, with the SHA basically solvent, I am glad to hand over the role of Treasurer to my successor.  Meanwhile for the sake of continuity I wish to remain on Central Council.

As the retiring SHA Treasurer and longstanding member of Central Council, I believe in the importance of continuity, so that the traditional role and values of the SHA are not forgotten.  Our primary role is to use our collective knowledge of the health situation across the country to influence the Labour Party health team in the promotion of socialist policies for the NHS and public health.  To do this effectively we need to be better known and respected for our statements and expertise, and to use all possible opportunities for comment in the media and at Labour Party policy forums and conferences.  We should reconcile our minor disagreements privately and rapidly so that we can pursue our important purpose.

I have no financial or personal interest to declare.

21 Connaught Road, Harpenden, Herts AL5 4TW