Dr Mike Grady

Mike Grady is Principal Advisor at the Institute for Health Equity University College London and a member of the review team working with Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Chair of the Global, European and English reviews of health inequalities.

Mike was co-author of  ‘Fair Society, Healthy Lives’ and leads the dissemination the strategic review nationally on behalf of the team at UCL and is supporting many Local Councils and Health and Wellbeing Boards in implementation.  He has presented at national and international conferences.

He worked as an NHS Chief Executive and Chief Officer in a large Metropolitan Authority.

Mike has a M.A in Social and Community Work and a Doctorate from Middlesex University in “Exploring the parameters of Leadership” and specifically the impact of community development in improving health and wellbeing.

He is an Expert Advisor to the Centre for Public Scrutiny and has contributed to a number of  IDEA and LGID publications. He was a member of The Commission on the future of Local Government

He is an expert advisor to WHO Healthy Cities and  edited a major report on Healthy Inequalities and Local Government in Europe published in 2012. He is also special advisor to the Parliamentary Community and Local Government Select Committee on Community Budgeting.

He is a member of the ESRC Peer Review College

He is also an honorary Senior Lecturer at Leeds Institute of Health Sciences Department of Epidemiology and Public Health Research and a Member of the Faculty of Public Health.

His research interests include community development, empowerment and health inequality and the role of local government.