Chris Butler


I was born in Derby in 1942, which makes me even older than the NHS. Thanks to a scholarship from Derbyshire County Council I as able to train as a doctor at University College Hospital, London, qualifying in the 1970’s. My first jobs were in the London area but I later moved back up north, starting in Shipley, West Yorkshire, in 1980. I did 16 years as a GP  then moved into hospital medicine specialising in HIV and blood borne viruses.

I was a member of the Medical Practitioners’ Union and was largely responsible for  International Affairs. We particularly looked at health care in the ex-Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic. I was briefly National Coordinator before moving to work in France. I was also a member of the Socialist Health Association and was active in West Yorkshire. We were particularly interested in Health Centres / Polyclinics where different specialities would work under the same roof. I am a member of Unite Community and Doctors in Unite.

I was a founder member of the Medical Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, MCANW, and lectured extensively on the Medical Effects of Nuclear War. I am a member of Medact and am on the national council of CND. I believe nuclear weapons are seriously bad for your health.

I joined the Labour Party in the 1980’s and stood for Labour in the 1987 General Election, finishing behind the Tories but increasing our share of the vote. I am still active in the Labour Party and act as Trade Union Liaison Officer for the Shipley Branch. We are an active branch and CLP and are planning a conference on the NHS.

I am passionate about the NHS and will do all I can to re-nationalise it and adhere to the fundamental principles of the best possible health care, available to all irrespective of means, free at the time of use, paid for out of general taxation.