Chris Bain

Chris Bain

This is a time of real danger for our health and social care services. They are under serious attack from a Tory Government which is intent on keeping it’s commitment to an ideology driven austerity programme, a Government which is hopelessly addicted to privatisation and the failed neo-liberal experiment.The NHS is starved of resources and struggling under the weight of ever increasing demand. The heroic efforts of staff, going the extra mile to cope with the pressures, is keeping the NHS afloat. This cannot continue indefinitely.

We must be increasingly involved in campaigns which seek to protect our NHS from the attacks of this pernicious and uncaring Government. We must also go further and shout about the scandalous attacks on social care which leave the most vulnerable members of our communities in such distress. This degrading of social care services also adds to the burdens on the NHS.

The campaigns must raise awareness of the impacts that key issues such as the workforce recruitment and retention crisis, the corrosive effects of privatisation, and the damaging impact of long term underfunding, have on health and social care.

In the end though, the only answer to the growing crisis in health and social care is to ensure the election of a Labour Government committed to the future of publicly owned and publicly accountable public services. A Labour Government that is committed to ensuring that health and social care is properly funded and responsive to the needs of the many and not the few. The SHA has a clear and positive contribution to make to that future.

I have worked for the interests of patients and those who need social care services for all of my working life, and I will continue to do so. I will also work hard to ensure that Labour is elected at the next election, and Labour’s excellent policies on health and social care can be put into practice and change people’s lives forever”
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