Dr Brian Fisher MBE

I am standing for office as I believe the SHA should resume its proper role of discussion and development of policy.  With our NHS and Social Care both close to collapse now is not the time for internal arguments and division.  We should be looking outwards.

I am leading our process of policy development. We have reviewed and rewritten our existing policies.  We have had useful conversations with the Labour Shadow Team and are preparing to host a series of policy reviews with them. This is a significant development that I hope will enable us to have a key impact on Labour thinking.

I support open discussion and condemn the censorship of ideas. I want effective and efficient governance.

I have been a GP in SE London for 42 years.

For many years, I have been interested in user involvement in the NHS. I have tried to develop a number of different approaches to make this as real as possible. These have included community development (for which I was awarded an MBE), Patients as Teachers, patient access to their health records and working with colleagues to ensure that lay people’s views are incorporated in the daily work of CCGs.

I am Vice-Chair of the NHS Alliance and chair a national group that brings together key organisations and individuals who are passionate and well-informed and active in patient and public involvement.

I have championed patient record access, now being the director of a software company called Evergreen Life. We are on the NHS Framework and are delivering online Patient-Facing Services to over 300,000 users. We are available to 99% of England. I have published research in the field that influenced government policy.

I lead a previously DH-funded project called HELP which offers community development in health and advice for CCGs and Health and Well-Being Boards.

I am active in the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign.

I feel strongly that the SHA should focus on one key outcome over the next year: working with and influencing Labour Party health policy to ensure the party is ready for the next election. We have a good record at that so far: in recent months, Labour Party policy has seemed increasingly similar to ours. That includes repeal of the HASCA, virtually eliminating the market and privatisation, integrated care and a move towards Health and Well-Being Boards as key commissioners. It also includes community empowerment. I have helped develop those SHA ideas and have discussed them with members of the shadow cabinet.

I do not see the SHA as a campaigning organisation, but we must continue to support others’ campaigns with resources and dissemination.

Declaration of interests

I am a semi-retired GP, a position which has a number of COIs

I am vice-chair of the NHS Alliance. This is a voluntary post.

I am a director of Evergreen Life, a software company on the NHS Digital Framework delivering patient-facing services to NHS patients. I receive about £30K per year.

I am lead for HELP, a community development organisation. I receive occasional expenses for the work.

I am Patron of Carers Lewisham, voluntarily.

I am involved in the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, voluntarily.

I am a member of the Labour Party, Lewisham Deptford branch. I am an officer without portfolio in the branch and a delegate to our CLP GC.

I am a member of various NHS and social care and health committees: Active Communities sub-group; Think Local Act Personal sub-group.

My children and grandchildren continue to light up my life.

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