Dr Julian Tudor Hart

Dr Hart giving his perspective on the history and future of the national Health Service at our conference on the 5th July 2008 at Bedwellty House in Tredegar.

The Inverse Care Law – with some retrospective footage. “To the extent that health care becomes a commodity it becomes distributed just like champagne. That is rich people gets lots of it. Poor people don’t get any of it.”

Dr Julian Tudor Hart, President
Dr Julian Tudor Hart, President

Dr Julian Tudor Hart, our first Honorary President, was one of the most influential General Practitioners in the UK.  His work in a small village in the Welsh valleys, Glyncorrwg, over 30 years changed the clinical approach of the NHS. Graham Watt, Professor of General Practice at the University of Glasgow, nominated Dr Tudor Hart for the award. Professor Graham Watt said: “His ideas and example pervade modern general practice and remain at the cutting edge of thinking and practice concerning health improvement in primary care. His work on hypertension showed how high quality records, teamwork and audit are the keys to health improvement. His life-long commitment to the daily tasks of general practice has always given his work and views a salience and credibility with fellow general practitioners. Julian Tudor Hart has been and will remain an inspiration to health practitioners and the communities they serve.”

Julian Tudor Hart Lecture 2014:  film of the 2014 lecture ‘Include Me Out. Exclude You In: imagining the future of primary care’ presented by Professor Graham Watt, Professor of General Practice University of Glasgow.

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