Isobel Addison’s diary September 1929

Sunday, 1st September, 1929

Brigit, Mike and I went to church at Tintagel at 8.  Spent the morning till dinner time at Trebarwith.  In the afternoon they all went out and had tea at Tintagel except Kate, Pop and I who stayed in and were comfortably lazy and had tea at home.  Between tea and supper we went out on the cliff and Pop and the boys played cricket in a field and the girls and I sat and talked and watched the Sunday evening people who passed by on the cliff.

Monday, 2nd September, 1929

Pop and I drove into Camelford and did some shopping and then joined the others on the sands at Trebarwith and had our lunch there.

Tuesday, 3rd September, 1929

I was presented with some wonderful birthday presents at breakfast, a most varied and useful assortment.  We spent the day again down on the sands at Trebarwith and came in for tea.  I had a lovely hot bath before dinner.  Some of them went in to Tintagel to buy cider for a birthday treat and Violet made a most beautiful and surprising birthday dinner, set out red and white flowers and decorations.  All most charming – a large red and white bow on the back of my chair and a lovely bunch of red and white sweet  peas.  In the evening we played bridge.

Wednesday, 4th September, 1929

Chris and Brigit went to Moreton again for the day and we had a nice day on the sands – a hot mist but not so much sun.

Thursday, 5th September, 1929

After breakfast, Pop, Chris and Brigit went to Tintagel. Kate was attending to her feet in my room and I did some sewing.  We had a long “religion argument and discussion!  Spent the day after that down at Trebarwith – home for tea.  Some of them went for a walk after tea.  In the evening the girls, Nick and I played bridge.

Friday, 6th September,  1929

After breakfast Pop wrote letters and I packed up parcels to send home.  The family went down to Trebarwith.  Pop and I drove to Tintagel to do some shopping. Got several small gifts to take home.  Returned home and picked up the lunch and drove down to Trebarwith and joined the family.  Stayed on the sands till about  3.30 and then went up to our ledge and had tea which Pop, Kate, Isobel and Nick and Michael carried up.  We stayed there until about 6 and Chris, Brigit, Pop and I drove home and the others followed later. Mrs. Northey brought her husband to see us , he is rather better and his speech seems to be coming back.  He is a fine looking man and only 58 but with pure white hair. It seems desperately hard that he should be so ill.  I had a hot bath and Pop also.  After dinner he and I and Nick and Chris played bridge.  Kate and Bel had their usual fit of giggling and then went for a walk.  Kate massaged my feet on the sands today and really did them a lot of good.  It has been a most lovely day again, blazing sunshine.

Saturday, 7th September, 1929

Another blazing hot day. Spent all the morning packing. The family went to bathe, lunched at one.  Took several photos of Mr. and Mrs. Northey  and Violet. Finally got away about 2.45 in the two cars.  Stopped at Launceston for tea and some shopping. Stopped at Moreton and unloaded  Chris and Brigit and Nick and their belongings and had a cup of tea.  Chris brought some of us on here in the  overlander and we got all unpacked and had some supper. The MacIntyres and Stella came in for a few minutes.   Made all the beds and came to bed. Great joy at finding electric light at last installed.

Sunday, 8th September, 1929

I went down to church at 8.  Pop met me on the way home with the car.  Mike went to serve at 11.  I cleaned the kitchen stove and cooked dinner. After dinner Kay and Bel and Mike and Marie all went to bathe and have tea at Maidencombe.  Pop and I had a lazy afternoon – a most awfully hot day, one of those dazzling hot shines where everything looks parched.  The others got home about 6.30, Pop and I had by then done a lot of tidying up in the cottage.  Had some supper and came to bed about 12 or 12.30.

Monday, 9th September, 1929

Michael and I got up about 7.30 and he helped me to get breakfast and to bring it upstairs.  After breakfast Pop took me down to the dentists where I had half an hour of horrid scraping.  Came home and after a little time of discussing and arranging we all drove down to Wican Croft.  The family went on to bathe at Maidencombe  and lunched there.  Pop and I worked and lunched at Wican Croft.  The family returned about 3.     Mr. Frank White came about 3.30  to discuss removals.  We all had hot baths and came home and had supper.  Mr. MacIntyre called after supper and stayed till about 10.30, we then had a brew and came to bed about 11.30 or 12.

Tuesday, 10th September, 1929

Pop went to town by the 5.8 taking Michael with him.  Mr. and Miss Helps called. Chris and Brigit and Nick came for a wedding anniversary supper party  and we had a very pleasant evening.

Wednesday, 11th September, 1929

Went down to Wican Croft in the morning and did a lot more dusting and sorting books etc., and packed a lot of clothes.  Kate stayed with me and Nick and Isobel went to bathe at Maidencombe.  They were supposed to meet Michael at 3.5 but missed him and he came home by bus.  Kay  and I lunched at Wican Croft and came home about 6 and she and Nick and Mike went to bathe from the pier.  Isobel stayed in to work.

Thursday, 12th September, 1929

Michael went off to school this morning.  Pop returned home tonight.

Friday, `13th September, 1929

Kate and Isobel went to Moreton and returned rather late in the evening on the motorbike.  Stella came in about 11 p.m. and brought me a chicken.

Saturday, 14th September, 1929

Michael went off by his usual train.  Kay and Pop went to Newton and Kay met Nick and walked to Maidencombe.  Bel went later on her bike and Marie met  Michael and joined them there and they all came home about 6.30.  Pop and I had a quiet day.  I did some washing and after an early cup of tea we went to Wican Croft and practically finished off there.  We had our meal at 7.  There were 7 of us with Marie and Nick. When we had finished Chris and Brigit came and we gave them supper.  After supper some of us played bridge and Bella and Nick went for a walk.

Sunday, 15th September, 1929

Isobel, Mike and I went to church at 8.  He was serving.  We walked down in 16 minutes.  Kate came down in the car and fetched us home.    Master Lewis, of boy scout fame took the service.  After breakfast we farmed round the Happy Valley discussing fences. Michael did homework and Bel worked in her hut and Kay did some weeding.  Pop went to Wican Croft and I cooked dinner.  After dinner Marie came and they all went to Maidencombe to bathe.  Pop and I had a lazy afternoon and tea by ourselves.  The others got home just before 6.  After supper Kay and Pop and I played dummy bridge.   Bel washed her hair and had a bath and thought her legs were several shades lighter after it!

Monday,16th September 1929

Morning at Wican Croft with Pop.  Nurse called in.  The MacIntyres came up in the evening for coffee and Stella was in for a short time too.  Pop left by the 1 a.m. train from Newton for London.

Tuesday, 17th September, 1929

Went down to Wican Croft after breakfast and spent the whole morning cleaning and dusting and sorting the books in the study.  The Lyons came in.  Frank White called about the removing.  Kate and Isobel went to Maidencombe to bathe.  After lunch at home I went back to Wican Croft and washed all the china and made a list of it all.  Came up home in time for Wilfred to go to meet Michael.  We were all very tired and were all in bed by 20 to 10!

Wednesday, 18th September, 1929

I went down in the car with Michael at 8 o’clock and went to Wican Croft. Finished listing the china and glass and dusted all the glass. Ethel came at about 8.30 and the Frank White’s men in a van.  Katie appeared after a bit also Mr. Lyon and his daughter and brother and then Isobel with Mrs. Garrett who had called to see whether they would bathe.  Most of the moving was done before lunch and we came home then and I returned at 2.30 and the girls went to bathe and tea with the Garretts and Benthalls.  They got home with Mike about 5.30.   I gave them some tea  and later cooked a very succulent supper of chops and potatoes and cabbage which we all enjoyed.  The men finally cleared out of Wican Croft at 4.15 and I had a quick bath before coming home.  Mike stayed at school this afternoon to play football.

Thursday, 19th September, 1929

Wilfred took the car to Moreton and was there all day till 10.30 at night.  I did a lot of tidying up in this cottage and started on the quince jelly.  A beastly hard job as the fruit was not ripe.  We lunched off boiled eggs and coffee.  Katie and Isobel went on the motorbike to the  vicarage  to arrange about tennis and when they got back Isobel worked and Kate went to play tennis.  Michael had a bathe from the pier before coming home.  Isobel worked a bit before tea then again after.   Mike had a lot of homework and did it upstairs.  It was  rather a grey sort of day and we had a fire in the sitting room all day.

Friday, 20th September, 1929

After breakfast continued my quince jelly which proved to be not jelly but jam and rather inferior jam at that. Cooked a nice mess of spaghetti and tomato for lunch. After lunch Isobel went to work in her hut and about 3.15  Kate and I went to Wican Croft and had hot baths  and fetched away all the remaining belongings.  Isobel went to meet Michael and had a bathe with him from the pier.  After dinner he did homework  and they sewed and then all three went to the Hoopers.  I read and looked at Michael’s French work and played patience.  Have just finished Fancy Farm again for about the Nth time and have enjoyed it as much as ever.  The others came in soon after 11.

Saturday, 21st September, 1929

Michael went on his usual train and didn’t get home until 5.30 as he was playing rugger.  I spent a good part of the day cooking for tomorrow.  Kate and Bel had rather a mess up about going to Dartington and finally didn’t go at all.   Pop got home about 11.30 p.m. and we sat talking till about 2 a.m. and I’m afraid I read in bed till about 3. There was what was called an “Aire Rallye” on Haddon but I don’t think it can have been much of a catch(?) as there was an appalling wind   all day.  One beastly noisy bombing beast flew ever so low over the cottage but that was all we had of it except for masses of cars parking up and down the road.

Sunday, 22nd September, 1929

Didn’t wake till 8.30, a broiling hot day, blazing sun, how one longs for rain, the land is simply parched.  Kate went to Tolpuddle with Pop in the car.  Bel and Mike went to bathe at Maidencombe and got home just after 1.30.  I cleaned the rooms a bit and laid the sitting room fire.  Read and got dinner ready. After dinner Bel worked, Marie and Michael had a walk and I slept.  Mike went to church in the evening, he was serving, it was Harvest Thanksgiving.  Kate and Pop got home about 8.30   Kate had trouble with the car. We had a lovely fire and had a pleasant supper and a short game of bridge after.

Monday, 23rd September, 1929

A most glorious sunrise. This morning Michael left by the 8.21 and Pop by the 9.10.  Katie had a bad stiff neck  all day.  We spent a good part of the day sewing.  I wrote to Pop and sent a parcel to him. Isobel met Mike and bathed with him from the pier. Mr. MacIntyre came up in the evening and we entertained him with hot cider!  I rubbed Katie’s neck and shoulders with iodex.

Tuesday, 24th September, 1929

Katie and Isobel went to Morton about 10.30 and spent the day there.  Came home with Michael at 5.30.  I did a lot of mending for myself and Isobel.  Wrote to Pop and to May.  Sent Pop the “Crossing”.  Did a good bit of cooking.  After tea went out along the field.  Marie came and played patience and had coffee and sandwiches.  Came to bed about 11.  It has been another blazingly hot sunny day and no sign of rain.

Wednesday, 25th September, 1929

A dull, misty morning, but no rain, rather a heat haze.  Got Mike off and after breakfast and chores Kate and I walked along the field and got a few flowers from the Nursery and arranged them. Isobel was working in her hut. She and Katie then went to meet Nick at Newton and then went on to bathe at Maidencombe, and came home about 5.30 having met Michael.   I spent a good part of the day cooking and made lovely curry for supper, also cooked fish in readiness  for tomorrow’s breakfast.  Chris and Brigit came for supper and afterwards Chris, Nick, Isobel and I played bridge.  Mike stayed for football this afternoon and did his homework this evening.  The Moreton people left about 11 and we all came to bed.  I had a beastly, but thorough wash, in a small basin.  This having to economise water is a d…….nuisance. I’d rather do without light and heat than have to count every drop of water!  Wrote to Pop this afternoon.

Thursday, 26th September, 1929

Kate and Bel both down in good time for breakfast with Michael.  After breakfast and bed making I mended socks and a shirt and jersey for Pop and Michael.  After tea we gathered a few nuts and they all went to the Hoopers to play cards etc.  Wrote to Bessie and Alix and Pop today. Nurse came in in the evening.

Friday, 27th September, 1929

After breakfast Kate and I went down to Murley Grange and gathered apples and laid then out in the barn.  Got home about 1.15 and got lunch and sat over it some time and discussed finance and taxation etc. –  inspired by the rise in the bank rate.  I then wrote a long letter to Pop, also to Jordan and Co, the Lyon’s Solicitors re keys of Wican Croft.  Kate and Bel went to gather brambles and then to meet Michael and bathe with him from the pier.  I cut the crab apples and put them on to boil for jelly.  They all got in soon after 6 and we had tea.  Mike and Bel worked and Kate and I had a stroll in the field.  Got the crabs and brambles well boiling before I came to  bed.

Monday, 30th September, 1929

Got up at 5.30.  Got Pop tea and had some with him.  Wilfred took him to Exeter for the 7 a.m.  train. A lovely dawn, glorious colours and a silver circlet of old moon.  All had breakfast at 7.30   and Mike went off to school. Kate and I did some shopping in Teignmouth.  Copied names into new Infant Welfare book.