Isobel Addison’s diary September 1917

Saturday, 1st September, 1917             7 eggs.

Sunday, 2nd September, 1917                5 eggs

My birthday being tomorrow we celebrated it today and I had some  lovely presents. Books from the children, handkerchiefs from Nurse Bella and an umbrella from Daddie.

Monday, 3rd September, 1917         5 eggs

Left  at 9.18 with all three children and went to the dentist’s.  Katie and Isobel want a good deal doing but not Christopher.  Went to CA’s new office and took him and Miss White  to lunch at Buzzards.  Did some shopping and came home by the 3.20.

Thursday, 6th September, 1917           7 eggs.

Christopher had little ?? to spend the day and I took Katie and Isobel by the 9.18 to Mr. McKechnie again and on to Selfridges for more shopping.- also to Gamages to try to get Chrisopher’s engine.  Got home by the 3.20.  Isobel had a very bad toothache after we got home poor little kiddie, but got to sleep about 8 or 8.30.

Friday, 7th September, 1917           6 eggs

Miss White came down as usual.  I felt very seedy and miserable all day.  I do wish this beastly  indigestion would go.

Saturday, 8th September, 1917               5 eggs

Sonnie and I left  about 12.15 for Missenden taking our lunch to eat on the way.  The others in the car overtook us beyond Amersham.  We left our bikes a the Nag’s Head and motored up to the bungalow and had tea with Carrie and gathered fruit.  Left about 5.30.  Katie and I biked to Chalfont  and took the train from there.  The rest motored home.  After supper Dr. and Mrs. Hilton came up to spend the evening.

Tuesday, 11th September, 1917          10 eggs

Took the children to the dentists in the afternoon and had my own teeth started. Went and had tea at Reconstruction with CA and all came home together.

Sunday, 16th September, 1917                 7 eggs

Carrie came and spent the day and in the evening CA and the children took her back to Missenden.

Monday, 17th September, 1917                 3 eggs

Went down to see the Hiltons when CA left and talked to the doctor about my beastly pains which I have had ever since I came home.  He gave me some fresh medicine. Dr. Hilton and Mrs and John came to tea.

Tuesday, 18th September, 1917           9 eggs

The girls went off to school this morning and I went with them to keep Isobel cheerful!  She was quite happy and Bella,  Michael and Christopher went to meet them in the afternoon.  I spent most of the day packing fruit, jam and vegetables.  Also got my linen packed.  Dr. Macphail came down to spend the night and gave us some account of his thrilling adventures in France.

Wednesday, 19th September, 1917         4 eggs.    (A)

Did some more packing – clothes and more fruit. Very busy all day.

Thursday, 20th September, 1917              6 eggs

Girls off to school and I continued packing but felt very seedy all day and at  6 o’clock had to succumb in the drawing sofa with wretched pain and so cold.  I lay there all evening and fell asleep about 9 till nearly 12 when we went to bed.  I had to go to Harrow in the afternoon to see  Mrs. Lyde about some things in the house and met the girls and came home with them.

Friday, 21st September, 1917           5 eggs

A little better in the morning but had pain again in the afternoon and evening.  I practically finished all the packing.  CA at home all day helping and Miss White came down as usual.  CA left about 5 for Huddersfield where he is making a Reconstruction Speech tomorrow.  Went to bed soon after 10.  I’ve been living on Benger’s food and water biscuits since yesterday so ought to get better.

Saturday, 22nd September, 1917   3 eggs

Got up fairly early and finished off odds and ends of packing.  Campbell’s Stores came about 9 and took the luggage.  Bella took Michael for a walk and the 3 children and I left with various packages in the car at about 10.30 for Harrow.  Got here just before the luggage.  Saw it safely in and Bella, Michael and the maids got here about 1.15 and had a scrap lunch.  Bella, Christopher, Isobel and Michael returned to Northwood to fetch the rabbits.  Kate and I got all the unpacking done and the rooms arranged and began to feel at home.  The gas and the lack of hot water rather appal us at present  but I suppose we shall get accustomed to them!  CA arrived home from Huddersfield about 10.50 p.m.

Sunday, 23rd September, 1917           2 eggs

Gurney came with the car and CA and the girls went to Northwood.  After dinner CA and I walked to Orley Farm School to see about Christopher and after tea to see Miss Husskisson about coaching for him.

Monday, 24th September, 1917          1 egg

I went to Northwood with Christopher to get several things and got home about 12.45.  Gurney and CA were busy putting up the hen run all day.  Campbell’s Stores bought the hens and hen houses in the morning.  After dinner I had to go to the dentists and had about an hour and a half in his chair.  Quite a peaceful time, he doesn’t hurt a bit.  Got home about 5.  Mr. Hopkins came to see CA this morning about Christopher and we finally arranged to send him to Orley Farm.  After tea he and I went out to get his things and got in about 7. There was a raid tonight and we saw it from the windows here.

Tuesday, 25th September, 1917     K.A.    2 eggs

Christopher went off to school at 8.30, not very happy, poor old boy. The piano came at 12.30.  I spent most of the morning moving furniture and pictures  in the drawing room to make room for it and got as beastly pain in consequence.  The first I have had since Saturday.  Mrs. Meiklejohn came about 5 and we sat and talked until it as time for the children’s music lesson.  She left about 7.15.  CA got in about 7.30.  Another raid tonight but we couldn’t see anything though we heard plenty!

Saturday, 29th September, 1917          3 eggs

Christopher went to school and the girls and CA went to Northwood. They sent the car here with bikes, vegetables, wood etc.,  Mrs. Lyde called, also Shal Andrews and Campbell.  When Sonnie got in he, Bella, Michael, I and Campbell all motored to Northwood.  CA, Isobel and I had some tea at the Hiltons and came home by train and the others all motored back. There was a great air raid at night.  Shal and Campbell came in to see it from our windows.  We didn’t hear the All Clear signal until we were going to bed about 12.15

Sunday, 30th September, 1917            3 eggs

Isobel and I went to church.  A very nice service.  After dinner the three children went to tea at the Andrews.  CA was busy in the garden all afternoon.  He, Bella, Michael and I had tea in the drawing room and afer tea CA and I went and fetched the children home.