Isobel Addison’s diary October 1929

Tuesday, 1st October, 1929

Katie and Isobel went to Fingle Bridge and to Moreton.  Michael went to sleep at the Hoopers tonight.

Wednesday, 2nd October, 1929

Katie, Isobel and I came to town on the 12.20 from Newton.

Friday, 11th October, 1929

Got up in good time and got all our breakfast over and the sitting room tidied up.  Pickfords came for Isobel’s things and Unwin came to talk over the plans.  Kate and Bel and I lunched early and Kate went with her to Oxford.  Pop came in about 2 and had some lunch and we went to Paddington for the 3.30.  A pleasant journey, tea on the train. Wilfred met us and we brought Mr. MacIntyre up from the station. Called at the Hoopers and saw Mike for a few minutes and left him there for the night as it seemed easier for the morning arrangements. The dogs and cats greeted us with their usual effusion at Colway. We had some supper and unpacked,   made beds etc.  Everything felt very fresh and clean after London.

Saturday, 12th October, 1929

Woke early just because there was no need to. Got breakfast up to our room by 7 .30.  Tidied up cottage and spent morning over boundaries with Mr. Way and Major Loveys.  Mike came home for dinner. Spent most of the afternoon in Happy Valley. Mr. MacIntyre came in during the evening and I wrote up some of my new Infant Welfare book.

Sunday, 13th October, 1929

Pop, Michael and  I went to church at 8. Wilfred met us in the car coming home. Michael went for a good walk with Marie Hooper. Did some tidying up around the cottage.  Got dinner. Chris and Brigit came over in the baby charabanc for tea and supper. Stella also called.  Mr. and Miss Helps came in after church in the morning.    Michael went to church in the evening as he was serving.  Got most of our goods packed before going to bed.

Monday, 14th October, 1929

Got up at 6.  Poor old Mike felt a bit seedy. We had breakfast and straightened things up and caught the 8 a.m. from Newton.  Mike left us at Exeter.  Our train was a bit late and we got to the flat about 12.20.  Had a cup of tea and Pop left for his work.  Kate and I had lunch and after lunch I wrote letters and cleaned Bel’s room. Kate went to tea and supper with a friend and got in at 10.30.  We had hot baths.  I had had my supper by the sitting room fire and after it fell asleep over my book.  Pop was at Swindon tonight.

Tuesday, 15th October, 1929

Pop got back from Swindon about 10.45 and had some tea and went to the office.   I cleaned the paint in Bel’s room and did other chores.  Kay and I lunched in the restaurant and after lunch she went out.  The AllenWoods came to tea.  Pop came in on his way to Swindon.  He left about 5.30 and the Woods about 6.30.  Kate and I had fried bacon and tomatoes in the kitchen and after supper I rang up Molly and then arranged Pop and my things in our respective bedrooms . Sent cheques etc., to  Mr. Strong for the Nursing Assoc.

Wednesday, 16th October, 1929

Pop returned about 2.30 a.m. but I never heard him come.  I got up about 7.30 and Kate and I had breakfast .  I went down to the shop for food and cooked bacon and eggs for Pop.  He and  Kate went out together, she to the Polish Embassy to see about a job at Krakow.  She came in about 12 to tell me about it and then went out and  came in again just before 8 this evening.  Pop came in at 5 for some tea on his way to Swindon.  I cleaned and sewed and wrote letters.  Kate and I had dinner in the restaurant and then she drew me while I slept in my chair. We then messed about talking and drinking tea and didn’t begin to go to bed until after 12.30.

Thursday, 17th October, 1929

After Pop had gone and  the cleaning was done, Kay and I went and bought me a hat and some shoes in Finchley Road.  She bought material for a jumper.  We also bought some sweets and had to take a taxi home in order that Kate might immediately attack them.We had a snack of lunch at Stewarts.  Chris and Brigit arrived about  8.30.  Pop had been in to tea and was then just leaving.  We all had dinner in the restaurant and played bridge afterwards.

Friday, 18th October, 1929

Pop left about 10.30 taking his bag so as to go on to Swindon tonight. Chris and Brigit went to  the Motor Show. Kate and I did some cleaning and tidying of the flat and nothing much else.  We had lunch in the restaurant and after lunch were very lazy and fell asleep by the fire.  Molly Mac…. and her husband came to dinner with us and we had a very jolly evening. The left about 9.15.

Saturday, 19th October, 1929

Pop arrived home from Swindon about 11. Chris went out to meet a  pal, and Kate Brigit and I went to Gamages and bought Brigit’s dog, the exact counterpart of Jane. A big black and tan Yorkshire Terrier –  most charming. Kay went to lunch with  Irving and Brigit and I brought the puppy home and had lunch with  Pop.  Brigit’s brother Ray and his wife came to tea just before 4.  They left about  6  with Chris and Brigit to go to dinner and a show.  Pop and I dined and had a quiet evening. The others came in about 11.30.

Sunday, 20th October, 1929

Got up soon after 8, never woke before.  Everybody was a bit late. Chris and Brigit went to lunch with Pete, and Pop and I had a bit of a walk as far as the bus with them and home by way of Regents Park.  Lunched in the restaurant with Kate and the puppy.  Wrote a long letter to Isobel.  Got tea ready early.  Pete came here to tea with Chris and Brigit and gave us the news that he was married on the 5th of September.  Nick also turned up for tea and stayed to supper and we played bridge.

Monday, 21st October, 1929

Had a cup of tea all round about 7.45 and then breakfast at 9.  Pop left about 10.30 and Chris went to Olympia.  Brigit went to meet a friend.  Kate went to interview a dancing Gent.  I spent the morning giving the flat a good clean.  A weekly turn out seems to be indicated but if I can raise the cash any time I shall certainly get an electric cleaner, for the sweeping of carpets with a hard brush is not in accordance with my labour saving notions!  The puppy and I lunched together soon after ten and I then cleaned myself, wrote to Michael and to the bank.  Got tea ready and sat down by the fire for a time.  Kate came in about 4.30 and Pop about 4.45.  We had tea and he left for Swindon.  Kate seems to have had a fairly satisfactory interview.  Matthew Thomas came in about 6 and Chris and Brigit soon after.  We all had dinner and the four of them went out to dance and got in about 11.30.  We had tea and talked and went to bed as late as usual.

Tuesday, 22nd October, 1929

Pop stayed at Swindon last night.  Kate and I were a bit late with breakfast.  Chris and Brigit didn’t come over till about 11.30.  Kate went to see Max B….  Chris and Brigit and I had lunch and then a cup of tea upstairs and they left for the 3.30.  I had a snoozle.  Kate came in about 4 and we had some tea.  After tea went for a walk in order to earn our dinner which we had in the restaurant.  We sat up very late again.  I meant to be awake when Pop came but I never heard him.

Wednesday, 23rd  October, 1929

Katie and I had breakfast and I then took Pop tea and cooked him breakfast.  Washed up,   made beds and cleaned rooms.  Pop left about 10.30. At 12.45 Kay and I went to Finchley Road and had lunch.  In at a quarter to 3. Wrote letters and went down to shop for bread etc.  Mended old black frock and started on Kay’s coat.  Cooked bacon and mushrooms for our supper and after supper Kay went out.  I sat all evening lengthening her coat.  Pop got in about 11 and Kate about 12. Posted letter from Kay today refusing the Polish job in Krakow.

Thursday, 24th  October, 1929

Pop left early to go to Spalding for some potato growers show -he is spending the night there and going on to Birmingham tomorrow, to tootle Prince George  around a fruit show. I finished Kate’s coat and pressed it and my black frock.

Friday, 25th October, 1929

Cleaned up the flat and wasted a good deal of time and Kate and I set out about 12.30 and went to Swan and Edgar’s to buy me a frock.  Had lunch there and then came home.  Kate went over to Kensington to see a friend.  I wrote some letters and Pop arrived just as I was finishing my tea. Started altering my dress.  Kate came in and we had dinner and played dummy bridge.

Saturday, 26th October, 1929

Pop went out to buy tools and then went on to the office and to some poultry converse at the Crystal Palace.  I walked to Finchley Road and back and bought a 1/3 ½ mirror and did some shopping for Kay.  Matthew Thomas came and had lunch with us and spent the afternoon.  I finished altering my coat and pressed it.  Pop got in soon after 5.  Kate and Matthew went out to dance.

Sunday, 27th October, 1929

I went to church at 8 to the church by St. John’s Wood station. Got in at 20 to 9.  Katie left at 9 for Charing Cross to meet Thomas and go for a walk in the country.  I swept up the flat and did a bit of alteration to my new frock. After lunch Pop and I went down to Northwood to tea with the Macphails.  Went in to the Hiltons for a few minutes  and got home at 7.45.  Had supper.  Nick came and we played dummy bridge. Kate got in about 10.

Monday, 28th October, 1929

Katie and I left by the 9.45 for Oxford.  Bel met us and we had a very pleasant time with her and lunched at the Royal and had tea in her room.  She was looking very well and very pretty and seemed very cheery. We went on to Swindon by the 6.9 and Pop joined us there.  There was a social in the small Baths which went very well.  We went in to the Becks for supper and came home on the midnight train, getting to the flat soon after 3 a.m.

Tuesday, 29th October, 1929

Got up about 8, had some tea and dressed and tidied up things and got breakfast for Kate and Pop and had some more myself.  Pop left about 11 and Kate and I lazed, feeling very sleepy.  We had some tea about 3 and then Kate went over to Chelsea to see Mrs. Thomas and I unpicked and remade a jumper of my own. Wrote to Isobel.  Pop came in to dinner at 8 and Kate got in about 9.  We discussed Poland again and decided to ring the Embassy in the morning.

Wednesday, 30th October, 1929

Kay rang up the Polish Embassy and told Mr. Garnowski she thought she would  go to Poland and arranged for her and me to go and see him this afternoon.  We went to Whiteley’s to see about putting some of our stuff in their sales rooms. Kay met Irving for lunch.    I left her at Notting Hill Gate and walked along to Queen’s Road and down to Bishops Road viewing various shops of my childhood, a surprising number of which were quite unaltered.  I bought some roman hyacinth bulbs and fibre and walked nearly to Paddington and then took a taxi home. Wrote several letters and titivated flowers.  Kate came in all unsettled again.  Irving had rung up the theatre people she saw last week and they said she would be sure to get work before Christmas so she went along to the  Polish Embassy and told Mr. Garnowski about it and was finally to let him know tonight when Pop came home.  We had tea and I sewed and we discussed the situation.  Went down to dinner in the restaurant.  Pop got in about 11, and having once more dicussed the Krakow business he rang up Mr. Garnowski and told him it was “off”.

Thursday, 31st October, 1929

We all overslept and were wakened by the telephone which proved to be Isobel ringing up from Oxford.  After breakfast and reading the papers Pop went off and about 11 Kate went.  I spent till 1.30 cleaning the flat.  Had some lunch and Kate came in about a quarter to  3 and then went to her flat where Irving came to tea with her.  I tidied myself and sewed and pressed my jumper. Had a cup of tea and went out to buy some cigarettes.  Katie came over about 6.30 and we went to dinner and then to the Golders Green Hippodrome to see Galsworthy’s new play The Roof.  It was awfully well played  and a most original and ingenious plot.  Got home about 11 and Pop came in soon after.