Isobel Addison’s diary October 1917

Monday, 1st October, 1917           4 eggs

Sonnie was seedy with a bad cold and stayed home.  The girls went to school.  I went out to do some shopping and met Shal and Leila .  After dinner wrote letters – Bessie and Jenny.  Another raid tonight  – it sounded quite near.  The guns were terrific, much worse than last night and louder even than Saturday.  CA got home about 7.40 and we had supper and read till bedtime.

Tuesday, 2nd October, 1917            4 eggs

CA went about 10 and when the sun came out Christopher and I went out for a little while and went to enquire for Campbell Andrews who had asthma and found him and his mother both in bed.  She seemed very seedy with a beastly cold.  Got home about 1 o’clock.  An air raid warning went at 12.40 and All Clear at about 1.50.  Isobel stayed in all afternoon as she felt a bit seedy with the remains of her cold.  I was expectingMrs. Meiklejohn for music all afternoon but she didn’t come.  Sonnie went out with Bella and Michael.  CA got home about 7.30.  No raid tonight.  What a relief.  We played bezique and went to bed about 11.30.   Had my first hot bath since coming here!!!!

Wednesday, 3rd October, 1917               4 eggs

CA left early for a meeting in town. Christopher went off to school again.  I went up to town about 10.15 to see Mr. McKechnie and got home at one o’clock. Girls off to school.  Christopher stayed at home from football.   I took Michael out for a walk and met the girls after school.  Wrote to Mrs. Shilbeck, Mrs. Meiklejohn, Mrs. Hilton.

Sunday, 7th October, 1917        1 egg

Katie, Christopher and I went to church at 11.  In the afternoon Campbell and Leila came to go out with the children and stayed until after tea.  Dr. Macphail came to tea and Mrs. Andrews after tea.     Dr. M stayed to supper and left about 10.15

Saturday, 13th October, 1917           2 eggs

Gurney came at 9.15 and CA, the three kiddies and I all motored to Pretty Corner.  I put all the finishing touches to the house. Dr. Hilton came in to see us and we left the house in Mrs. Davies hands at 11.30 and motored home with a various collection of oddments.  CA had a very bad cold. Spent the afternoon resting.  Bella and I and all four children went out shopping in Harrow.  Shal and Campbell came in at teatime and we walked home with them.

Sunday, 14th October, 1917            4 eggs

Dr. Hilton and Dr. Lambert came about 10 and little Michael was circumcized and CA and Sonnie had their ears syringed.  Christopher and Isobel went to tea with Campbell and Leila . Katie had a bad cold and stayed at home.

Monday, 15th October, 1917            2 eggs

Michael in bed all day, wonderfully good and sweet.  Katie also in bed with her cold. I went up to town to meet May and Bessie  and bought new furs.  Skunk collar and muff mostly from CA. Came home for lunch and after lunch decked in my new furs I called on Mrs. May who was out and Miss Young who was in.

Tuesday, 16th October, 1917          A           2 eggs

I went out shopping in the rain today and bought a cage for the canary  which Damasis has given Katy. Dr. Hilton came and was very pleased with Michael.  He gave me a new prescription to try.  I have had pains more or less every day lately.

Wednesday, 17th October, 1917            3 eggs

Katie still at home. Much better and she and I went out for a bit.  I had to go to the dentist at 10.  Met Bessie afterwards and did some shopping.  She came back to lunch with me and Kate and I took her back to the station.  Christopher had little Bruce to tea and I called on Mrs. Bruce.

Thursday, 18th October, 1917               2 eggs

Katie went back to school today.  I went to Northwood by the 9.18 to Dr. Hilton.  Had gas and had my little toenail taken off .  Stayed there till 11 then motored home.  Miss Moore and little Michael came back with me and then went back in the car.  I spent the afternoon lying down and slept.  Had tea upstairs and then read to the children.

Friday, 19th October, 1917        1 egg

CA stayed home in bed all day. Came down to the study fire in the evening.    My toe is very sore but not as bad as I thought.  There was an air raid tonight – a bomb dropped horribly near and we brought the children down so as to be on the safe side. We heard afterwards it was at Cricklewood.

Saturday, 20th October, 1917       2 eggs

CA got up after breakfast but did not go out all day.

Sunday, 21st October, 1917         2 eggs

I managed to get on a shoe today.  Isobel and I went to church.  CA better today and able to be out in the garden gathering pears.

Monday, 22nd October, 1917               4 eggs

Nurse Bella, Michael and I went up to town with CA and he dropped us at Swears and Wells where we bought Christopher clothes  and a new coat and hat for Michael and some new jerseys.  Got home about 12. After lunch went  down to the station to meet Miss Laurie.  She, Michael and Nurse Bella then went for a walk.  Dear old Bella left at 4.30 and Michael had tea with Miss Laurie and played with her and let her put him to bed just as sweet and good as a child could be.

Tuesday, 23rd October, 1917      2 eggs

Children away as usual.  Michael perfectly friendly with Miss Laurie and went out with her in the morning.  I went with them at first to do a little shopping. After lunch we went to meet Dorothy Macphail who came to spend a couple of nights.  When we got in I spent most of the afternoon tidying out the children’s drawers and cupboards.  Daddie had to be late in town tonight.  A division at the House.  Didn’t get home till nearly 12.  We sat up for him and gave him hot milk when he arrived.

Wednesday, 24th October, 1917               1 egg

CA went off early in his car to breakfast with Lloyd George and co.  Dorothy breakfasted in bed and she and I went out about 11 to do a little shopping.  After lunch we did some dressmaking for her and tidied ourselves.  A wet afternoon so Sonnie came back from school, no football.  Mrs. Freeborn called.  Dr. Macphail came after tea and we had some music and frolic for the kiddies in the drawing room.  CA got home about 7.30.  After supper we played cards and I made Katie’s work bag.  Sat up till nearly one.  Dr. Macphail stayed the night.

Thursday, 25th October, l917             4 eggs

Mrs. Lyde came about 10 and stayed till about 12 getting out ber boxes and things to take to her other house.  Dorothy left just after lunch and we did a little shopping before lunch.  Mrs. Meiklejohn came about 3 and walked out with me to return two calls,  the  Vicarage and Mrs. Philip Brown – both out.  Children had their music lesson and Miss Husskisson came to supper and we had a very pleasant evening.  C got in about 7.45.

Friday, 26th October, 1917              2 eggs

Shal came soon after breakfast and stayed a good while chatting.  Campbell has gone back to school today.

Saturday, 27th October, 1917             8 eggs

Christopher went to school and Katie to hockey from 9 to 10. Then I took her and Isobel up to town for coats and hats and we came home by the 12.35.  After lunch the girls went to tea with Damaris.  CA, Sonnie, Michael and I motored  to Northwood. Puncture in Hallowell Road so walked up to Pretty Corner.  Met the Hiltons and had tea with them.  I had a beastly pain all day long and felt awfully seedy at night.  My poulets have begun to lay.  CA found a nest today with six eggs!

Sunday, 28th October, 1917                2 eggs

After feeding the animals Katie, Isobel and I went to church.  Charlie Newton came to lunch and left soon after.  I had a beastly pain all day long  – most actute in the evening.  Major West came to see CA.  Miss Laurie went to church in the evening.  Katie put Michael to bed entirely herself – they were all awfully good and sweet.

Monday, 29th October, 1917             1 egg

Felt much better this morning, no pain only awfully sore.  The kiddies all went off to school.  I did all the washing , clean and dirty, a longish job, then wrote one or two letters and various other odd jobs.   After lunch rested a bit and tidied myself .  Miss Sherwood called and I then went to tea with Mrs. Mayo and met Miss Bewes there. The Lydes came in for a bit after tea to get some curtains.   I helped the children with homework.   CA got in about 8.20 and we had supper, read the papers and went to bed about 10.15.  The siren screeched at about 10.30 so Daddy and I made some  “funk-hole” ready in case of emergencies, but an hour later the All Clear signal went so we cleared up our mess and went to bed.

Tuesday, 30th October, 1917         2 eggs

A very wet morning but cleared up later on and Michael went for his usual walk.  The gas man actually came at last to do the fires.  I wrote to Miss Booth, Lizzie, Carrie and Nellie and tried to fill up my diary which I have much neglected of late.  I’m afraid I can’t remember all but have filled in a good deal.  I rested in the afternoon.  Dr. Hilton came to see me.  Mrs. Meiklejohn came for music.  She left about 7.15 and CA got home about 8.15.

Wednesday, 31st October, l917          2 eggs

CA went to town early and I went by the 10.10 and went to Hawes about my glasses and to Mr. McKechnie and had my front tooth stopped.  Got home by the 12.35.  After dinner rested!   Miss Bewes came to tea  CA got home about 8.15 or 8.30.  We were rather late going to bed and heard guns begin abou 12.  We fetched the children into our room and they slept off and on through it all – a terrific noise.