Isobel Addison’s diary November 1917

Thursday, 1st November, 1917                1 egg

Michael and I walked down with Daddy to the station and bought newspapers and he then went out with Miss Laurie for his usual walk.  After dinner I rested and slept by the study fire instead of going to pay calls!   CA stayed in town tonight to dine at Sir Arthur Pearson’s hostel for Blinded Soldiers.  I was in bed by 10.15 and he got home about 11.15.  Our gas fires were finished and ready for use today.

Friday, 2nd November, 1917              2 eggs

Michael and I went to town with CA  who had to go to the dentist.  We drove on to the Ministry of Reconstruction and fetched Miss White and  then went and bought marmalade etc., at Selfridges and fetched CA and drove back here. Being without his teeth he preferred to work at home!  I rested after lunch and then went to call on Mrs. Freeborn who was out and Mrs. Hill who was in.  CA and Miss White left at 4.30 and he came back with his teeth at 7.30.  We went to bed early.  I was in bed by 10.30.   Mrs. Lyde and Shal both came in during the morning.

Saturday, 3rd November, 1917             4 eggs

A pouring wet day so we couldn’t fulfil our plan of going to Missenden.  Gurney bought wood from Northwood.  Damaris came to spend the day with Katy and Miss Laurie took her and the three big ones to London to the South Kensington Museum.  Michael and I went out and did some shopping  and in the afternoon raked up dead leaves while Daddy gathered pears.    The children got home about 4.15 after a very jolly day.  After tea and games Daddy and Katie walked home with Damaris. Children got to bed in good time and I was also quite  early in bed by 10.30!

Sunday, 4th November, 1917           4 eggs

Baby woke rather early.  Got up and made my own tea and went to church at 8.  After breakfast we took the children out for a walk – a jolly cold day.  sonnie went to dinner with the Bruces and Leila came to play with Isobel.   Miss Laurie went out  and Michael was very good.  After tea Shal came in and Daddie played “Mink” with the children.  I got baby to bed, supper laid and got the others all off.  Miss Laurie got in about 8 .30 and we all went to bed quite early.

Monday, 5th November, 1917           2 eggs

The girls had their half-term holiday today and at Miss Laurie’s kind suggestion celebrated it by staying in bed for breakfast! After breakfast they went for a walk with her and Michael and I did the washing, clean and dirty – a long job.     I took them out after dinner to shop and bought shoes for Isobel and winter combinations for Kate. Miss McGregor arrived just before tea.  We had a nice evening.   CA got in about 10.30 just as I had gone up to bed.

Tuesday, 6th November, 1917         3 eggs

Children all off to school again.  Ispent the whole morning writing letters, Charlie Addison, Miss Booth, Nurse Bella   and Dr. Hilton and paid all my wages.  After dinner tidied myself and rested!   Mrs. Meiklejohn came as usual.  Lady Hart called but I was not at home.  CA got in about 9.30

Wednesday, 7th November, 1917                2 eggs

I went out with Miss Laurie and Michael and did some shopping, came home and started machining up four linen bags and made Katie and Isobel new school badges Sonnie was at home all afternoon as it was a half holiday and only a run which day boys need not always go for.  I finished my bags and rested in the afternoon.  Mr. Coates came for tea and we had quite a jolly talk.  I did latin with Christopher after tea.  CA came home about 8.15

Thursday, 8th November, 1917                 2 eggs

CA and I motored up to town and he dropped me at the dentists.  After finishing there I went to Selfridges and bought myself two new petticoats and then on to the Times Book Club and got Jock of the Bushveld for Damaris.  Came home by the 12.35.  Damaris came to dinner for the last time as her people leave Harlow tomorrow.  I had a beastly pain all afternoon and rested. Sonnie was at home all day with a headache and cold.  CA had to be in the House tonight and didn’t get home till 12.  I went to bed at 10.30 feeling better but woke at 11.30 with a vile pain and could hardly speak to my poor old man when he got in.

Friday, 9th November, 1917                  3 eggs

Damaris came in early to say a final goodbye.  CA went by the 9.45 to the dentist.  Miss White came at 11.15.     I wrote a heap of letters and paid a good many bills. Shal came in for a time .  Sonnie better but still at home   After dinner he went out on his bike and then with Michael and Miss Laurie.  Moll left at 3 and I lay on my bed to rest.  Dr. Hilton and Mrs came and she stayed and had tea.  He told me to stay in bed till Sunday.           D………..  Mrs. Coates looked in for a bit after tea.  Daddie got home about 8. The children were all very sweet and good.

Saturday, 10th November, 1917        2 eggs

I spent the day in bed.  Wrote one or two letters and played patience and read.  Daddy, Gurney and Chrisopher spent most of the day in the garden, tidying it up and sawing wood.  I went down to the study fire for supper.  Felt better but had a good deal of pain off and on all day.  Came to bed at 10.

Sunday 11th November, 1917             2 eggs

Virtually stayed in bed all day!   After dinner the three children went to tea with the Andersons.  Daddy and I rested.  Dr Hilton came in and had tea with us.  After he went I got up and dressed.  The kiddies came in with Shal and Leila about 7.  Miss MacGregor returned about 7.30.  The kiddies had supper with us and we all went to bed fairly early.

Monday, 12th November, 1917             3 eggs             A 10 days

The family all off to school and I spent most of the morning over the washing.  Miss Booth came at 12.30 and Michael and I walked down to meet her.  After lunch we both rested in our study chairs by the fire   and jawed. I then walked down to the station with her.  Isobel stayed for games a school this afternoon.  We began our tea rationing today ½-lb for downstairs and 1-lb for upstairs!  To last a week if possible! CA dined at the House of Commons and got home about 9.45

Tuesday, 13th November, 1917            2 eggs

A very cold foggy day.  I spent the whole morning in the nursery which I made as warm as possible!  Wrote and sorted letters and felt very cold and seedy.  After dinner I tidied myself and sallied forth to pay 5 calls.  Siddons, Harts, Sherwoods, Bushells and Orley Farm School  Lady Hart and Mrs. Bushell were the only two at home.     I got in about 5.  Mrs. Michie was here for music and we had tea and I helped Bel with her homework etc.  CA got home about 8.30.  Miss Westbury came in to spend the evening and we had a very jolly time. She left about 11 and we others went to bed about 12.

Wednesday, 14th November, 1917               1 egg

The children all went to school and CA’s car came for us at 9.  We drove up and picked up Dr. Hilton at Baker Street.  Daddie dropped us at Dr. Ironside Bruce’s where I had my  bismuth meal and was Xrayed. Then we got a taxi   and went over to S. Kensington and he went on to Chelsea and I to Roland Gardens and met May there and had some cocoa and a biscuit.    We sat by the fire and talked and then went to see CA at Reconstruction.  We motored with him to Downing Street and then I took May on to Kings X where we each had a cup of bovril and a biscuit.  She went on home and I returned to Chandos St., for more X-raying.  Then I came home and saw the kiddies and had a little tea and went again to Chandos Street to finish the job.  CA met me there and brought me home in the car.  Got home by 7 in time to say goodnight to Michael.   Talked to the kiddies and helped Bel with homework.  Had supper and a quiet evening and came to bed fairly early before 11.

Thursday, 15th November, 1917             3 eggs

Quite a nice day and a little sunshine.  Michael and I walked down to the station with Daddie and did some shopping.  When we got home Shal came in for a bit and I walked with her to do her shopping and then home with her.  After dinner I virtuously rested until 4 o’clock.  Slept. Had tea and did various things for the children. CA got home about 8.20. Had supper and spent our usual quiet evening by the drawing room fire and went to bed about 11.

Friday, 16th November, 1917           2 eggs

Sonnie was violently sick through the night three times and Isobel began to be sick when she woke up in the morning.      His temperature was 101 and went to 102 but hers was only 99 and 100.  Spent most of the morning looking after them and writing letters.  Miss White came, also Mrs. Andrews looked in for a little while.  Dr. Hilton came about 4 and said he thought the children had gastric influenza.  Moved Isobel into Chrisopher’s room so she could have his fire.  Kate and I walked to the station with the doctor and bought some grey pills for the children.  CA got in for supper.  Young Christopher had awful nightmares poor little man, walking about in his sleep but quieted down about 10 o’clock.  We all went to bed early.

Saturday, 17th November, 1917           1 egg

Children heaps better but stayed in bed all day.  I took Katie up to the dentist in the morning and we got home at 1. Dr. Macphail came to lunch and stayed till 11 o’clock.  He and CA played chess after lunch.  I arranged flowers and spent some time with the kiddies.  Mrs. Ford called.  In the evening we played Scramble Patience and chess.

Sunday, 18th November, 1917        4 eggs

Christopher and Isobel got up and dressed and played in the nursery all morning.  CA and I spent all morning cleaning and mending the rabbits’ hutches and runs. Dr. Williams called on CA in the afternoon.  Dr. Hilton and John and Mr. and Mrs Inman to tea.  Miss McGregor returned at suppertime.

Monday, 19th November, 1917       0 eggs

Children got up after breakfast.  I spent most of the morning over the beastly washing and took them out for a bit of a walk.  In the afternoon they played in the nursery and I wrote letters and rested.  CA was late at the House tonight – got home at 10.30 and regaled Miss McGregor and me with Lloyd George’s great speech.  I’m afraid we didn’t get to bed until about 12.  Elsie gave me notice today, saying she found the work too much – seeing I do about half her work for her it seems a poor reason and of course I shan’t get anyone to come in just before Christmas – same old story – the nicer you are to your maids the less they care about you or your convenience.

Tuesday, 20th November, 1917               3 eggs

Christopher and Isobel got up for breakfast today but didn’t go to school.  I took them out for a walk in the morning and did some shopping. Shah Andrews came for a few minutes before lunch.  After dinner I wrote a heap of letters, Mrs. Mich came for music.  Katie stayed at home as she had a little cold and we all walked down to order the outside porter for Miss McGregor’s boxes. CA was again late at the house, helping to enfranchise some millions of women municipally!   Got home at 12 by car. The vicar called this evening after supper.

Wednesday, 21st November, 1917        1 egg

CA left early for town by car.  Isobel and Christopher went to school but not after dinner.  Katie stayed home with her cold and she and I did a little shopping.  I washed my hair before lunch.  After lunch Christopher went out with Michael and Miss Laurie, and Katie and Isobel walked with me to call on Lady Geddes.  She was not at home so we went on to the Andrews – Katie went home and Isobel and I went in and sat there an hour and had some tea and then came home. CA was kept late at the house but got home about 11 o’clock.  Great news about a big surprise in Flanders today.

Thursday, 22nd November, 1917          5 eggs

Miss Laurie was out for the day today. CA didn’t go until about 10.30.   Michael and I went to the station with him in the rain.  Came home but soon the sun was shining so he and Katie and I all went out again and did a little shopping.   Met Isobel as she came out of school.  She didn’t go after dinner but rested on her bed. Katie and I took Michael for a walk without his pram round by the churchyard.  Got home about 3.15, fed the hens and rabbits  and wrote to Edith Addison.  The first part of our pig came today and we had some delicious pork for dinner.  Sonnie got home about a quarter to six and Isobel very obligingly played with Michael for a long time after tea. Miss Laurie got home about 6.30.  I cut Michael’s hair, washed it and him and put him to bed.  CA again late at the house  P.R. tonight.  He got in about 11.30 and we had tea and read the papers and talked.

Friday, 23rd November, 1917             1 egg

Children all went to school this morning  I went up with CA by the 10.10. He went on to Dr.Field and Reconstruction and I walked on to Mr. McKechnie.  He sent me on to have my two teeth X-rayed at Mandeville Place.  May met me there and we went and had lunch at Debenham’s and bought me a new coat frock..  Then went on to Marshall’s and Selfridges to try to get me a  semi evening  frock.  Saw nothing we liked and went on to Fenwicks in Bond St., and got a charming frock for 4 ½  guineas, a great scoop!  She then went to her club and I walked to Selfridges and bought bacon and got a taxi to Marylebone for the 3.20.  Got home and fed hens and rabbits. After tea the girls and I went out to buy cigarettes.  Came home and tidied.  Sonnie late at school today for a lecture and pictures on Venice.  I read to the children and slept while they had supper.  CA got in at 8.30 and we had our supper read the papers and went to bed at 10.30.

Saturday, 24th November, 1917            2 eggs

Sonnie went to school and Isobel went with a school party to London to one of the museums.    I went up with CA to Reconstruction and on to a meeting of the Faculty of Insurance at which he was speaking. We lunched afterwards at Buzzards and motored home, getting here about 3.  Katie was out bicycling with Jessie Wolfsley and Christopher went to tea with Rodwell.  After tea CA and I went out to buy gas mantles and he then had a game with the  children.  Spent a quiet evening and went fairly early to bed.

Sunday, 25th November, 1917          3 eggs

CA, I and the children all went to church at 11.  Mr. Hopkins walked down home with us and came in for a little.  Leila came to spend the afternoon   with Isobel, Mrs. Shilbech and Dunstan, also Dr. Hilton to tea.  Shah came in to fetch Leila home.  Miss Laurie went to church in the evening and I put Michael to bed.  The children sat up for supper with us and were  rather late going to bed.

Monday, 26th November, 1917      4 eggs

Children all off to school.  Miss White arrived n the car to do diary with CA.  Chris Guttridge came in for a bit and went back to town with them.  I spent all the rest of the morning over the washing.  In the afternoon I wrote letters. Shah Andrews came to supper.  CA didn’t get home till just on 11.   Mrs. Edwards called today, she is a sister of Mr. Hopkins.

Tuesday, 27th November, 1917         2 eggs

Walked down to the station with CA and bought cigarettes and bicycle pump.  Spent the rest of the morning cutting out and machining Katie’s overall.  After lunch washed my gloves and went out to call on Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Rodwell – both out.  Went to tea with Miss Husskisson.  Mrs. Meiklejohn for music – she left at 7.45.  After supper I slept like a log by the fire.  CA got in about 12.

Wednesday, 28th November, 1917            2 eggs

I went to town with CA after feeding the animals.  He drove me to the Rover bicycle shop to choose a new bike for Sonnie and from there I walked back to Baker Street where I met May and Jenny and we came home to Harrow for lunch. They left about 3 and I took them to the station. Came home and fed the hens and wrote letters.  After tea played hide and seek with Michael and read to the children.  After supper I stitched Katie’s overall until 1 o’clock when we went to bed.  CA got in about a quarter to 12 having had to wait at the House.

Thursday, 29th November, 1917           4 eggs

I finished off Katie’s overall after breakfast, fed the hens and rabbits and took the  overall down to school at 11 for her cookery  class.  Came in and wrote several letters and sent cheque for Sonnie’s bike. After lunch I went to Northwood and spent the afternoon with Mrs. Hilton. Got home at 6 and played with Michael, then tidied myself and read to the children

Friday, 30th November, 1917        4 eggs

After CA went I went out to do some shopping – met Miss White and bought two muslin collars for Shah’s birthday tomorrow.  Came in and did letters etc., Miss White left by the 2.20 and Michael went to the station with her.  CA didn’t get home till about 8.30