Isobel Addison’s diary May 1934

Friday, 4th May, 1934

Nurse Clarke came.  Dr. Pinchin came after lunch  with Alton.Dr. Pinchin seemed frightfully pleased because he found a gland in my tummy  Also he grossly insulted my teeth, otherwise quite the most dear and attractive doctor I’ve known.

Saturday, 5th May, 1934

Dr. and Mrs. Alton drive from their front door tomorrow to Portugal! Starting  6 a.m.  I am to go to the West Lond  hospital for treatment under Dr. Pinchin.  Deep Xray from Mr. Carter  Braine I wish I could go today,.  I am so terribly sorry for poor darling Christopher and all of them at home, they are so good.

Sunday, 6th May, 1934

Peggy went to church.

Tuesday, 8th May, 1934

Mr. Mason came and CA and Isobel and Peggy and I all had communion in a beautiful little service.

Thursday, 10th May, 1934

Came by ambulance to the West London hospital with CA and Nurse Clarke.  All awfully nice people here.  Got overhauled after lunch. Bess came for tea. Dr. Pinchin and his young man did a drainage  or summat equally horrid on me. Kate and Pa came in evening. Some lovely sleep in spite of pain.  Pa slept at Mills.

Friday, 11th May, 1934

Everybody terribly nice here and saw Mr. Carter Braine and his “young man” this morning.  Both terribly clean and shining, specially C.B. but he cheered Pa tremendously so his frightening cleanliness is forgiven.  Chris and Bel came, also Kate and May short time after lunch.  CA in evening.  He had been hunting my plates at Wycombe nearly all day!

Saturday, 12th May, 1934

CA came soon after breakfast, later Chris and  Isobel and Kate and  Pa after lunch.  He went home after and slept at home. Kate stayed afternoon, also dear Bel and Dr. Macphail came.  Kate had some late tea here.

Sunday, 13th May, 1934

Slept all night except for an hour.  Kate came morning.  CA and Mike afternoon and evening. Very nice day.    Kate returned just before the others left.

Monday, 14th May, 1934

Another drainage – not so bad.  First Xray this evening.

Tuesday, 15th May, 1934

2nd Xray.

Wednesday, 16th May, 1934

3rd Xray.

Thursday, 17th May, 1934

Dr. S. Pinchin about 10 a.m.  Xray this morning about 10.15.  Brigit when I got back – all day – very restful.

Saturday, 18th May, 1934

Xray 35 mins.

Sunday, 20th May, 1934

Kate came about 10.30, Bess also. Pa came at 6.

Monday, 21st May, 1934

Bess came and stayed from 11 till 1, very nice.  Kate came at tea-time.  Pa about 6 till 8.30.  My beloved Rover took his last journey out to sea tonight, I could hardly bear to part with him!

Tuesday, 22nd May, 1934

Went down to Xray,  another 35 mins. Dr. Hilton called.  Got up here at 10.15.  Isobel came about 12.  Finished Rover.  Pleasant sleep after lunch.  Mrs. Hilton came,   Bess later but a very short time.  Isobel left at 5. Pa came at 4.45 had tea and left at 6.45.  Dr. S. Pinchin came about 5 and saw Pa here – very cheering. The Xray man came up to see me about 3 or 3.30 p.m.  Began letter to Dr. Alton –    Kate came about 9 p.m.

Wednesday, 23rd May, 1934

Wrote to Jim and Jenny.    Pa looked in early and Dr. Mills – Bess came at 11, Mike at 12. Fr. Mason soon after – Bess left, and Mike and Fr. M left for lunch and academy together. Chris and Mike returned just as I came up from Xray and Pa came and drove home with Chris.  Mike went out for some food and then sat with me till 9 – very nice.  Kate came in to say goodnight about 9.30.  Xray at 4.15, only 16 mins.

Thursday, 24th May, 1934

Xray at 9.15, 16 minutes then Drs.  Then Pa and Dr. Mills,  Brigit about 10.30 – 1. Bess for 10 minutes at 11 – May for nearly an hour.  Brigit went to lunch with Chris.  Lovely sleep.  Tea alone, finished Dr. Alton’s letter for post.  Dr. Pinchin said I might sit up in a chair for a little, also try my feet to get on stretcher.  Pa came about  6, C and B soon after. They left at 7 and Pa at 7.30.  Beastly D   yesterday and today.

Friday, 25th May, 1934

Quite good night and slept after breakfast.   Went to Xray about 10.15 but didn’t get back till 11.15. Bess here then for an hour.  Slept well most of afternoon.  Dr. Pearce in morning.  Mrs. Meiklejohn to tea.  Sat up for ½ hour in chair.  Pa came at 6 or so.    Kate at 8.  They went out to supper.  Pa left at 9.30 for Kings X and Edinburgh. Dear Kate stayed and arranged flowers from Nell. Most lovely flowers from Dr. Hilton today.

Saturday, 26th May, 1934

Had Xray about 10.30 or later.  Bess came and sat with me.   Wrote to Peg and P.C. to Nell. Slept after lunch till 3.30 when Dr. Pinchin came.  Mrs. Coates at 4 for tea – very dear and nice.  Kate came at 6 and I sat up in my chair for supper.     Had wire from Pa this morning early.  Kate left at 9.


Monday 28th  Bessie about 11 or 12.  Kate 4 – 9

Tuesday, 29th: May about 11 a.m.  Kate 10 a.m. Brigit 11 till 2 and 5 till 6 Pa 5 to  8.15


Sunday, 27th May, 1934

Sat up while bed made and slept after breakfast off and on between 9 and 11.  Bess came at 11 till 12.  Had lunch, slept from 2 till 4.   Bel came at 4.  Had tea, wrote cards  to Hope and to Dr. McIntyre.  Got out of bed after washing and had supper up.  Bel went out for hers, came back when I was in bed and left for home about 9 p.m.  Very pleasant day but not such a pleasant night to follow. Coughed a lot.

Monday, 28th May, 1934

Dr. Pinchin, Pearce and Sister came.  Got their support for my Nature theory – not Nurses!   Wrote article for Carion early morning and gave it to Pa when he came in after breakfast.  Bess 11, Xray 11.15 to 12 for 20 mins.  Wrote Elizabeth – slept.  Pa and Kate to tea.  Pa went home early very tired. Kate spent evening – most delightful.

Tuesday, 29th May, 1934

Kate came from 10 till 10.30.  Went to Xray 20 mins.  Brigit awaited me.  Dear May came about 11.30 till 12.15.  Had lunch. Brigit left about 2, slept – t ea.  Brigit and Chris soon after 4.30 till 6.  They had been choosing him a new suit.  Pa came at 5.     Pa stayed till 8.15.    Had supper in my chair.  Rather a tired day.  Got back to bed after Pa left.

Wednesday, 30th May, 1934

Went down to Xray before breakfast, still rather tired.  Pa came early. Bessie 11.30 and Peggie about 12.  Had some of Mr. Michelmore’s salmon for lunch and supper.  Dr. Pinchin did a very cruel drainage on me –   I’m sure I could never bear another – went down for photo.  Dear Mikey for tea, so kind and peaceful and understanding then Pa came and he left.  Peggie looked in to show her new coat.  Pa saw Pearce.  He left for the 8.10.  Kate came about 9 – very nice to see her – had a pleasant evening.

Thursday, 31st May, 1934

I must have slept from about 2.30 till 6.30 this morning – Record!      Pa came in about 10.  Dr. Mills also a little later.  Started reading Pa’s diary.  Read 51pp.  Dr. Pearce came and capped (?) but said nothing.  Nurse Clarke, so full of kindness looked in after lunch and brought roses.  Slept till 4.  Bel came then Bess for a few minutes and Chris. Pa came and ended by driving home with Chris.  Isobel had brought lovely flowers and stayed with me till 8.30.  She was so sweet and dear but looked tired.  We discussed home domestic matters.  I wrote a line to May.