Isobel Addison’s diary May 1917

Tuesday, 1st May, 1917     6 eggs

Mrs. Voysey and Priscilla came for lunch.  Michael and I went down to meet them, but as they missed the first train we sat in Mrs. Hilton’s garden till the next and walked up with them.  A hot sunny day, very lovely.  Spent the afternoon in the garden.  Children got home at 4.30 and we had tea in the garden.  CA got home just after nine having come all the way in the car.

Wednesday, 2nd May, 1917          4 eggs

Katie had earache so both girls stayed at home.  I got several letters written and did a good deal of weeding.  Nurse Bella arrived about 8.30.  Daddy arrived about 9.

Thursday, 3rd May, 1917        5 eggs

Girls back at school again.  I had a great field day turning out old clothes. Gave a lot to Mrs. Wordman and  ?.  Spent rather a lazy afternoon in the hammock.  I have had my beastly old pain off and on since Monday drat it!   CA  kept in town over engineers strike until very late  Got home at midnight.

Friday, 4th May, 1917             4 eggs

Children all at school.  Miss White came.  I wrote a lot of letters and sorted a lot more.  Mr. Moore began his lessons again.  Kate is not having them this term. Dr. Macphail arrived about 7.  CA came in at 8.45

Saturday, 5th May, 1917              4 eggs

A glorious morning.  CA unfortunately had to go to town.  Left at 11 and didn’t get home until 10.30 p.m.  Engineers strike on, a great worry but they got an agreement before they finished.   Damaris Chapman and  Alex Robinson came to spend the day with Kate and Isobel.  Christopher went out and spent the afternoon with …..? Carrie and Nellie came in the afternoon and stayed until 6.30. The poor parrot got much worse this afternoon and died about 8 o’clock.  The weather turned very cold and windy at teatime.

Sunday, 6th May, 1917           5 eggs

Bright sunny day but exceedingly windy.

Monday, 7th May, 1917           6 eggs

Dr. Macphail left with the girls.  Michael and I went down in the car with CA and looked in at the Hiltons and heard that a baby girl was born last night.  Spent the rest of the morning clearing my linen cupboard and sorting all the linen.  Nurse Bella and Michael drove to Harrow to fetch the girls home.

Tuesday, 8th May, 1917     A             4 eggs.

I went down with CA to the station and called to see the doctor about Isobel.  After getting home I continued by linen cupboard execution and tidied myself before dinner Michael and I went down to meet Miss Dyson who came for tea.  We had tea in the garden and Katie took her down to the station in the pony trap.  Dr. Hilton came at 5.30 and had a good look at Isobel.  He thinks there is nothing wrong with her but nerves and says she shouldn’t go to school.

Wednesday, 9th May, 1917           5 eggs

Isobel and I went up to town by the12.11 and lunched in Baker St., and shopped chiefly for Michael.  Got the 4.14 home.   Nellie arrived about 8 to spend the night also actually CA arrived at 8 having come by the 7.30!We had a very pleasant evening.   Two young nannie goats born today.  Nellie brought 10 young chicks so we have plenty new livestock.

Thursday, 10th May, 1917               10 eggs

Christopher stayed at home today with a headache and a pain in his tummy.  CA and Nellie left at the same time,  9.40 or thereabouts.

Friday, 11th May, 1917           4 eggs

I went to town by the 10.36 to a meeting of the Y.W.C.A. re Munitions Workers Welfare.  Afterwards lunched with Lady Worthing von Evans at her club and enjoyed it very much.  She is rather jolly and pleasant to talk to but I guess that all found we look at things from very different points of view.  I got the 2.14 home and was awfully tired.  Isobel had been all right during my absence .  Miss White was here and Mr. Moore came down for music as usual.  CA got home at 9 or 9.30

Saturday, 12th May, 1917        5 eggs

Katie, Isobel and I went to town to Selfridges to buy them some cotton frocks – home by the 12.55. They went off to Ruislip to meet friends for a tea picnic and Christopher had Jack Verhide to play with him here.  Mr. Piggott came down with a few papers also Mr. Tregelles came and stayed to tea.  Dr. Macphail arrived about 5 for a game of croquet and stayed the night. Dr. Hilton came up after supper for a bit.

Sunday, 13th May, 1917           4 eggs

The weather is still most glorious.  Miss White arrived soon after 11 and left at 1.54. Dr. Macphail had to go by the 12.22 and I walked down with him as far as the Hiltons and went in to see  her and the baby – a dear little girl.  She looks very well.  I walked home.  Spent a fairly lazy afternoon – tea in the garden.

Monday, 14th  May, 1917           4 eggs

Sonnie went back to school today – seems quite all right again.  I wrote a good many letters this morning.  My beastly old pain has been getting steadily worse these last  days which is a rotten nuisance.  I did quite a lot of gardening and made the bed under the drawing room window look very tidy.  Spent the afternoon lying down and slept.

Tuesday, 15th May, 1917         5 eggs

Finally finished tidying my linen cupboard.  It has been a long time doing but looks awfully spick and span now.  Did some more gardening.  CA speaking at Kettering tonight.  Didn’t get home until 12.

Wednesday, 16th May, 1917         4 eggs

Much colder today, had a fire in the dining room once more.  Did some more gardening and rested in the afternoon again.  I am having beastly pains and feel rotten. CA home by 9 tonight.

Thursday, 17th May, 1917           4 eggs

A most beautifully wet day!  Just the right kind of rain.  Isobel and I did some wood sawing. Gathered greens for dinner.  Dr. Hilton looked in and Nurse Bella sneaked about my pains so he gave me some medicine and some instructions and I have promised to stay in bed tomorrow.  Mr. Terry came up to see me after tea to talk about Christopher’s progress.  CA was unexpectedly detained in the House and didn’t get in until just before 1 o’clock.  I made him some tea and we came to bed about 1.30

Friday, 18th May, 1917                3 eggs

I came down to breakfast in my dressing gown and saw Kate and Christopher off to school and then came back to bed and spent the day reading and sleeping and talking to Michael and Isobel.  Miss White was here and also Mr. Moore came down for music.  Sonnie had his tea up with me after his music lesson. CA came in soon after 8.15 and I put on my dressing gown and went and sat in the drawing room with him and came to bed at 10.30.

Saturday, 19th May, 1917          4 eggs

Kate went to Harrow to spend the day with Damaris.  CA went to town by about 10.30 in his car to confer again with A.S.E.  Dr. Hilton came up about one to see me.  The Bates came after lunch and spent the afternoon with us.  Willie and May and Jenny came to tea. The Bates left at 5.15.  CA got home soon after 6 and the others left about 7 or 7.15.  We had a quiet evening  and I was in bed according to promise by 10.45.

Sunday, 20th May, 1917            5 eggs

Our usual day.  Nothing much doing.  CA gardened as usual and Dr. Hilton came in after supper also Mr. Coates.  A mighty thunderstorm at night.  Bed by 10.45!

Monday, 21st May, 1917            4 eggs

Katie and Christopher off to school.  Dorothy Macphail arrived shortly after 9 to spend the day, it being her long day off from hospital.  Rain during the morning but fine afterwards. We had a very nice day.  I altered two of my skirts and Dorothy showed me a new and easy method of hairdressing.  She left at 7.30 and Kate and I walked down to the station with her and looked in on the Coates on our way back. CA got home at 9.  Supper and bed by 10.45!

Tuesday, 22nd May, 1917             2 eggs

Kate was awake nearly all night with toothache and stayed at home.  She slept till 10 o’clock this morning.  I wrote several letters, did washing and washed and ironed 10 muslin and lace collars of my own.  After lunch the girls, Bella and Michael went for a drive and I slept in my bed till 5.  Got up and dressed, had a little tea and started for Hoxton at 6.  Helped to give away prizes at the Girls Guild for Mrs. Rae.  CA fetched me and we  came home in the car, getting here by 10.30. Had a little supper and came right to bed.

Wednesday, 23rd May, 1917           2 eggs

CA left at 8.40 in the car for town.  Kate at home again with toothache.  I wrote some letters and dressed and went to town by the 12.12 train – walked to Selfridges and took a taxi to Victoria to open a Rest Room for the workers in the Ministry provided by the Y.W.C.A.  Walked from there to Victoria Station to meet Bessie at her canteen.  Went to Roland Gardens, had tea, washed and went to Barkers for a little shopping. Caught the 5.9 home.  The three kiddies met me on their bikes in Carew Road. CA at the House tonight.  Didn’t get home until midnight.  I was once more in bed by 10.45, I don’t like it one bit!

Thursday, 24th May, 1917          2 eggs

Spent most of the day sewing and tidying up my own and Isobel’s clothes preparatory to going to Knebworth tomorrow.

Friday, 25th May, 1917              2 eggs

Dr. Hilton came up this morning and gave me some new medicine. Collected and packed Isobel’s and my own clothes for Knebworth.  Miss White came down as usual also Mr. Moore.  The children and I left in the car for Knebworth about 6 and got there soon after 7.  Katie and Christopher left almost immediately for home again Unpacked and got Isobel to bed.  Had dinner and sat in the garden.  Archie arrived home unexpectedly at 11 for 48 hours leave.  CA telephoned about 10  Dr. Macphail is spending the weekend with him and the kiddies.

Saturday, 26th May, 1917          1 egg

May had to go out to the hospital. Isobel and Margaret and I spent the morning in the garden weeding.  Afternoon also in he garden.  The matron from the hospital came to tea.  Sat in the garden again after dinner. Very peaceful but I had a beastly headache – pain off and on all day. Got into bed abou 10.30  What a marvel!

Sunday, 27th May, 1917             0 eggs

I didn’t get up until 8.15.  Dressed myself and Bel.  She felt seedy most of the day  due to shyness I think!  Archie and Billie were to have met on the road from Haileybury but the motor bike broke down and they never got here.  Willie went with the pony to meet them in the evening.  We all went to bed fairly early.  My head and pain still beastly all day.

Monday, 28th May, 1917             0 eggs

Willie and Archie left early about 6.30.  Margaret had a friend to spend the day.  Willie got back at 11.30.  Jacksons to tea and supper and we played bowls. They left about 9 and we read and talked and went to bed about 11.

Tuesday, 29th May, 1917              2 eggs

Willie left early for town and I packed after breakfast and sat in the garden.  The car with Bella and the children arrived about 11.15 and we started for home soon after 12 arriving home at 1.20.    Had lunch and sat in the garden.  Dr. Hilton came up to see me and we had an exciting chase after a thief who was trying to steal our new goat shed!  CA telephoned that he couldn’t come home as he was going to Walton Heath.  Went to bed soon after 10.

Wednesday, 30th May, 1917         1 egg

Spent the whole morning gardening.  Planted 176 lettuce plants and did a lot of weeding.  Sonnie at home feeling seedy.  Put him to bed with a dose of castor oil and he was all right by tea time and got up for tea.  CA came by the 9 o’clock train getting here about 9.40

Thursday, 31st May, 1917        1 egg

CA    left by the 9.56.  Sonnie off to school again.  Spent a quiet morning and left by the 12.11.   Lunched with Shal Andrews and came home with Kate in time for tea.  CA  came home by the 8.20