Isobel Addison’s diary March 1929

Friday, 1st March, 1929

Went up to Colway during the morning – saw over the cottages – they are most awfully nice.  It was frightfully cold, a bitter wind.  Did some darning and spent rather a lazy afternoon.  Got all the laundry done before going to bed.  Sorted some of my clean blankets today.

Saturday, 2nd March, 1929

Spent most of my day cooking so as to have less to do tomorrow.  Marie Hooper came in after lunch and went up to Colway with Michael and came back to tea with us.  Stella came while we were at tea and brought her new puppy to show us – a tiny black cocker spaniel.  Chris and Brigit arrived  and after Stella had gone they , Marie and Michael played skittles.  Then Marie left and we had supper and Pop and Chris and I played dummy bridge.  Came to bed rather late.  Still very cold but not so much wind today and lots of lovely sun.  Finished sorting the clean blankets today and allotted them to their several beds.

Sunday, 3rd March, 1929

Brigit, Michael and I went to church at 8 – he was serving – He went again at 11 to serve in place of someone who was ill or away.  Another sunny  day but still awfully cold.   Pop and I walked up to the Hoopers to enquire for Mrs. Hooper who is ill, but Mr and Marie were both at church so we couldn’t get in. After dinner the others all went out to Halden and Colway and I stayed at home by the fire and snoozled – rheumatism jolly rotten – none of us went to church in the evening.

Monday, 4th March, 1929

Got up about 7 and took tea to everyone except Michael who didn’t want it.  Got breakfast.  Michael went off and Chris and Brigit followed about 9 .  Mrs. Godfrey of the D.N.A. came to see me.  Nurse Clarke was ill so I went down to see her about 12 and found her  temp 103.  Came home and got lunch for Pop and me and the dogs and cats and Pop went to telephone for the doctor for Nurse.  Lazy afternoon on the whole.  Pop went to Colway for a short time.  Doctor Golden looked in to tell me about Nurse – he has taken a swab of her throat.  Mike arrived and we had tea and I spent from 7 tol 8 with Nurse.  Mike went to a servers meeting at the vicarage.

Tuesday, 5th March, 1929

Got up in good time and cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Saw Michael off.  Fed hens, made beds etc.,  Went to see Nurse – found her with a rash and temp. 100.  Stayed with her a bit.  Came home, prepared dinner. Wrote some letters.  Dr. Golden came and said Nurse has Scarlet Fever.  Pop went to the telephone to make various arrangements.  After dinner I went to Nurse  and sent Mrs. H……….. out for a bit.  Helped Nurse with some of her doings, letters etc., came home and Dr. Golden came again and we discussed various plans  – trying to get Exeter Fever hospital to take her  as the Newton one is so beastly.  Got tea for Pop who went to town by the 5.8.  Went down to Nurse again to tell her what we are doing – home and got Michael’s tea.  Had a quiet evening.  He started an essay and I attended to some nursing receipts and wrote to Miss Dewar.  Had some tea about 9.45 and came to bed at 11.  Michael coughing an awful lot.

Sunday, 17th March, 1929

Michael and I went to church at 11.  He was serving.  I meant to go at 8 but my cough was so bad when I woke that I got up and peeled potatoes and fed the hens and did various other jobs before breakfast.  After church I went in to the vicarage for a few minutes and in the afternoon Chris drove Brigit and me over to Lympstone to see Mrs. Dalglish.  We had a most delightful time.  She is as dear as ever and was so pleased to see us.  Got home about 6.30 and cooked scrambled eggs for supper.  Came to bed in decent time.  I think it should be recorded that I have persuaded Christopher to drink a glass of hot milk instead of tea for his final beverage !  He had a beastly cold.

Monday, 18th March, 1929

Got up just before 7.  Michael was in very good time.  We had some breakfast and I took tea to the others and gave them theirs.  Chris and Brigit left about 9.30.  Pop and I went up to Colway with the dogs.  Home for lunch.  Did some sewing and tidying up.  Michael home by 5.15.  During tea Mrs. Hutchings came to see me on nursing business and then Mrs. Green.