Isobel Addison’s diary June- July 1931

Monday, 1st June, 1931

Isobel went at 7.50, Kate and Pa by the 9 a.m.  They are going to Chatham today for Kate to launch  and christen the Challenger.   Pa and Isobel came home by the 6.43 from Baker Street.  New carpet for study came and we put it down – very satisfactory.

Tuesday, 2nd June, 1931

Isobel left by the 7.50, Pa by the 9.09.  Lizzie and I called on the Lyles, Williams, also Mrs. Collins but all were out.  Carrie and Liz came back to tea with me.

Wednesday,  3rd June, 1931

Isobel went to Glasgow this morning. Shah Andrews and Campbell came to tea with me. Pa came home at 11.30 p.m.

Thursday, 4th June, 1931

Pa left by the 9 a.m.  Patched Isobel’s blouse, washed and ironed both it and Kate’s.  Wrote to Isobel.  A lovely day, hot and sunny.  Kate came home by the 6.27.

Friday, 5th June, 1931

Kate left at  8 .20.  Pa has gone to  Shrewsbury today.  Fred, A(?)Carrie, Nellie and Nancy Addison came in to see me after tea and stayed till nearly 8.

Saturday, 6th June, 1931

Pa and Kate came home on the 1.15.  Carrie, Liz and Nancy walked over to see us and Kate drove them home.  Pa built a small portion of the wall this afternoon!

Sunday, 7th June, 1931

Went to church at 8 to St. Anne’s. Carrie and Nancy came to tea.  Felt earthquake this morning at 1.20 a.m. just as I was beginning to say my prayers!  It woke Pa but not Kate.

Monday, 8th June, 1931

Kate went by the 8.20 and Pa by the 9.59.  Isobel came home this evening, had had a very nice time in Scotland.  Great time patching Michael’s grey trousers – very successfully. Went to  get my hair cut in the afternoon and also called at the Bungalow.

Tuesday, 9th June, 1931

Isobel left by the 8.20.  Mary Willmott came in just as I was having my lunch – no I think this happened yesterday!  Pa came home by the 9 p.m.

Wednesday, 10th June, 1931

Pa left by the 9 a.m.  Isobel came home by the 6.27

Thursday, 11th June, 1931

Isobel left by the 7.50.  Rang up Kate to say goodbye, she is going to Paris for the weekend.  Mended and washed three pairs of stockings for Isobel.  Pressed Michael’s grey trousers.  Wrote to Mrs. Griffiths.  Paid Heal’s bill. Pa rang up about 11 p.m.

Friday, 12th June, 1931

Washed my brown three piece this morning also another pair of Bella’s stockings and mended two pairs of my own knickers.  Nancy Addison came and spent a good bit of the morning.  Mary Willmott came and ate her lunch with me in the garden.  A really nice day – warm and sunny – Pa got home about 8.30. Wilfred went to Reading to meet Michael who arrived here just before 11. Isobel had been giving the prizes away at the M of A staff sports and spent the night with the de la Warrs.

Saturday,  13th June, 1931

Isobel came down by the 10.20 with Sheila Kerr.  We had the Mason’s from Wycombe to tea.  Sheila left about 9.30

Sunday, 14th June, 1931

Mike and I went to St. Anne’s at 8.  Harold Paton came about 10.30.  Mike and Isobel went with him to bathe at Henley.  They got back here about 7. Terrible tornado this afternoon.

Monday, 15th June, 1931

Isobel left by the 7.50.  Mike and I went and had tea with the Aunts.  Kate and Isobel came home by the 6.27.

Tuesday, 16th June, 1931

Eric Belling came at 3.30 and stayed for tea and supper.  Mary Willmott also to supper.  Pa came home by the 9.26.

Wednesday, 17th June, 1931

Pa left by the 9 train.  Bel came home by the 6.27

Thursday, 18th June, 1931

Isobel left by the 7.50.  Michael and I went to town by the 10.56 and did all his shopping very satisfactorily.  Came home by the 4.10

Friday, 19th June, 1931

Pa came home by supper time and we gave him his birthday presents.

Saturday, 20th June, 1931

Kate came home by the 1.50.  Isobel lunched with Harold Paton and he drove her here by about 6.30.  Stella came about 7.  After supper they all went to Henley to meet Paton and another man and got home soon after 12.

Sunday, 21st June, 1931

Michael and I went to St. Anne’s at 8.  Mary Willmott and Leonard Holiday to tea and supper.  Kate and Isobel drove L.H. back to Oxford at night, all very late to bed. Stella left for London about 5.

Monday, 22nd June, 1931

Isobel went by the 7.50 and Kate by the 8.20.  Pa left by the 9.59.  Mike and I packed his “Revelation” suitcase  and found it fulfilled all it promised!  I cooked lunch and Mary came in and had it with us and she and I went with Michael to Missenden and saw him off by the 2 p.m. train.  He was to meet Pa in town and they were to leave Victoria at 4 p.m.  I came home and washed up dishes and fed hens and wrote to Mike and had a snoozle.  Had some tea and got supper ready.  Isobel came by the 6.27  After supper she washed her hair.  I played  patience.   It has been a lovely day, real summer actually.

Tuesday, 23rd June, 1931

Isobel left by the 7.50 – spent the morning sewing.  Wrote to Michael after lunch.  Prepared for possible visitors who of course didn’t come!  Very hot day, sultry and grey at night.  Kate came home by the 6.27. Sent white pinks to Bessie.

Wednesday,  24th June, 1931

Kate left by the 8.20. Sewed again all morning and gathered and arranged flowers. Afternoon much as yesterday.  Kate and Daddy both came home by the 6.27.  Mrs. Norton of the Labour Party came after supper, a great talker          and nothing of a socialist!  Pa and Kate and I played dummy bridge. Came to bed rather late .  Quite cold this evening and we had a fire in the drawing room.

Wednesday, 1st July, 1931

Bessie came to lunch.  Kate and Bel came home on the 6.27.

Thursday, 2nd July, 1931

Girls left at 7.50.  Bessie had brought us some salmon  so Kate took some up to the flat for Pa’s breakfast. Prepared the spare room for Chris and Brigit.

Friday, 3rd July, 1931

Chris and Brigit got here about 5.30.  Pa came by the 6.27.  Kate as usual missed a train or two and came by the last one.  Pa went to meet her.

Saturday, 4th July, 1931

Isobel went today to spend the weekend  with Kenneth and Kathleen Buchanan. Rather a wet day here.  Most unfortunate.

Sunday, 5th July, 1931

Brigit and I went to St. Anne’s.  Kate went to Oxford in the car with Irving  and Brigit went to Wimbledon after lunch to spend the night there.  Pa and Chris drove to Maidenhead to meet Isobel and bring her home. Kate and Irving didn’t get home till about 12.   Irving stayed the night.

Monday, 6th July, 1931

Isobel missed the 7.50  She, Kate and Irving went by the 8.20.  Pa got the 9.50  Brigit  came home by the 3.25.  Pa couldn’t get home tonight.

Tuesday, 7th July, 1931

Chris and Brigit with their various packages got off about 9.30

Friday, 10th July, 1931

George, today, needs keeping within bounds. Trixie was let out only yesterday!

Sunday, 12th July, 1931

Went to St. Anne’s at 8.  Paton and a friend and Irving came and took the girls to  Henly.  They returned about 8.30.  Pa and I had a quiet day.

Monday, 13th July, 1931

Usual Monday morning train business!  Isobel came home tonight.

Tuesday, 14th July, 1931

Isobel left at 7.50.  Mary came in during the morning.  Her mother is coming home on Thursday –  today was Mary’s birthday.  Gathered peas – shelled them and made a very nice supper of stuffed tomatoes,  peas and new potatoes  Isobel came home by the 6.27 After supper I played patience and she washed her hair.    My first consignment of Rhode Island Red pullets arrived this afternoon from Hedley Morgan – 60 of them, 40 more to follow.

Wednesday, 15th July, 1931

Isobel left by the 7.50.  Made redcurrant jelly and strawberry jam.  A very sticky day!  Kate came home by the 6.27 and we ate bacon and tomatoes.

Thursday, 18th July, 1931

Kate left by the 8.20.  Mary came after breakfast and we gathered sweet peas and roses and then went over to the cottage and arranged them.  After lunch Mrs. Wilmott rang up. I went over there about six and sat and talked to her.  Came home and had some supper and put the redcurrants which had been stewing all day through the sieve. Got to bed about 12.30.

Friday, l7th July, 1931

Got up early, had breakfast and finished the redcurrant jelly by 9 – fed hens and went to see the Aunts at Prestwood.  In the evening went to sit with Mrs. Wilmott and read to her a bit.  Came home and had some supper about 7.30 and went back and sat with her till 10.30.  Daddy is at Birmingham tonight.

Saturday, 18th July, 1931

Busy morning with flowers, vegetables and cooking.  Pa got home at 1 and Kate at 2.15.  Isobel came at 5.45.

Sunday, 19th July, 1931

Went to the Aunts at 8.  Fr.  Mason is back from his holiday.  The girls and Pa did some weeding in the garden.  I went over to Mrs. Wilmott but they were all out. Wrote to Chris and Michael after lunch.  Had tea and lots of raspberries.  Kate and Pa and I played dummy bridge at night.  Isobel started tidying her room.

Monday, 20th July, 1931

Got up at 6.15.  Took tea to Kate and Isobel. Got their breakfast and they left by the 7.50 Same for Pa and he left by the 9 train – washed up, made beds, fed hens, read papers.  Went over to Mrs Willmott – she was out – packed up Mrs. Northey’s photos and wrote to her – fed dogs, had lunch – rang up Mrs. Willmott – Mary came over for a few minutes.  Welwyn called for eggs.  At 5 I went over to Prestwood and had tea with the Aunts – Annie was also there. Came home at 7 – attended to dogs etc., and went over to Mrs. Willmott’s .  She went to bed and I read and talked to her till 10.30 when I came home and had tea and ham sandwiches!  Got to bed somewhere about  1 a.m.  It has been a showery day, but not so bad – Isobel was going to Birmingham today.

Tuesday, 21st July, 1931

Got up before 7 and went and fetched my tea and toast upstairs and had it in bed – then had a bath and dressed.  Went to Prestwood and got name of girl to work for Mrs. Willmott. Called on Mrs. Willmott on way home.  Busy afternoon over jam – currants and strawberry.  Got supper for Kate and self. She came home by the 6.27.  Talked to Pa on the telephone after supper.  No rain today and quite a decent amount of sun. Croy has been making rather a nuisance of herself and George these last days!

Wednesday, 22nd July, 1931

Got up at 6.45.  Kate got the 8.20.  I made strawberry jam and redcurrant jelly having got the stuff through the sieve yesterday.  Very busy all day preparing room for Miss Woodman and supper for her and Mr. Aplin.  Tidying the house, doing flowers, collecting and packing a parcel to send to Isobel.  After supper we had the meeting at Little Kingshill Common.  Not many people and very apathetic.  Miss Woodman made an awfully good speech.  After it we, and Mr. Aplin and two other comrades came back here and had tea and raspberries.  Mr. Aplin and the other two left to catch the  10.29  and Miss Woodman and I talked for a time and got to bed about one.  Wilfred drove Mrs. Willmott to Chesham this morning for her treatment.

Thursday, 23rd July, 1931

Got up at 7 – had a cup of tea – got breakfast ready – walked round the garden and gathered flowers for  Miss Woodman to take to town.  She left just before 9.30.  I washed up, made beds, fed hens etc.,  Felt very hungry so had lunch about 12 –  had no time for any yesterday!  Wrote to Michael and to Brigit for her birthday. Wilfred went to Reading to meet Quantick and his wife who got here about 2. I got tea ready and gathered strawberries. Annie and Carrie came to tea. We gathered peas and lettuces for them and they left at 7 Pa got home by the 6.27.  We had supper and Quantick came in for a talk – played patience and came to bed at 12.

Friday, 24th July, 1931

Pop left by the 9 a.m.  After feeding my hens etc., I went to see Mrs. Willmott having put on gooseberries to boil for jam. Came home and continued jam. Went and gathered beans for Pa’s supper.  Wilfred and Mason picked fruit all day  and I sat in the kitchen stringing   currants etc.  Wrote to Chris, cards to Jenny. Isobel, Fr. Mason.  Began filling bottles with rasps and currants,  cooked supper.  Pa got home by the 6.27.  Mary Willmott  came in after supper and did a few of the currants with us and I went back with her and sat for a bit with Mrs. Willmott.  Pa meanwhile very nobly topped and tailed goosegogs.  Kate came home at 11.30 and had some supper and we had baths and got to  bed about 2.30!  It has been a fine day, warm and sunny but quite a pleasant breeze.

Saturday, 25th July, 1931

Got up later than we meant.  Kate went by the 10.14.   Pa and I spent practically the whole day bottling gooseberries and blackcurrants.  The Quantick party had the car to go to Wycombe.   Pa gathered peas and took them over to the   Wilmotts.  Came to bed in better time.

Sunday, 26th July, 1931

Got up rather late.  Mary and I went to St. Anne’s at 11.  Paternal(?) Festival, met the bishop of Buckingham who seems to me what a bishop ought to be.  Home by one and got lunch.  Wrote to Isobel, Mrs. Griff etc.,  Fed hens, had tea.  Went and sat with Mrs. Willmott.  Pa and I supped off raspberries and cream.  Read, played patience, did laundry, bath bed.

Monday, 27th July, 1931

Pa left by the 9.55.  Got telephone message that the other pullets would arrive today – arranged drinking trough etc., Welwyn called for eggs.  Wrote to Michael and to Kate and ordered more chicken food, otherwise was rather idle.  Hens arrived about 5 p.m. Mary came in about 6 for a bit.  I sent Wilfred and his family out for a drive in the car and they didn’t come back till about 9.  Pa arrived at 10. Quite a cold evening – we had a fire in the study and played patience.

Tuesday, 28th July, 1931

Pa left by the 9.55.  I went over to see Mrs. Willmott and Wilfred took her to Chesham for her treatment.  I at last completed my petticoat – I started it ages ago! Wrote a long letter to Michael in reply to a lovely long one I had from him yesterday evening.  Wilfred spent the afternoon picking blackcurrants   and I started stringing them about 6.30.  Went over to Mrs. Willmott about 7.45 and talked and read to her and got home about 10.30.   Mary is away in London till tomorrow. Came home and had some tea and sandwiches and did a good bit more of the currants.   Pa rang up about 12.

Wednesday, 29th July, 1931

Got up at about 6.30  and fetched my breakfast upstairs.  Had a bath and dressed, a lovely morning. Went along to the bungalow.  Wilfred and his family went up to London for the day.  I spent most of the day stringing the blackcurrants and finished boiling them about 10.  Wrote to Kate to Moscow and also to Bessie and paid £35 to Mr. Morgan for pullets.  Isobel telephoned from Euston about 8.30 and came home by the 9 p.m.  The Quantick family got back about 9.15.  The fine day changed to rain at lunch time.

Thursday, 30th July, 1931

Got up at 6.30 and cooked fish for  breakfast.  Isobel left by the 7.50.  After feeding hens etc., I went along to see Liz and Nellie while Wilfred, Quintock and Betty went shopping. Spent rather an idle day otherwise.  Expected Isobel to supper and was starting preparations when she telephoned that she wouldn’t come till the 9 train.  Wilfred went to meet her and just after he left a message came saying she wasn’t coming at all.  I had raspberries and cream ready for her and Pa but as neither came I gave them to the Quanticks.  Went over to see Mrs. Willmott about 7 but they were evidently all out.  Wrote to Mrs. Griff today, played patience in the evening.  Nick rang up having returned from Mexico.  Didn’t get to bed till after one.  Pa and Isobel rang up from the flat about 12.

Friday, 31st July, 1931

Got up at 6.30.  Brought breakfast up and had it in bed. Had a bath and telephoned to flat.  Packed and sent off Mrs. Nolan’s fruit.  Went over to Mrs. Willmott to read her letter to her.  Quantick and  Mrs. Q. came and talked for a bit.  Wilfred took them to Reading to catch the 2.17 train home.  Gladys came in after lunch to do the clearing of the kitchen – I got laundry ready for her – wrote to John Newton, prepared supper.  Pa came home on the 5.24.  After supper we strolled along to the hens and down the garden.  Isobel got home about 12 having been out with Paton.