Isobel Addison’s diary June – August 1934

Friday, 1st June, 1934

Had what I felt was a very good night and feel much better today, more like meself!  Bessie from 11 till 12.30.   Dr. Mills and Pa came for a few minutes after lunch and also May stayed till almost 2.  Slept.  Dr. Pearce about 3.45. Kate to tea till nearly 7.  Nurse King put my feet in hot water and we got a lot of rough skin off. Kate left about 6.45.  Pa came at 7 and stayed till about 9.  Not quite such a good night.

Saturday, 2nd June, 1934

Read Clarion. Went to Xray 16m.  Nurse Patten and friend came,  then Dr. Pearce – seemed quite pleased.  Lunch – short sleep. Pa about 2.15.  Dr. Pinchin: talk with Pa, both seemed very pleased. Pa left at 4 .  Molly, lovely surprise, didn’t recognise her because she is so fat! Then Bess till 5.30.  Wash and sat upl and hardly opened my mouth for nearly 2 hours! Molly brought lilies of the valley and shortbread from Scotland.  Had supper in chair. Kate came about 8.15 and stayed till 10.  We read her stories and commented on them – Kate suggests tea Monday or evening.

Sunday, 3rd June, 1934

Bad night and after with aeroplanes and airlocks upstairs.  Slept after breakfast till dear old Dr. Mills waked me!   Bess came at 11 and stayed till 12.30.  Lunch. Slept till 3.45.  Tea. Bel came just after 4.  Wrote to Mrs. Coates, washed and sat up for supper.   Bel went and bought hers and ate it with me.  Had a very pleasant evening.  Wrote to Carrie.    Had needle in seat for some unknown reason. Isobel left at 9.

Monday, 4th June, 1934

Cold, grey day, rather late breakfast tomatoes!  Change!  Dr. Mills came, then Pinchin, Pearce and Sister, usual poking and more beside!  Dr. Carter Braine came later, most charming person.  Mutton for lunch, another change!  Slept. Mrs. Willmott   also pathologist who jabbed my ear for gore – 1st Prize for TRUTH – Brigit had been all morning with me and left about 2.15 till 4 when she returned for tea.   Mrs. Mickey came also. Went to Xray at 5, 16 mins, found Pa, Kate, Chris and Brigit all waiting when I got back.  Pa stayed the evening.

Tuesday, 5th June, 1934

Fairish night.  Xray 16 mins about 10.  Quiet morning, May came about 1.  Slept from 2 till 4.  Tea.  Mills.  Tidied up “received” Bess and Jim – very nice.  Pa at 5.45 went to tea.  I sat up for supper.  Pa and I had a nice snoozle.  Kate arrived 20 to 8 and Pa left then.  Very cold day.   Kate left about 9.30 – had a very nasty cold –  we had a most pleasant evening together.

Wednesday, 6th June, 1934

Dr. Mills for a few moments.  Bess came and sat with me, slept most of afternoon. Kate to tea. Pa about 5.45 – spent till 7.30.  Quiet evening.  Finished “Yonder”. No Xray today.

Thursday 7th June, 1934

Xray 16 m     Not such a bad night.  Daddy came about 10.30. Dr. Mills had not long gone!  I went down to Xray about 10.45 didn’t get back till 12.   Pa had had to go and Bess was waiting  and Dr. Pinchin had been waiting some time.   Lack of porters.  Bess left about 12.45.  Heavenly unconscious sleep after lunch.  Kate came to tea, then Chris.  They went out while I washed.  Kate had bad cold and went home to bed.  Chris left at 6.30 after Pa came  – he had to go to Uckfield.  Pa left in a hurry for the 8.10.

Friday, 8th June, 1934

Dr.Mills for a moment.    Bess brought me some asparagus from Peg. Went to Xray 16 mins.  Bel here when I came back.  No waiting today!  Didn’t sleep much after lunch. Nancy came.    Isobel shopped and she and Nancy had tea.  After N left Kate came and then Pete. They went out for a cup of tea for K and Dr. Macphail came –   most dear and charming.  Washed and sat up. Isobel stayed till 10.  Chris was going on 10.46.  Lots of nasty coughing today – saw Pearce after tea.

Saturday, 9th June, 1934

Bad coughing most of day.   Kate came morning, also Bessie.    Pa came to tea.  After tea drainage.  Balloon experience – oxygen, dope and most heavenly sleep till 2 a.m.  Dear Kate was so sweet and nice all day. No Xray

Sunday, 10th June, 1934

Had a cough and a spot of oxygen over bed making.    Isobel came about 10.30 or 11.  Very nice, stayed till 7.30.    Pa came about 6.30.  Terribly hot day had both windows and door open.  Dr. Pearce came to see me about 10.30 or 11, had some very nasty salt sleeping drink and certainly had better night. No  Xray

Monday, 11th June, 1934

Dr. Mills brought me a rose.  Pinchin followed.  Went down for a photograph. Bess here and Brigit when I got back, both very charming.  Bess left before dinner and Brigit about 2. I slept till 4. Mrs. Meiklejohn to tea. Felt rather seedy, but better in evening. Pa and Chris came about 6 and 6.30. Pa had a good wash!  Chris left for Wimbledon where he and Brigit are staying.  I washed. Pa went to Hotel and pub in dress clothes in order to dine with M…?      ( Mary?) No Xray.

Tuesday, 12th June, 1934

No Xray. Breakfast at 8.  Daddy 20 to 10.  Pinchin, Pearce etc.,  Isobel came, May for half an hour.  Beastly backache. Slept nearly all day.  Isobel and Kate for tea, Chris came afterwards also Mrs. Mitchell and Bessie again.  Kate and Isobel stayed till 9.    Moseley wants a bullet through him.  “so she says”  EKA

Wednesday, 13th June, 1934

No Xray.  Another very sleepy day. Pa came also Bess. Saw Dr. Carter Braine after breakfast, Pearce after dinner.  Brigit came from 1 to 3.30, brought me 2 very nice cheap jackets.  Mike turned up and had tea with Daddy at Victoria. Kate came for tea with me and Peter came after tea for a few minutes. Pa and Mike came back about 6 and Kate went home.

Thursday, 14th June, 1934

Suction pump – beastly day  (bloody awful day EKA). Bessie, Pop, Chris, Kate, Isobel came at various times.  Dr. Alton came.  Father …………called and Kate saw him.  He had heard from Michael.  He will come on Monday he says.

Friday, 15th June, 1934

May and Bessie came.  Also Pop, Brigit, Drs. Kate came at 2.30 and Brigit went home.  Felt a little better but couldn’t get to sleep much.  Had tea and buttered toast at  4, quite nice. Chris and Pop came about 6, have ordered Pop’s suit. Chris went for Brigit and came back to take Pop home about 9.30.

Saturday, 16th June, 1934

Lovely night.  Bessie came 10.45.  Dr. Mills came for a few minutes. Kate came 11 and had lunch and tea.  I read the architects  journal.

Sunday, 17th June, 1934

Bad day. Terrible pain. Dr. Tims fetched to see me and gave me a good dope. Fell asleep and woke without it.  May, Duncan and Bessie came, Isobel was here.

Monday, 18th June, 1934

Bit better, Pop, Alton, Pearce and Pinchin and Duncan all here.

Tuesday, 19th June, 1934

Pa came early in his new suit, looking very nice.  We gave him his plate. I felt a little better. Jenny came before she went home.  Mrs. Hilton came.

Wednesday, 20th June,1934

K, Isobel,Brigit, Chris, Michael and Pop all came to celebrate his birthday but as I had had a bad pain they had given me dope and I slept all the time.

Thursday, 21st June, 1934

Isobel was here all day and afterwards Kate came at 3.30 and stayed till seven.

Friday, 22nd June, 1934

Lizzie came to see me.

Saturday, 23rd June, 1934

Bessie came for the morning.  Dr. Pinchin and Dr. Pearce came at three and washed out cavity. Said it was satisfactory.  Kate came 3 till 9.30.  Very tired indeed but not much pain. Mother and I have made this up for the last fortnight from memory etc.,  Rather a lot of pain and sleep all the time.

Sunday, 24th June, 1934

Very bad night in spite of dope, ached from top to toe all day, felt very miserable.  Isobel came and had a very miserable day. She read to me a lot and was very sweet. C and  B looked in on way back from Wimbledon.

Monday, 25th June, 1934

Good – very good night. Never coughed from 10 p.m. till 6.30 a.m.  Asked for bacon and was given it with my egg!    Pinchin came morning and Pa came after.    Kate at lunch time.       Pearce washed out hole.  ? to come 4 sharp and Mrs. Coates. Bessie came brought cake.  K came 9.30, lovely surprise.  Dope.

Tuesday, 26th June, 1934

Very good night again.  Pearce came and sounded me – seemed quite pleased. May came brought lovely green peas.  Pa at 3.30. Kate, Mrs. Meiklejohn, Bessie, Pop at teatime and Pop went 6.25 and Kate stayed late.

Thursday, 28th June, 1934

Kathleen and Michael came from Wimbledon.  Isobel was here. Also Brigit looked in.  Chris came for her. Pop came for evening. Kate looked in about 6.30 and went home with her ?

Friday, 29th June, 1934

Went down to be photographed, Xray.  Bessie came in the morning and brought the cake. Pop came at teatime and Kate was here for tea and the evening.

Saturday, 30th June, 1934

Isobel came for the day and stayed till 9.25 train.

Sunday, 1st July, 1934

M brought Kathleen to see me.  That seems to be fixed.  Pop came morning.  Pearce came at 12 and washed out cavity.  Kate came at 2.30 and Bessie 3. K stayed till I went to sleep.  Very lively indeed, had two c…….. and also strawberries and cream!

Monday, 2nd July, 1934

Dr. Pearce cleaned out cavity. Bessie came in the morning.  Chris looked in. Kate came 4 and had tea.  Pop stayed till the 9.26

Tuesday, 3rd July, 1934

May,  Bessie and  Mrs. Dalglish.  Xray treatment. Mrs. Meiklejohn to tea. Pop and Chris came in about 5.30 and Kate at six.  Kate stayed till ten.  Chris took her home in car. Usual washing after lunch.

4th August, 1934

Xray   Beginning to be mad.

5th August, 1934


6th August, 1934

Recovered. Daddy all day.

Monday, 13th August, 1934

X ray

Tuesday, 14th August, 1934

Xray, last time.  My new nurse came by to see me and they changed the old rubber.  D — sore.  Ambulance order.