Isobel Addison’s diary July 1929

Monday 1st July, 1929

Got up at 6.30 took them all tea.  Had breakfast and they all left by the 7.51.  Mike for school and Pop and Bel for London.  I had a very busy morning,  got a lot of Nursing Assoc: business done and wrote several letters and paid bills and did the same after lunch and felt exceedingly virtuous.  Michael got home and we had tea and he did homework and played in the field with the dogs.  I sewed and read.  He had a hot bath and went to bed and I followed about 11.30.

Tuesday, 2nd July, 1929

Michael went to school as usual.  I did a lot of sewing, mended stockings and my mackintosh.  Miss Helps came and I went with her to Mrs. Hooper, found her out and walked home again and continued sewing.  Afternoon had Infant Welfare.  Sent laundry and photos to girls, wrote to Chris.  Cooked bacon and eggs for Mike’s and my tea.  Collected things for going away and had a very pleasant evening with Mr. MacIntyre who came about 8 and stayed till 10.  Mike then came to bed and I had a hot bath and put all my things ready for packing.  Got to bed about midnight.

Wednesday, 3rd July, 1929

Croy was horribly fussy all night and kept me awake till almost dawn! After which I overslept and only woke when the postman came.  Fortunately Michael had a merit holiday so there was no train to catch!  I got his clothes collected and packed, also my own and did various other affairs and Mike drove down with me to the Helps and then returned to take his things to Mrs. Hooper’s.  Miss Helps and I got off in the car about 11.  Stopped in Newton to buy food and fruit and to get my hair cut.  Drove by way of Poundsgate and Dartmouth, Tavistock and Launceston to Tintagel,  a really gorgeous drive.  We picnicked on Dartmoor and got to Tintagel about 4.15.  Had tea and walked out to the cliffs.  Looked in at the tiny chapel of Our Lady of F? and also at the church on the cliff.  Got back about 7.  Cleaned and tidied.  Had dinner and sat on the porch reading the papers.  Came to bed soon after 10.

Thursday, 4th July, 1929

Had beastly rheumatism during the night, didn’t sleep well.  Didn’t get up till after 8.30, breakfast at 9 and wrote letters afterwards.  Took our lunch and books and went to Trebarwith.  Went on to the sands for a few moments but the tide was coming in rapidly so we sat up on the cliff, ate our lunch and fed a friendly Collie dog.  Came back to the hotel about 4 and had tea and went out again to King Arthur’s castle this time – very windy – home and tidied up.  Had dinner and walked as far as Bossiney village – back to hotel and conversed with the hotel proprietors and came to bed before 10!  We looked in to see Mrs. Northey this afternoon and found her very charming and very pleased to see us.

Friday, 5th July, 1929

Rather a grey day and awfully windy so we made up our minds to go to Truro for the day. Got there soon after 12.30.  Had lunch and spent a long time in the cathedral, a really beautiful place.  I’ve not been in many cathedrals but this is the first one where there  seems  real life  and also one could feel at home and not as though one were some interloper.  There was a lovely little corner for children  with flowers and charming books and a most enticing Noah’s Ark and two dear little baby armchairs and children were invited to sit down quietly to look at the books and play with the toys and to put everything back quietly and reverently.  It was really a very inspiring little corner. The whole atmosphere of the place  and spiritual and holy to a degree and we came away feeling in touch withGood things.  We also visited another church, St. George’s equally a spiritual place where there is true worship.  We got back to the hotel here just before 5 and had some tea.  Posted letters  and cards and retired to our bedrooms till dinnertime.  Wet, cold evening.  We sat and read and wrote in the little smoking room and came to bed soon after 10.

Saturday, 6th July, 1929

Went this morning to early communion in the tiny chapel of Our Lady of F……  It is a lovely little chapel.  After breakfast we got our paper and collected our belongings and went to Bude and spent all day on the sands.  Ate our lunch and sat with our feet in a pool and read – it was lovely. Started home soon after 3.  Stopped at Boscastle for tea and got back here about 5.  I had a hot bath then lay on my bed till it was time to tidy for dinner.  After dinner we went out and walked along the cliff beyond that awful King Arthur’s Hotel.   It was a  lovely evening, grey and a bit misty at sea but the air was deliciously soft and we sat quite a long  time without feeling the least cold.  Came in about 10 and came up to bed.  I started a letter to the girls in bed.

Sunday, 7th July, 1929

We went to church at 8 and after breakfast I packed my belongings and we went out and sat on the cliff on the Boscastle side with our books.  Got back to the hotel at 12.30 to find that Chris, Brigit, Marie and Michael had arrived  an hour ago and much earlier than they expected.  Sat and talked and washed and had lunch then strolled down to the little chapel of our lady and they went on to the cliffs.  Miss Helps and I went and finished my packing and all had a cup of tea and they went to see Mrs. Northey at Treknow.  Miss Helps left us there and went on to the cliffs with her book  and we started home.  Stopped for tea at Two Bridges, called on Mr. Helps and got up to Colway  about 7.30.  Had some supper and Mike went to get his things from the Hoopers. Chris and Brigit started home just before 10 and Mike and I came to bed.  It has been a lovely day, quite perfect and the drive was delightful.   The Rolls went up Dartmoor like a bird!  I paid Chris for the hire of it before we left so as to make the matter all correct. It has been a very jolly little holiday for me and now I’m quite glad to be back in this cottage and glad not to be down in Bishopsteignton

Monday, 8th July, 1929

Got up just before 7.  Mike went off cheery as usual.  Washed breakfast things and made beds and generally tidied up the cottage and wrote some letters.  After a sandwich lunch I went to the far end of the field and viewed the flowers that Wilfred and Quantick have bought up from Wicancroft.  They seem to be doing very well.  I gathered some and arranged them in the sitting room.  The Nurse came and we talked for an hour or so.  She had been very depressed but went away rather more cheerfully.  Michael got home and we had tea. He did homework and I read the papers.  Mr. and Mrs. MacIntyre came up about 8.30 and we had a very nice confab.  They stayed till after 10, a most pleasant time.  Heard from May today that Bess was having an operation this morning and got a wire later to say it had been successful and she was going on alright.  I had a fine hot bath from the copper tonight and am now going to bed feeling excessively clean – midnight.

Tuesday, 9th July, 1929

Got up at before 7 and cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast. Spent most of the morning darning socks and packing up parcels of washing for Pop.  Mr. Lyon called.  Wrote letters after lunch, a long one to Pop –   one to May, Lady Cable  and a Nursing Assoc. Receipt. Cooked some peas for Mike’s and my tea.  Marie came in after tea  and also Miss Righton and Freddie.  Poor little Anna seems very poorly today.

Wednesday, 10th July, 1929

Was rather late waking this morning but got Mike’s breakfast ready by 20 to 8.  After doing my morning chores I set some dinner on the go and went down to see Mr. Helps, also went to Wicancroft and collected some sheets etc., and some flowers.  Had some converse with the local bobby on the way home, also met Cockrain who is here on his holiday.  Mike got home by 1 and we had dinner and he went with  Marie to Maidencombe to bathe.  I wrote a long letter to Miss Helps, also to Isobel, Father Crisford and packed and sent flowers to Bessie.  Mike came home about 6 and we had some tea.  Also had a bit of a walk in the Happy Valley.  It has been a fine day but very windy.

Thursday, 11th July, 1929

A most lovely morning.  I woke about 6 and the tide was full out and the sun bright and there was a soft white mist floating around.  I marvelled at the people who often regret that the Teign is a tidal river. The light shades and colours on the bare wet sands made it most beautiful.  Got up before 7, had a cup of tea and took Michael some.  Cooked scrambled eggs.  After he had gone I rapidly washed up and made beds etc, I wrote to May and started a letter to Pop then went to Wican Croft accompanied by Ethel and Wilfred.  He cut the grass while Ethel and I tidied the house in preparation for the Lyons who were coming to take measurements.  They came at 10.30 and Wilfred brought me home and then went down to take Mr. Helps out .  I finished Pop’s letter and cooked lunch for Mike and me – he had a half holiday again but didn’t get home till just after 2 as he was practising swimming for the races.  After dinner he and Marie Hooper chopped down some of Mr. May’s disgraceful thistles.  I boiled some ham and put some blackcurrants on to stew for jelly and then read the Manchester Guardian.  Michael went out to a Guild Service at Ashcombe and didn’t get home till 10.  I read the Countryman all evening except when I was squeezing the blackcurrant juice through its jelly bag.  Had a hot bath and didn’t get to bed until nearly 12.

Friday, 12th July, 1929

Went down to Wican Croft after breakfast and collected some jam jars and got some roses.  Came home and made my blackcurrant jelly – 5 ½ -lbs.  Read the paper thoroughly! Had some lunch of tea and biscuits and butter.  Shelled peas for Michael’s  and my tea.  Sorted old newspapers and my own letters etc.,  After tea Michael went to the Pictures with Marie and I read the Countryman.  Went down with Wilfred  to meet Pop.  Mr. McIntyre came by the same train having been to “Convocations” as a newly elected Proctor.  I am glad to say that Master Barnes of Birmingham has been being straightened out by the Archbishop of Canterbury.  They don’t seem to have done anything really courageous and it is all compromise and it doesn’t seem to me as rather an ignorant person that they’ve even made a good case for what they have decided to do.  Pop and I had a walk when we got in  all around the field and then made tea, talking all the time.  Mike got in about 10.  He had a hot bath and we all got to bed somewhere about 12.  It has been a very hot day but a lovely breeze up here.

Saturday, 13th July, 1929

Pop had his breakfast in bed.  After Michael had gone I did the laundry, read the papers, shelled beans etc., started the dinner.  The Divisional Inspector came up with Mr. Crocker and the report about purchases of poisons etc.  Mike got home soon after 1, he had been pulling in the heats for House Tug-of-wars.  After dinner he and Marie went to bathe at Maidencombe, Pop choppes  thistles and I slept!  Had a cup of tea and went down the Happy Valley  to see the Ways(?), very pleasant but very talkative.  Mike and Marie came home but she wouldn’t stay to supper.  Chris and Brigit turned up about 9, he was very seedy with headache and temperature. Gave them supper and packed them off with eggs, vegetables etc.,  Got to bed soon after 11.

Sunday, 14th July, l929

Michael and I went to church at 8.  Walked down and Pop met us with the car outside Ch(?) on the way home.  After breakfast Pop and Mike drove to Moreton to see how Chris  was.  I tidied up the cottage and did some sewing and shelled peas and got lunch ready.  They got home about 1.15.  Jim came over to tea with us and left about 7.  Another glorious day but the country does want some rain.  After Jim went I did a bit of darning   to Michael’s socks and we all read a lot  and had supper and came to bed soon after.

Monday, 15th July, 1929

Got breakfast ready by 7. Pop left for the  7 .41 train.  Wilfred came back and fetched Michael for the 8.20.  I washed up and made beds etc., and did some sewing and went down to Wican Croft to get a few flowers.  Wilfred drove me to Moreton to see Chris.     He was rather better.  Brigit and I bought fig syrup for him and administered it ! also got him some fruit.  Got home about 1.40 and fed dogs and cats and myself, wrote to Pop.  Bill Fey came to ask price of the ‘Brick Field’  for some lady who he says wants to buy it.  I went down to Teignmouth to meet Michael and buy him some shirts.  Came home and had tea.  Nurse came up with the books and some money and Mr. Bridgeman called with his subscription.  Michael had a hot bath and we both were in bed before 11.  A terrific gale has been blowing up here all day, we can hardly open the windows for the wind.

Tuesday, 16th July, 1929

After breakfast Wilfred went down to the  telephone to enquire for Chris.  He evidently was not quite so well.  I telephoned again on my way to Infant Welfare at 2 o’clock.  Had seven or eight babies, one of only  2 weeks old!  Also Lilian Shambrook came with hers for the first time.  Got home soon after 4 and wrote to  Pop.  Michael was rather late home. We had tea and he went for a long  walk with Marie Hooper and had supper with them.   Wilfred drove me to Moreton –   I found Chris looking very seedy indeed with his temperature still 99.1.  Stayed about an hour and scrambled an egg for his supper.  Poor old Brigit seemed rather worried and I think was very pleased to see me.  I got home at 10 and Michael arrived soon after.  We had some tea and a wash and came to bed about 11.30  Less windy today and very hot.

Wednesday, 17th July, 1929

Michael hadn’t to go to school this morning so I let him sleep on a bit.  Had my breakfast about 7.30  and took him up his at 8. After washing up etc., we went down in the car  at 9 and telephoned to Brigit and then went on to Teignmouth and he went to have his hair cut and I went to see Dr. Goulden to ask him to go over and see Chris.  Did a little shopping and came home.     Had dinner early and cleaned Michael’s blazer.  He left by the 1.32 for Exeter for his school sports .  I had ½ and hour snoozle then a cup of tea. Washed dinner things, wrote to Pop, read the Countryman.   Mike got home soon after 6.  We had tea.  It rained for about 10 minutes this afternoon, it hasn’t been nearly so hot.

Thursday, 18th July, 1929

Got up about 6.30 and had a cold wash in the bath, cup of tea and took Michael one.  After breakfast and my various chores went down in the car to telephone to Brigit.  Chris much better.  Dr. Goulden thought that he had had a rheumatic chill or summer influenza he is to get up today.  I then went on to see Mr. Helps, Gladys had come home on Monday and they were both very cheery,    also saw Aunt Ada who still seemed to be cleaning something!  Got home about 11.30, read papers and started a letter to Isobel.  Picked up washing hamper, fed dogs and cats and had a very minute lunch myself.  Finished Bel’s letter and then spent till tea-time refurbishing the outside meat safe for eatables.  Lined it with white oil cloth and put butter muslin curtains on – lined shelves of larder with oil cloth and arranged all the stores etc., and felt very satisfied.  Michael got in soon after 5 – I scrambled eggs for tea and he went out afterwards with Marie for a walk.  I gathered all the gooseberries, 2 ½ lbs. Read the Countryman.  Michael had some supper and we had a grapefruit between us.  I had a lovely hot bath having spent much time and labour in getting the water hot.

Friday, 19th July, 1929

The white mist at 6 this morning was like snow mountains all shining in the early sun  and the field was golden with long blue shadows of trees.  I got up at 7.  After breakfast etc., went down again to telephone to Brigit – Chris much better – was up yesterday till tea-time and was going to get up today.  Poor little Brigit had rather a cold.   I then went to Wican Croft to collect some face powder and eau de cologne and one or two other things, also got some roses.  Came home and had rather an idle morning, read the papers and sewed a bit, fed dogs and cats.  After lunch of biscuit and cheese and cider I wrote letters – at least one letter to May. Went down to meet Michael and ordered Brigit’s birthday  present – a singer sewing machine. Came home – t ea – cleaned Mike’s shoes for gym display  and washed his running vest – put on currants and gooseberries to stew for jelly. Wrote a long letter to Kay – had one from her this evening and one from Bel yesterday.  Pop arrived about 11.30 bringing a pineapple and pork pie and some of the Aunts’ chocolates.  Mike and I both had  hot baths.  The copper fire was most successful tonight.

Saturday, 20th July, 1929

Got up at 7 and got Michael off.  Took Pop a cup of tea and he came down in his dressing gown for breakfast.  Wilfred went before 8 to his choir outing  and Harvey’s car fetched Mike.  After breakfast I did laundry, made gooseberry and currant jelly, only 3-lbs! and cooked fish and got the dinner ready – shelled many peas and beans.  Pop went to meet Michael at 12 – had a huge dinner.  Michael went out with Marie in the afternoon and Pop and I had a snoozle.  Brigit and Chris came and we had tea about 4.30.   Mike went to the Hoopers and stayed all the evening there.  Stella and a friend came, Chris and Brigit left about 10.  Pop and I had hot baths – rather late coming to bed.

Sunday, 21st July, 1929

Didn’t wake up till after 7.30, that comes from not getting to bed until 1.  Michael spent most of the morning at the  Hoopers.  It was frightfully hot all day, blazing sunshine.  After dinner I wrote some letters and went out to superintend Pop who was building up a wall in Colway.  In the evening Pop and Michael went to church and I stayed at home and read.  Made a very topping fish pie for supper – Stella and Mr. McIntyre came up about 8.30 and stayed till 11.  Very pleasant evening.  It got much cooler in the evening, came to bed about 11.

Monday, 22nd July, 1929

Pop had breakfast at 7 and caught the 9.41 to town and Wilfred came back for Michael.  I made beds etc., darned socks, read papers and made scones for tea.   Mr. and Miss Helps and her Aunt came about 4 and we had tea and walked along  Colway.      Mike got in soon after 5 and had his tea and did all the washing up of tea-things while we were out in the field.  The Helps left about 7  and  Marie came and went for a walk with Michael and came back to supper with us.  Michael then had a bath and we were both in bed by 10.30.  There was quite a nice rain during the night.

Tuesday, 23rd July, 1929

Rain again during the night and early morning.  Mike went by his usual train and came back by the 12.17  having got a merit holiday.  I did some sewing in the morning and I got some dinner ready.  Mike was out with Marie all afternoon and evening.  I was a bit lazy  and spent some time reading on my bed after having tidied myself. Sent a card to Pop and wrote to Bessie and sent down money for the Nursing Association to Mr. Strong.   I started collecting things for packing and sorted the clean linen and put it away and collected more of the dirty.  Chris  and Brigit turned up about 8 or 8.30 and we talked and had some supper and they left about 11.  Mike then washed and came to bed, I had a bath and it is, I fear, just on one o’clock as I am now getting into bed!

Wednesday, 24th July, 1929

Mike went to school for breakfast and got home soon after 12 with a very excellent report. I spent the morning tidying  the cottage, packing our goods and paying bills.  We lunched off cheese and biscuits and caught the 3 p.m. from Newton to Paddington, had tea on the train.  Kate and Bel met us and we came right to the flat.  Everything looked very nice and spotlessly clean.   Had dinner.   Pop got here soon after 9, the House having risen early     and we had a good old jaw.  Bel went over to sleep with Kate and Pop and Mike and I slept here.  Had lovely hot deep baths and felt very clean.  Got to bed about 11.30

Thursday, 25th July, 1929

Had breakfast shortly before 9.  Pop left for his office soon after.  Mike and the girls and I went shopping.  Finchley Road first  where we bought shoes and stockings and gloves for the garden party .  Then went west to get Isobel’s hat and to Wetherall to get Michael’s clothes ordered and lunched at Buzzards.     Kate and Mike went home and Isobel and I went to Clarke to get my glasses adjusted – home to change.  Mike went to the House where Pop had got him a seat in the Diplomat’s Gallery  and where he sat next to the Japanese Ambassador!  We met Pop and went to the Buckingham Palace party and Mike came home.  After the party Pop went to a conference    and the girls and I went to see May and Margaret and her fiancé at May’s palatial club in Dover Street. The fiancé was very nice, rather like brother Duncan Gray.  The Garden Party was to my mind rotten, but it quite amused us – I’ve never seen such a collective crowd of scarlet lipped women  –  a very few that one could call  at all attractive and the men looked either out of place or  else too much in place.  Also I object to being invited to a party  at which my hostess is enclosed in a pen and does nothing to welcome her guests or make them at home.  A violent scramble for a beastly cup of tea and some measly raspberries – one could have had a better and more comfortable tea at any one of Mr. Lyons’s shops.  In the evening Isobel and Kate were both out and Pa took Michael to the pictures.  I spent the evening alone and read the papers and slept till they all came home!

Friday, 26th July, 1929

Got some early tea about 8 and breakfast about 9.30.  Pop went to work and we dawdled about and then went to Oxford Street to do a bit more shopping, Mike and I to B…..for book and the “Swan Shop” for my pen.  Met the girls for lunch at Buzzards, then to the House of Commons.    All the  “fun” over Lord Lloyd was over.   Mike had a seat in the Distinguished Strangers Gallery! and the girls and I in the Speakers’ Gallery.  Heard Snowdon and Wedgwood reparations, very dull.  I went to see Bessie and the family had tea on the Terrace.     Pop had to go to Watford.  After dinner at Addison House Kay went to her Dockyard jaunt, and Bel and Mike and I went to  the Lyric at Hammersmith to see La Vie Parisienne which we all greatly enjoyed. Got home soon after 11 and Pop came about 12 and we had tea and read a little.  Bel slept on the floor on a mattress here and I in her bed.  Kay hadn’t arrived when I got to bed.

Saturday, 27th July, 1929

The postman woke me just before 8 – got a cup of tea for everyone and we all had breakfast in good time and tidied up the flat.  Mr. Unwin came about 10 and we talked house plans for an hour or more.  Isobel went to the London Library   and with Mike to try his clothes on.   Pop and I went to buy some provisions in Finchley Road  and I bought a little wicker doll’s pram for Betty.  All had lunch together at the flat restaurant. Pop and Mike and I got the 3.30 home – very crowded train.  Wilfred met us at 7, the dogs and cats  gave us their usual vociferous welcome  at Colway.   Everything looked awfully nice and the air was delicious after the stuffy train.   Had a stroll through the field and came in and had supper.  Unpacked and put things away also sorted and put away clean linen.  Came to bed in good time feeling very contented to be at home again.

Sunday, 28th July, 1929

Felt rather ill in the night and though I got up and dressed in time to go to church with Mike at 8, I didn’t dare go  He got back about 9 and we had breakfast.  Mike went again at 11 as he was serving.  I felt very rotten all morning but much better after lunchtime –      had a lovely sleep on the sofa.  Mike was out at the Hoopers.  Marie had come in during the morning and brought me some lovely roses.  Chris and Brigit and Nick came to tea and left about 7.30.  Mike got in at 8 and we had some supper and sat and read by the fire.  It has rained practically all day and been quite chilly and the fire was very nice and cheering – but this soft rain will do a world of good and it is really pleasant to see it.

Monday, 29th July, 1929

Pop left by the 9.19.  Had a rather slack morning but got on with a few food preparations for the returning family.  Mike helped me to shell peas and we had dinner soon after one.  Before I had time to get the washing up done, Nurse came up and brought some money and we went over the books.  Just as she was going Mr. and Mrs. Garrett turned up and stayed till nearly 5 though they refused tea.  I boiled ham and made some chicken and ham brawns and seemed to be washing dishes and utensils continuously for hours.  Had a stroll in the field and finished “Joseph and his Brethren”, a most enticing book.  Mike and I had supper about 8.30 and he had a hot bath and we retired to bed about 10.

Tuesday, 30th July, 1929

I woke about 4.30, very wide awake, and then slept solidly till nearly 8.  Dressed and brought Mike’s and my breakfast up to the little room.  Wilfred went down to the town to buy meat etc.,  I did the usual jobs and tidying up, cooked dinner etc.,  Bel arrived just after 1.  She and Mike spent the afternoon carrying her books over to the hut.  I went to Infant Welfare.  Had “high tea” at 6.30.  Stella came and shared it with us, or at least the remains of it. She left about 8 and we read and talked and had some coffee of Isobel’s making.  She had a hot bath and we came to bed about 10.30.  It has threatened rain a bit but has not rained.  Not much sun and it got quite coldish towards evening.

Wednesday, 31st July, 1929

A very disturbed night, dogs most restless and pouring rain and wind.  After being awake off and on I slept till nearly 8. Dressed and brought breakfast upstairs to my lazy family and then had nearly to haul them out of bed.  It poured with rain till after dinner and howled with wind.  I put a new front on my frock.  Isobel did two hours work in her shed.  I wrote to Pop and to Mrs. MacIntyre and Isobel and Michael went for a walk.  Mike got back with a bleeding knee having tripped and fallen in the road.  We bathed and bandaged it and ate scrambled eggs and cold ham, and Isobel went to her shed again to work, and Mike and I read till bedtime.  I had a nice hot bath and Bel had one after me – got into  bed soon after 11.