Isobel Addison’s diary July 1917

Sunday, 1st July, 1917         4 eggs

Spent most of morning stalking white currants.  After lunch CA and the three children drove to Missenden and got home at 7.30.  I made 8 ½-lbs of white currant jelly.  Dr. Hilton came up in the evening.

Monday, 2nd July, 1917             2 eggs

Busy  morning sorting out cherries etc. and did a lot of tidying up.  Walked down to meet Shal by the 11.22.    Had a nice time with her.  She left by the 4.27 and Kate got home at 5.20.  Had a game of tennis with her after the others were in bed and when we had had supper.  CA arrived about 9.15 in the car.

Tuesday, 3rd July, 1917         2 eggs

Spent most of the morning tidying up.  Wrote some letters.  After lunch met Miriam.  Mrs. Coates came up for a few minutes.  Had tea in the garden and walked around. CA got home about 9.15

Wednesday, 4th July, 1917                1 egg

CA left at 8.30 in the Munitions car and took Kate to school.  After feeding the animals and doing various odd jobs we drove Miriam to the station and did some household shopping. After dinner the two little ones and I drove to Harrow, took Shal her umbrella and went to a house agent and then to school.  Saw Miss Huskisson for a few minutes and fetched Kate and 3 of her friends home to tea.  They left by the 7.38 – rather late getting baby and all to bed.  Very tired and spent the evening sleeping by the drawing room fire.  CA got in at 12.30 having waited to vote for Proportional Representation.

Thursday, 5th July, 1917          1 egg

Melrose came for CA and Isobel, Michael and I drove up with him to look at a house  in Hanover Terrace and one in Avenue Road.  He then went to the Ministry and we went to Mrs. Shilbech’s for lunch and stayed there until it was time to catch the 3.44.  Met Kate at Harrow and got home for tea.  Sonnie had had lunch with the Coates and got home from cricket soon after 7.   I got his supper and Katie’s and mine.  CA arrived in the  car about 9.20

Friday, 6th July, 1917          3 eggs

Spent most of the morning tidying my own and the children’s cupboards and drawers.  Miss White came at 11.22.  Mr. Moore came down for music.  Isobel went out to tea with Dorothy Shiell.  After tea we commenced “moving” the rooms, putting Isobel and Chrisopher into the spare room and making Isobel’s room a spare room and Christopher’s a nursery.  After they were in  bed Katie worked at her room turning out rubbish until nearly 11.30.  Daddy and I tidied too, our brick boxes and shelves  and cleared out no end of rubbish.

Saturday, 7th July, 1917            2 eggs

An exceedingly busy day continuing our rearrangement of rooms.  After dinner Daddy, Katie, Christopher and Michael motored to Harrow to look at houses and Isobel and I continued our work. Got my new nursery beautifully straight and nice and my pictures and photos in the children’s rooms, nursery and spare room and made all look very nice.

Sunday, 8th July, 1917   3 eggs

Put the finishing touches to all the rooms, flowers etc., all very satisfactory.

Monday, 9th July, 1917            5 eggs

Busy morning with washing.  Made all the beds clean and got everything into apple pie order.   Michael and Mrs. Cross met the new house parlour maid after tea. CA came home about 9 o’clock. Christopher at home with a cold.

Tuesday, 10th July, 1917          4 eggs

Gathered currants for jelly    most of the day.

Wednesday, 11th July, 1917               6 eggs

Gathered and topped and tailed gooseberries for jam and bottling.  Christopher at home still and he helped a lot.

Thursday, 12th July, 1917            7 eggs

Fruit again nearly all day.

Friday, 13th July, 1917                   8 eggs

This morning I washed three of my own silk blouses and muslin collars and some of Michael’s things and ironed them all.  Miss White came at 11.20.

Saturday, 14th July, 1917                7 eggs

Children went to Watford with the washing and that is all I remember of this day.  I left my poor old diary unfilled in  all this week and my sole memory is of currants and gooseberries, gooseberries and currants – we were at it off and on all week.  Sonnie was at home all week and threatening asthma but never got bad with it.

Sunday, 15th July, 1917                 10 eggs

Miss Walker came down about 1 o’clock to stay the night.  Shal and Leila  came in the afternoon and we sat and sewed in the garden.

Monday, 16th July, 1917          8 eggs

Dr. Macphail and Katie went off to Harrow accompanied by Michael and Isobel.  Fed the animals and when Daddy had gone off for the 9.56 we spent the rest of the morning gathering raspberries – got a huge bowl full.  After dinner did more mending and drove down with Miss Walker  for the 3.42 train.  Saw her off, did a little shopping and waited for Katie  who arrived at 4.16.  We had a lovely feast of raspberries and cream for tea!  Chrisopher began his exams at school today and seemed quite to enjoy them.  CA arrived about 9 or 9.30.

Tuesday, 17th July, 1917        9 eggs

A very muggy close morning.  CA didn’t go until the 10.36 so we got a little time in the garden.  Isobel was exceedingly good and helpful all day, playing with Michael etc.,  I gathered gooseberries for a pudding and in the afternoon she and I gathered a lot more for bottling. Had tea in the garden and after tea Isobel and I topped and tailed the gooseberries and put them in the bottles.  She and Christopher both went to bed about the same time as Michael as they both felt seedy.  Her temperature was just over 99.  After Katie and I had had supper I washed her hair.   CA was speaking at a V.A.D. meeting at Northwood and got home about 10.15.  He brought news of sudden ministerial changes . He is, sad to say, to leave Munitions but is going on to Reconstruction which of course will be intensely interesting and give him great opportunities.  Winston is to succeed him which is rather wild and Montague at last gets in again with India.

Wednesday, 18th July, 1917      10 eggs

A very wet morning.  Katie and Christopher went off to school though he was not up to the mark.  I wrote letters to Miss Booth, Mr. Inman and Dr. Macphail.  Went down to the station to meet May Govan who came to lunch.  Katie came home to dinner as there was to be no school during the afternoon,  It poured all afternoon.  I sponged and ironed her school frock and she left for school and May Govan  for London by the 5.37.

Thursday, 19th July, 1917            9 eggs

Katie went to school but Christopher stayed  in bed   with asthma.  Mrs Meiklejohn came at 11.20 and Michael, Isobel and I went down to meet her.  Looked in at the Hiltons on our way home.  Came home and sat in the garden talking and sewing.  Katie home to lunch and went off to her second display.  Damaris spent the afternoon with her and returned to school with her.   Katie got home about  7.30.  After supper the Hiltons and Coates came up.  CA got in about 10.15

Friday, 20th July, 1917               9 eggs

CA went up by the 9.40.  Mrs. Mick  left at 11 and Miss White came at 11.20.  Isobel rather seedy – put her to bed after lunch.  Sonnie still rather wheezy, but better and quite well towards evening.  No temperature.  Dr. Hilton came up about 8 and saw Isobel. CA  got in about 8.30 and Dr. Hilton came back for a talk after visiting another patient.  Isobel is to stay in bed on low diet.  Her recent slight sore throats have caused  a little inflammation in one of the glands of her neck.  I did a lot of washing in the afternoon and turned Michael’s blue woollen coat inside out and washed and ironed two of my blouses and one of his suits.  Michael fetched the washing home with Gurney from Mrs. Swan in the afternoon.

Saturday, 21st July, 1917                 11 eggs

Spent most of the morning sewing in Isobel’s room

Sunday, 22nd July, 1917                  8 eggs

Spent all morning gathering raspberries and after dinner made 11-lbs of jam.  Miss White came down at 3 and left about  6.

Monday, 23rd July, 1917         A           11 eggs

Sonnie returned to school this morning in good spirits.  CA went by the 9.40.  After feeding the animals I bathed Isobel and tidied her up.  Did a good deal of sewing, mostly in Isobel’s room, mending my own clothes for once!  Read to Isobel.  Mrs. Cross very kindly took Michael out during the afternoon.  They bought some  mackerel for breakfast and when I asked Michael what fish they had got he said  “they were long fishes, salmony fishes with eyes”. We had tea in the garden and Isobel had a special tray with her dolls’ teaset.  CA got home between 9 and 10.

Tuesday, 24th July, 1917         10 eggs

Michael rather fretful all day with a threatening cold.  I read to Isobel a good part of the morning with him lying in my arms.  Did the washing.  Dr. Hilton came up – she is decidedly on the mend now.  After dinner I read again to Isobel with Michael partly playing around and partly resting on my knee.  CA didn’t get home until  about 10.

Wednesday, 25th July, 1917      K.A.        8 eggs

CA went by the 8.56.  Michael was out in the pony trap for a good while with Gurney meeting Katie etc., and I sat in Isobel’s room and darned 4 pairs of my own stockings and shortened the sleeve of his coat.  Isobel’s temperature normal all day.  Dr. Hilton came in and gave permission for her to sit up for tea.  In the afternoon Christopher went to cricket  to play in the team against the soldiers.    Katie, Mrs. Cross and Michael took Charlie the cat to the vet at Watford.  I sat with Isobel for a bit and then tidied myself and then spent the rest of the afternoon picking raspberries for tea and feeding the hens.  Had tea. CA got home about six. A lady called Mrs. Hill called about buying our goats.  I got Michael and Isobel to bed and Christopher got home at 8 and we had supper,  Fed the rabbits and went to bed early.

Thursday,  26th July, 1917          8 eggs

Sonnie went to school.  CA at home all day.  Kate stayed in bed for breakfast.  Isobel got up about 11.  Mrs. Hill came again about the goats and we took her to the field to see them.  I spent nearly all day mending cotton frocks to send to the wash and finished two of Katie’s and began Isobel’s.  Isobel went to bed when Michael went. Her temp was normal.  Sonnie played cricket in the afternoon.  Daddy and I played Bezique on the verandah after supper.   Went to bed soon after 10!!!   Carrie came to tea this afternoon and CA took her down in the car for the 6.10 train.

Friday, 27th July, 1917            7 eggs

Sonnie at school in the morning.  Miss White came down at 11.20.  Katie and Isobel went down in the trap  to meet Christopher and to bring his books home.  After lunch Michael and I had a rest in the hammock and I then continued my sewing.  Tea in the garden and Miss White left about 5.30.  I put Isobel and Michael to bed her temp unfortunately was 99 again. CA read in bed and I mended some of my own underclothing – and was violently sick for no reason that I know of!  Felt quite well all the same!

Saturday, 28th July, 1917           8 eggs

Isobel stayed in bed until 12. The other three went to Watford with the washing.  I sat by Isobel threading ribbon on my own things and then got her up and wrote some letters – Nurse Bella and Miss Walker.  After lunch Mrs. Cross kindly took Michael out and I spent the whole afternoon sewing aeroplane wings for Sonnie and finished them after tea.  Isobel and Michael went to bed at 6.30.  Isobel’s temp again up a little, 99.2. CA and I played bezique again after supper.  Went to bed about 10.30. Set one of the little black bantams on 6 eggs today.

Sunday, 29th  July, 1917           8 eggs

Isobel’s temp normal and she got up after breakfast.  Mrs. Sanford and her son (Schultz that was) came in during the morning.  I put Isobel to bed at 3 as her temp was  then 99 but it was normal  last thing.  Spent a rather dull evening and went to bed fairly early.

Monday, 30tht July, 1917               9 eggs

Rather a dull day and very wet in the afternoon and evening.  CA left by the 9.56.  Isobel’s temp normal.  She got up after breakfast and all four children and I motored to Harrow.  Went to se Shal first then did a lot of holiday shopping, got home about 1.20. After dinner Isobel rested, Kate went for a ride and I put away my purchases, built a “zoo” for Michael and sewed while he played with it on the nursery floor. Christopher  rode round the garden on the tricycle most of the afternoon.  After tea it was very wet and all four kiddies played amicably and very noisily in the boxroom while I sewed.  CA got home about 8.15. After supper I read and talked to Sonnie and Isobel and played bezique with CA

Tuesday, 31st July, 1917           8 eggs

Another very wet day.  Did a lot more sewing in the morning and Nurse Bella came in the afternoon, Katie, Michael and I met her.  CA got home soon after 9.  We played bezique after supper.