Isobel Addison’s diary January – March 1931

Saturday, 10th January, 1931

CA left by the 9 train and had to go on to Canterbury for a meeting.  Chris, Michael and I drove to Wycombe,  explored and found St. Anne’s church. Did some shopping and I had a haircut. Got home 1.30.  Kate and Isobel had missed two trains and got home just after tea.  Isobel had a  bad headache and Kate a bad cold and sore throat.  CA got home soon after 10.p.m.

Sunday, 11th January, 1931

Michael and I went to St. Anne’s, Wycombe at 8.  Pa and Colin Clarke came down.Some of them went a walk and all came back to tea.  Kate had a nasty sore throat still.

Monday, 12th January, 1931

Kate left by the 8.20.

Tuesday, 13th January, 1931

Chris and Brigit with Michael left about 10.  CA caught the 10.14

Friday, 27th February, 1931

Dr. Macphail arrived at 4.  C.A. came at 5.12.

Saturday, 28th February, 1931

Started for Oxford in the car about 11.  Heavy snow so turned back and came home – lit a big fire. C.A. and Dr. Macphail played chess till lunch and played again till tea.  Dr. M left about 10 with Stella who had come just after tea in her car.

Wednesday, 4th March, 1931

C.A.  left by the 9 train.  I went up at 10.14 and caught the 12 train from Paddington to Exeter. Dear old Michael met me.  Chris and Isobel came to Mrs. Griffs about 6.30 and we all went to the Barnfield Hall to see the school play.  It was awfully well done.  Bernard Shaw’s “Arms and the Man”.  Michael was Major Petchhoff and acted very well.  I went into see Mr. Nicholls about Michael’s work and got permission for him to come back with me tomorrow to go and see the Provost of Oriel with us on Friday.

Thursday, 5th March, 1931

Michael and I bought cake etc., at the Church Tower Cafe.  Chris, Brigit and Isobel arrived for us about 10.  Got to Shaftesbury about 1 and stopped for lunch there as we were very cold. Got home soon after 5.

Friday, 6th March, 1931

Kept Brigit in bed today as she had a very bad cold and temperature.  Lit a fire in her room – she was much better by evening.  Chris drove C.A., Michael and me to Oxford and we interviewed Dr. Ross the Provost of Oriol. Got home about 6.30.  Kate came home this evening.

Saturday, 7th March, 1931

I spent the day in bed feeling very rotten. C.A. had to go to Frome.  Wilfred drove him to Reading about 12 and he will return and sleep there tonight.

Sunday, 8th March, 1931

Michael and Isobel went to St. Anne’s.  I got up and got breakfast.  Kate and Isobel drove to Reading for Daddy.  In the afternoon Chris took Michael to Reading for his train to Exeter.

Monday, 9th March, 1931

Kate went by the 8.20.  C.A. went at 9.55.  Trouble with frozen gas.  Brigit went down and bought me aluminium hot water bottles to hang round the gas cylinder.  She also went and enquired for the Aunts.

Wednesday, 11th March, 1931

C.A. left by the 9 train.  Chris and Brigit started away just before 10 with hot water bottles and well tucked up – a very cold day, but dry and no snow.  Had a wire from them about 7 saying they had arrived at 5.30 and had had an excellent journey.

Thursday, 12th March, 1931

Dr. and Mrs. Hilton to tea. Not nearly so cold –  one can now open doors and windows and still live!

Saturday, 14th March, 1931

C.A. had to go to Kings Lynn.  He and Isobel drove there leaving about 10.30  and got home at 2 a .m. Kate came about 2.15 and we fed enormously  on fish pie and tea!  Had a very pleasant afternoon and evening and played cooncan.  Kate and I nursed a sick hen back to life this afternoon.

Sunday, 15th March, 1931

Liz and Nelly walked over to see us this morning and doctored my hen – a most lovely day.

Saturday, 21st March, 1931

Mr. Whitlow’s son and his fiancé called to fetch their ice cream machine – C.A. went up in the evening to the Charing Cross Hospital dinner – returned by the 10.20.

Sunday, 22nd March, 1931

Went to St. Anne’s at 8.  Kate arrived at 11. Three aunts to supper.  Isobel started painting the hen houses today.

Monday, 23rd March, 1931

Up before 7. Kay went by the 8.20 and C.A. by the 9 train.  Isobel continued painting her house this morning.  She and I went to tea with Miss Baker and Mary Wilmot.  I met the new parson of Prestwood and his wife and daughter – parson seems rather a stick – wife and daughter rather nice.

Tuesday, 24th March, 1931

Isobel went to town by the 9 train to interview Sir Andrew Duncan on the subject of a job on the electricity commission. I wrote several letters including a long one to Jenny.  C.A. came home by the 7.30 had supper and played cards till nearly one – bath and bed.

Wednesday, 25th March, 1931

C.A. left by the 9 a.m. train.  He was coughing a lot during the night and looked very seedy.  This has been a lovely day as regards sun.  I gathered primroses etc., put flowers in Isobel’s room and my own.  Wrote several letters and paid several bills.  C.A. and Isobel rang up about 4 saying she had got her job fixed.  C.A. very pleased with his cigars.  Isobel came home by the 6.27.  I made fish cakes for supper – she bought me home a pretty marmalade pot and a jug from C.A.   A terrible outbreak tonight.  She went to bed about 8.30.  I read the Countryman and fell asleep till 2 a.m. – made tea and bread and butter, re-lit fire and played patience till 4.15!

Sunday, 29th March, 1931

Went to St. Anne’s at 8

Monday, 30th March, 1931

Isobel went to Northwood for ultra-violet treatment for her hair.  Chris rang up at night saying Brigit was in bed with influenza, rather seedy.

Tuesday, 31st March, 1931

Isobel went to town to meet Rachel Fletcher and went on to Moreton to help Brigit for a day or two.  Wilfred went to Reading to meet Michael at 8.30.