Isobel Addison’s diary January 1934

Sunday, 24th December, 1933

Midnight mass at St. Anne’s, Kate, Chris, Brigit, Michael and I

Monday, 25th December, 1933

Michael and Pa went to 8 o’clock mass

Thursday, 28th December, 1933

Kate, Isobel and Nick went to Thetford

Friday, 29th December, 1933

Mrs. Wise and Iain Black called.   Masons from Wycombe to tea.  Michael had a party at Amersham.

Saturday, 30th December, 1933

Michael’s party at Wendover.  Great decision re.  field reached today by Isobel and Nick.

Sunday, 31st December, 1933

Michael and I went to church at 8. Afternoon hockey party, Blacks, Wises, Spinney, Barlow, Ewer etc., 19 of us in all – very pleasant.

Monday, 1st January, 1934

Kate didn’t go to town till the 3.57.  Isobel in bed all day with a bad cold.  Brigit came for a bit in the afternoon.  Foggy and frosty but lovely sunshine most of day.

Tuesday, 2nd January, 1934

Pa went to  town today.  Isobel rather seedy, still in bed.  Nick worked with Chris at the cottage.  Wet and foggy.  Mike walked to Wendover in the afternoon.  Pa got home about 7, Mike at 8.  Played bridge after supper.,  Attended to Susan who has been an angel all day.  Rather late to bed as usual.

Wednesday, 3rd January, 1934

Isobel better but stayed in bed till after lunch.  Susan again very angelic.  Brigit came along after breakfast with Chris and helped me and we did a great removal, clearing place to give Isobel more room.  Pa went to town at 10.14 and returned at 7.12.  Mike went to tea with the Wises and Chris and Brigit stayed for supper.

Thursday, 4th January, 1934

Wilfred drove Brigit and me to Wycombe to shop in the afternoon.  Had tea at Lyons.

Friday, 5th January, 1934

Pa, Michael and I went to tea with the Masons at Wycombe.  Chris and Brigit went to the hospital dance there with the Hiltons.  Kate got home at 10, Mike met her.

Saturday, 6th January, 1934

The family, all but Isobel, went to play hockey with the Barlows etc., at Wendover.  Nick came home with a sprained ankle and Kate and Brigit with cramp.  Pa and I went to tea at Prestwood.

Sunday, 7th January, 1934

No church, got up about 20 to 8 – opened hen houses – breakfast.  Cooked dinner.   Dr. Thompson came to see Nick. Usual jobs with hens etc., in afternoon.  Wrote to Willie B.  Chris and Brigit to supper.  Bessie phoned from Knebworth.

Monday, 8th January, 1934

Got up about 7.30.  K ate went by the 9 train.  Pa and Nick went to Wycombe to have his leg X-rayed, returned at 1.15 with leg in plaster of paris – it  is broken.     Jim to lunch, he left at 3.    Wrote to May and Jenny and looked after Susan who was restless.  Isobel had a rest.  Mike left at 3 to pick up Jill and Biddy to go to circus with  K C and B.  They returned at 2.45 a.m.

Tuesday, 9th January, 1934

Pa went to  town by the 9.56.  Misty morning then lovely until  about 3.30 when a thick fog descended.  Egg man came about 4.  Cooked dinner at night, also boiled ham and annoyed my family by going to sleep in my chair after dinner.  Also annoyed myself by their annoyance!!!

Wednesday, 10th January, 1934

Mike went to church and breakfast with the Masons.  Pa left by the 10.14.  Brigit came over.  Mike and I went to Wycombe to get him some clothes.  Got home for lunch.  Dr. Alton came to see Nick and to discuss Susan’s food.  Pa got home by the 6.27.

Thursday, 11th  January, 1934

Very wet day, Pa left for Reading at 10.30 to go and visit egg packing stations at Hungerford etc.,  Chris met him at 4.30.  Busy day. After lunch packed etc., for Mike and drove with him to Oxford. Got home about 8.15.  Chris and Brigit for supper.  Played bridge, very wet and stormy night.  Wrote to Kate and Mrs. MacIntyre.

Friday, 12th January, 1934

Chris looked in on his way to town.    Usual morning, hens, cooking etc.,  The Aunts all came to tea, also Brigit. Chris called for her – he had a slight temperature and Pa drove them home. George Spinney came in to see Nick.  Rather late with supper and late to bed as usual.  Wrote to Mike and sent his clock to him.

Saturday, 13th January, 1934

Usual morning  henning  and cooking.  Chris came along feeling alright and he and Pa went to work at the cottage. After lunch Pa went to Ruislip and fetched Mr. Gunn.  We all discussed sites and plans for Isobel and Nick’s cottage. Pa took Gunn back and returned about 7.  I put Susan to bed, had supper, played patience and had a nap without unduly annoying anyone!

Sunday, 14th January, 1934

Gales and rain all night.  Wilfred drove me to church at 8.  Pa helped Chris at the cottage before and after lunch.  I entertained Susan a teatime and put her to bed.  Isobel got the tea.   Chris and Brigit returned with Pa and stayed to supper.  Played bridge.  Nick’s leg is still in plaster, he is most patient, never complains but I am sure it is terribly wearing for him.  Late to bed.

Monday, 15th January, 1934

Up at 7 – very virtuous!    Pa left by the 10.14.  Brigit and I shopped at Wycombe.  Home for lunch at 1.  Distinguished myself by skidding in the barn with a basket of eggs, and managed to bruise my seat and break 10 eggs.  After early tea Isobel and Brigit took Susan to be weighed.  Chris came about 7 and we had supper and played bridge.  Pa arrived from Reading at 10.30, he had gone to Swindon from town.

Tuesday, 16th January,1934

Up in good time again.  Pa left by the 9 a.m.  Chris came round about 10 on his way to London.  Hens, dinner etc., as usual! and afternoon much the same.  Pa got home about 7 and Chris came about 8.15 and left his car here and Pa took him home.  There has been a lot of rain and his drive is almost impassable for the car!

Wednesday, 17th January, 1934

Pa went by the 9 train again and Chris called in for his car just before 9.  Brigit came about 11.30 to spend the day.  Wrote to Kate and to Mike and sent some books off to Mike.  Chris got here about 6.30 and Pa at 7.30.  Kippers for supper. Sat too long over supper.  Cleaned eggs, rather unsatisfactory evening.  Some of them played bridge.  Susan woke crying about 9   – teeth I should think.  Chris and Brigit left about 11.30. I read too long in my bath and got very late to bed!

Thursday, 18th January, 1934

Chris came about 9 for his car.  Pa left at 9.56.  George Spinney came in for half an hour about 10.  Hens  took a long time.  Began to get lunch at 12.20, ready by 1.10 including a milk pudding!  Had some tea early and Isobel and Brigit went to Wycombe, I looked after Susan and put her to bed.  Pa got home about 7.  After supper I wrote to Duncan, Betty, May, Annie and paid Heal’s little bill.

Friday, 19th January, 1934

Isobel brought tea upstairs at 7. Pa didn’t go to town today.  Chris stayed late to a dinner and got here about 11.30.  Brigit came and spent the day.  Dr. Alston called and took off Nick’s plaster.

Saturday, 20th January, 1934

Up at 7, a lovely  morning, clear and frosty.  Pa went shopping to Missenden.  Kate arrived about 1 o’clock.  Nick felt very seedy and went to bed early.  Pa was busy signing letters re his book.  Kate and Bel and I had a pleasant leisurely talk over the remains of supper!  May rang up this morning and we had a nice chat.

Sunday, 21st January, 1934

Got up at 7, opened hen houses.  Wilfred drove me to church. Cold, bright morning.  Nick in bed  all day, rather seedy.  Kate appeared for breakfast about 12!  Pa went and helped Chris at cottage after lunch.  I had a sleep and Kate fed the birds.  Chris and Brigit to supper.      Played bridge.

Monday, 22nd January, 1934

Kate left by the 8.45 and Pa by the 10.14.   Spent our usual day, hens, baby, food etc!  A lovely day, sunny and frosty.  Nick came down for lunch and then again in the evening.  Pa got home about 7.30.  Spent most of the evening reading and sleeping.   Late to bed as usual.  Mrs. Barlow called after lunch to enquire for Nick.

Tuesday, 23rd January, 1934

Another bright frosty day. Pa didn’t go to town.  I had a hunt in the barn for egg eaters and spotted one and shut her up.  Mrs. Griffiths called about the local Nursing Association and George Spinney came in after supper.  I mended a blouse, also wrote to Kate before tea to thank her for the frock she has chosen for me which fits perfectly.

Wednesday, 24th January, 1934

Very foggy day.  Went at 12 to Wycombe and had my tooth out.  Pa left after lunch and is to be in Lancashire till Saturday.  Susan suddenly very sick after 2 o’clock and seemed very ill.  Telephoned Dr. Alton who sent a prescription for her.

Thursday, 25th January,  1934

Isobel and I were up practically all night with Susan.  She was so sick after 4 a.m.  Dr. Alton came about 11.  Isobel and I both slept after lunch, first I wrote several letters.  Isobel got up about 4 but I slept off and on till about 6.15.  Chris and Brigit looked in about 7.30 on their way home. He has sold the Buick.

Friday, 26th January, 1934

Got up at 6.30.  Made tea and took to bedroom.  Susan had slept from 12 all night.  Very wet morning.  Brigit came to lunch.  Kate arrived about 3.30 and Brigit and I went to Wycombe to shop.  Ordered cot for Susan.  Chris got here about 5.30 in his new (secondhand) car.  He and Brigit went home to supper. I got into  bed at 11 – Record!  Susan much better today but very weakly.

Saturday, 27th January, 1934

Woke up at 5.30 and gave Isobel a hand with Susan who was crying. Got back to bed and slept till 8.30 or so!  Had bad earache  nearly all day. Pa came home at 7.30.  Isobel and Nick had half an hour’s drive this afternoon.  Susan was rather sick again after supper. Kate lit a fire in my bedroom for me to tidy my room but unfortunately didn’t tidy it.  Ready for bed by 10.30 but didn’t get to bed till nearly 1.

Sunday, 28th January, 1934

Dr. Alton came to see Susan again, she seems better this morning.  Pa and I left about 11.30 for Knebworth.  Had lunch and a very pleasant time with May and Willie.  Got home at 5.30.  Kate out walking with Ashcroft. Got here soon after we did.  Edward stayed the night.

Monday, 29th January, 1934

Got up by 7 after Bel had brought me tea.  Edward went to town at 9 with Chris in his car.   Katie decided to stay and help here.   My face has been very bad but seems to be getting better now. Wasted a lot of time today but started clearing my room and did a deal of re-sorting which resulted in outward order anyway!  Pa didn’t get home till 11.30.  Susan better on the whole.  Sent parcel, socks etc., to Michael.

Tuesday, 30th January, 1934

Kate and Pa went by the 9.o’clock train.  Susan seemed very poorly for an hour or two but then picked up again and was much better towards night.  Brigit came over at lunchtime. She and Isobel went to Wycombe to shop in the afternoon.  This was Isobel’s birthday so we celebrated with meringues and special cakes for tea!  Chris and Brigit spent the evening and Pa got home just before 7.  Wrote to Kate, Michael and Jim today.

Wednesday, 31st January, 1934

Pa and Chris went by the 8.48.  We put up Susan’s cot – very satisfactory.  She is decidedly better.  Brigit came over to share our “roast  & veg”!  A nice day. I paid a little attention to the hens – first time for a whole week.  Chris got here in his car about 6 and Pa came by the 6.27.  Had supper and some of them played bridge.  I had a nice nap by the fire.   My face is at last better, very little pain now and I’ve discarded my shawl.   Wrote a note to Kate arranging to meet her in the morning for Betty’s wedding. Kate telephoned in the evening.