Isobel Addison’s diary January 1932

Friday, 1st January, 1932

Chris and Brigit and Mikey went to shop at Wycombe.  I spent the morning with the turkey etc., in the kitchen!  Kate got home at 1.30.  The Aunts came at 2 p.m.  We had dinner and jaws.  (games?).  kate and Isobel went to a party at Watford.  The Aunts left about 10.30.  Kate and Isobel came home at 4.30 a.m.  I had a bath about 5.30 and sat by the study fire for a snoozle – where Mike woke me at 7.20.

Saturday, 2nd January, 1932

Michael and I went to St. Anne’s.  Mikey was serving.  Chris and Brigit went up to town.  Burckhardt came down in the afternoon and stayed to supper.  C and B with Gwynneth (?) returned at 5.  Played bridge after supper.  I was first to bed.  Asleep by about 11.30!

Sunday, 3rd January, 1932

Got up at the abnormal hour of 6.10!  Cooked breakfast for Kate and Isobel.  Wilfred drove them to Northwood for Kate to see Dr. Hilton about her wrist.  We all had our breakfast and the Moreton contingent left just before 10.  K came home having had a huge thorn pulled out of her wrist.  Had a very busy day tidying up.  Wrote some letters.  Played bridge in the evening.  Michael went to a party at the Blacks.

Tuesday, 5th January, 1932

Woke rather late.  Wilfred and Gladys went away today for their holiday. Kate went up to town in the late afternoon.  I wrote several of my letters.  Played bridge after supper. Came to bed soon after 12.30.

Wednesday, 6th January, 1932

Pa went to town by the 12.3 and returned by the 5.46.  Very wet, windy day.  Mike and I were very busy all day.  Played bridge after supper.

Thursday, 7th January, 1932

Got up soon after 7.  Took tea to Pa and Mike. Got breakfast fed hens etc.,  Had breakfast and did drawing room grate and various other chores.  Mike and I went up to town by the 11.30 to see Foster Moore.  Went and ordered Mike’s glasses. Shopped at Barnes had lunch.    I came home by the 3.25.  Mike stayed to go to the circus with Kate and Isobel.  Pa and I had tea and a “rest” by the fire.  Did our evening chores, had supper, read, played patience, bath, bed at 1 a.m.   Mike came home about 11 and Pa went to meet him.

Friday, 8th January, 1932

Pa was at Swindon tonight. Left here about 2.30.  Kate came home this evening.  Pa didn’t get back till about 3, had a very bad journey.

Saturday, 9th January,1932

Isobel came home at lunchtime.  Mike went to tea at the Willmotts.

Sunday, 10th January, 1932

Michael went to church by himself.  Very wet and windy.  Had bad rheumatism in my arm.  Took tea to family and got breakfast.  Pa went up to town this evening to speak at Socialist meeting and stayed in town.

Monday, 12th January,1932

Got up in time for 7.50 but the girls went by 8.20.  Mike took them down. Pa lunched with Soholminkov and went to Swindon with Kate at night.  Bad news from Charlie Addison tonight.

Tuesday, 12th January, 1932

Mike left at 8.40 for Reading to meet Pa.  Got here before 11.  After lunch Pa and I went to Prestwood to discuss Charlie’s affairs.

Wednesday, 13th January, 1932

Pa went to town by the 9.35 for an Agric. Committee.  Michael met him at 5.12 and they called at Prestwood and brought Nellie and Carrie back here.  They stayed to supper and we had a very pleasant evening.  Mike took them home and when he came back we had a short game of dummy bridge.

Thursday, 14th January, 1932

Up early. Very busy morning.  Pa and I lit the Quanticks fire and aired their cottage. He went to Reading to meet them and I collected Mike’s things and packed them. Got lunch.  After lunch Mike and I went to town by the 3.6.  Got his glasses and did a bit of shopping.  I saw him off by the 6.30 after having tea at Paddington.  Came home by the 7.30.  Wilfred met me.

Friday, 15th January, 1932

After breakfast and hen feeding etc., Pa and I farmed(?) around the field  and viewed fences etc.,  Wrote to Mike and sent off his suit to Pullar and his shoes to Manfield. After tea Pa and I went to see the Aunts and had supper with them.

Saturday, 16th January, 1932

Pa went by the 10.56 en route for Norwich to speak in place of Willie Graham.  A windy wet day, I helped Gladys to clean the bedrooms.  Isobel got home at  4.30 and we had tea. Cut out a pair of pants for her and started making the  supper.  K came by 9 train from town.  Pa arrived at 11.30.

Sunday, 17th January,  1932

I went to St. Anne’s at 8.  Home lateish owing to car getting jammed – fed hens – got dinner cooked and spent some time in the garden and finished Isobel’s pants.  Wrote to piano tuner at last!  After tea played bridge till supper and read.  Came to bed in better time.

Monday 18th January, 1932

Up at 6.30 but owing to delays (!) girls missed the 7.50 and went for the 8. 20.  Spent a good part of the morning sorting bills and letters. Wrote to Hedley Morgan and S.P.B.A. paid several bills.  Between tea and supper went over to see Mrs. Willmott   for a couple of hours.

Tuesday, 19th January, 1932

Took breakfast upstairs this morning.  Mr.  Raffety came to inspect the field with a view to selling part for building.  Went to read to Mrs. Willmott from 6 to 8 p.m.

Wednesday, 20th January, 1932

Took breakfast upstairs again.  Pa and I moved carpets and furniture to prepare for piano removal and tuning. Got the rooms very satisfactory after a good deal of trouble!  I went and read to Mrs. Willmott again between 6 and 8.  Sent two parcels to Mike and wrote to him.  Paid Pullar & Manfield.

Thursday, 21st January,1932

Pa went to town by the 10.14. I spent all morning practically over the hens. Found 3 W.W.S. very poorly – doctored them etc., After lunch wrote to Mrs. Dalglish.  Went and read to Mrs. Willmott from 5.30 till 7.15.  Came home    and got supper.  Pa arrived at 7.30. Found advt in Evening Standard and answered it on chance, probably a wash-out!

Friday, 22nd January, 1932

Got up shortly before 8.  Wilfred went to meet Isobel at Reading.  She had been speaking last night to the “Young Socialists”.  Cooked lunch for her and Pa and then went to Cambridge for a meeting – Labour Party – Pa speaking.  Had lunch and a snoozle.  Fed hens .  Got tea.  Kate caught 4.30.  Went and read to Mrs. Willmott from 6 to 7.45.   Home, got supper.  Pa and Isobel arrived at 10 p.m.

Sunday, 24th January, 1932

No church.  Got up at 8.  Took t ea all round.  Usual morning, hens, cooking etc.,  made cakes.  Wises and Porters to tea – very pleasant.  Wises didn’t leave till 8.30.  We had great political discussion as usual!  Supper late, bed earlier than usual.

Monday, 25th January, 1932

Got up at 6.30.  Got girls breakfast and went and gathered Green for them to take to London, twilight, moonlight and rising sun  – lovely!  They got the 7.50.  I had my breakfast and took Pa’s up to him.  We went during the morning to see the Aunts and stayed till nearly lunchtime.  Wrote letters all afternoon – had tea and went and read to Mrs. Willmott.  Have just finished “Joseph and his Brethren” a really delightful book, have enjoyed reading it allowed to her.

Tuesday, 26th January, `1932

Took our breakfast upstairs to Pa’s room.  He went to town by the 12 train and returned by the 6.27. Spent my usual day, letters, sewing, hens. Cooked dinner for Pa’ s return.

Wednesday, 27th January, 1932

Breakfast upstairs again. Mr. Drain came to interview re partitioning rooms. Rang up Kate re Balliol.  Evening Aunts to supper.  Prepared rooms for sweep before going to bed.  R.I.R. cockerel arrived this evening from Hedley Morgan.

Thursday, 28th January, 1932

Sweep at 6.40 a.m.  Mr. Langman, horticultural man, came at 10 and gave us advice re apple trees etc.,  Mr. Stevens came at 12 to pick out my hens for breeding purposes.  Very cold day. After lunch Pa and I drove to Stanmore to call on the Atlee’s. Didn’t get home till nearly 7, absolutely frozen.  Ate “joyful pudding” for supper!

Friday, 29th January, 1932

Breakfast upstairs.  Spent practically all day cleaning and mending Pa’s clothes and re-making a woollen waistcoat. He left at 6.30 en route for Carlisle and Dumfries to speak at meeting. Cooked supper for self and Kate who arrived just after 8.30.  Wrote to Bel for her birthday, sent Baliol paper to Mike .

Saturday, 30th January, 1932

Kate and I had breakfast upstairs, nice mild day but no sun.  Spent a bit of the morning in the garden and with hens.  Cooked dinner. Isobel came at 2.5. Spent a fairly lazy afternoon. Started sewing things for girls.  Went to bed in pretty good time.  Made gingerbread cakes today – the first for ages!  Quite successful.

Sunday, 31st January, 1932

Went to St. Anne’s at 8.  Pa arrived after breakfast.  A glorious day, bright sun, very mild. Took a long time over dinner preparations, beef olives and gooseberry tart.  Pa and Kate and I played bridge after tea.