Isobel Addison’s diary January 1919

Wednesday, 1st January, 1919               3 eggs

CA, Christopher, Isobel and Michael drove to Missenden.  Katie and I went to town by the 11.5 and went to Daniel Neals for shoes and then to Roland Gardens for lunch with Bessie.  Left there at 3 and walked in the rain to Goodies where we bought Michael’s jersey and knickers and so on by way of Park Lane and Baker Street to Marylebone – no bus or taxi available.  We caught the 4.54 and Gurney met us in the car.  Found the others not long arrived home.  Had tea and sat by the drawing room fire talking and telling our doings.

Thursday, 2nd January 1919               1 egg

Michael, Isobel and I went down to Northwood to do the weekly groceries and later  CA went to town and got home by the 8.6 bringing the fireworks with him.  Children all had supper and went to bed early and CA and I had ours when he came.

Friday, 3rd January, 1919        2 eggs

Michael woke very seedy, temperature 101.  Moved his bed into the nursery and lit the fire before the others woke.  After breakfast telephoned and wrote to all the parents to give them the chance of keeping their children at home but they all agreed to risk it.  Miss White came down about 11 and we did all letters and bills and had a busy afternoon getting ready for the party.  Mrs. Hilton came and helped and painted name cards .  Mr. Coates and Daddy and Sonny got the fireworks ready .  Children all came at 4 and we had a jolly teaparty – the fireworks went off finely.  Miss White had tea with Michael and he viewed the show from the nursery window.  They all left by 7.30.  Michael got to sleep about that time .  I slept in the nursery with him. CA went to town by the 9.6 and came home by the 11.10.

Saturday, 4th January, 1919             2 eggs

Miss White left by the 9.56.  Michael much better, temp. almost normal.  Wrote several letters and one re. Christopher boarding in Hampstead.  Dunstan came about 12 to spend the day and stayed till 6.  I dressed Michael and he sat up for tea and went to bed about 4.30.  I slept in the nursery with him again.

Sunday, 5th January, 1919            0 eggs.  A rat caught in the trap

Michael had a very disturbed night.  Temp  99.8 this morning but he seems very well and jolly.  Dull damp raw day.  We let him come downstairs for dinner and tea and I put him to bed soon after tea.  CA and Christopher spent the day chopping wood.  Isobel played with Michael nearly all day.  I had a lazy afternoon by the drawing room fire.  Wrote to Miss Huskisson and Miss Dewar.

Monday, 6th January, 1919        2 eggs

CA went up to town by the 9.56.  Miss Kelly came down by the 11.20 and Katie and Christopher met her in the pony trap.  We had a very nice day – CA got home by about 7.30.

Tuesday, 7th January, 1919          3 eggs

Chown went off early to see her mother.  CA left by the car at 10.30 for Harrow and came home by the 6.59.   Kell left by the 1.30.  The children went to Harrow in the car with the washing etc.  Dorothy Macphail arrived at 3 to spent the night.  Sonnie went out to a party at the Vernides and got home about 10.30.

Wednesday, 8th January, 1919          4 eggs

CA left by the 11.5.  I did some bills etc., and Dorothy, I and the three children went up by the 12.19.  Met Pa and lunched at Scarey’s and went on to the Court theatre and Dorothy left us there.  Saw Twelfth Night and enjoyed it greatly.  Went with Pa to Reconstruction and had tea and caught the 6.30 home.  Michael had had a very happy day with Chown and Jessie and was very bright and jolly.  Had tea and supper in one and I wrote several letters and we all went to bed soon after 10.

Thursday, 9th January, 1919          2 eggs

CA went by the 11.5 again.  Mrs. Andrews and Campbell came down to lunch.  We sat by the fire after lunch and sewed.   Michael played beside, Isobel read and the other three went for a bicycle ride . Tea early and Christopher and I went as far as Willesden Green with the Andrews  and then to Finchley Road where we met Pa and motored to Golders Green to see Miss Sutcliffe  about boarding Christopher.  We were very charmed with her and her two sons and also the house.  Pa motored Christopher and me back to Baker Street where we  caught the 7.14 and walked up home.  Had supper and wrote to Mr. Kendall.  Bath and ready for bed and sat up for Pa who arrived at 12 having dined with Freddie.

Friday 10th January, 1910

Miss White came down and we all went to town by the 1.32 and went to the Queens Hall to see the Naval pictures.  Took Sonnie’s friend Rupert Ayres with us and Daddy met us there.  We caught the 5.30 home from Marylebone and Gurney met us in the pony trap.  CA came home about 7.30 or 8.

Saturday, 11th January, 1919              2 eggs

CA   had to go to town today and Sonnie and I went with him by the 9.56 and did his shopping  in the Finchley Road and got home about 2 o’clock.  Spent most of the afternoon  marking  Sonnie’s  things.

Sunday, 12th January, 1919              1 egg.

Collected and packed Christopher’s clothes and wrote several letters.

Monday, 13th January, 1919           2 eggs

Frightfully foggy, disgusting day.  Got up very early, gave Daddy and Christopher breakfast and they went of by the 7.59.   CA took Sonnie to U.C.S. for his exam and then took his luggage to Golders Green.  I went up by the 12.9, met Sonnie and we had lunch at Stewarts and shopped and went to the Sutcliffe’s about 4.30.  Had tea and unpacked his things and left about 5.30.   Didn’t get home till just after 8 owing to the fog.  CA arrived about 8.20 and we had supper and went early to bed.

Tuesday, 14th January, `1919   2 eggs

Katie and Isobel went off to school in the car.

Wednesday, 15th January, 1919               3 eggs

I had a good day of tidying up, did a lot to Christopher’s room and sorted out old clothes and did some sewing.  Katie and Isobel at school, came home at 4.30 and had a litle tea and dressed and went to the Shiell’s party.  Got home at 8.10.  CA got in just about 8.

Thursday, 16th January, 1919      3 eggs

Chown had a wire to ask her to go to her mother who is worse and left just after 11.  I did some more tidying up and packing a parcel of old clothes to Mrs. Maberley,.  Michael and I had an expedition round the garden, gathering wood and stored it in my cupboard to dry.   The girls came home very cheerful and we had tea and spent our usual evening.  CA got home about 8.30.

Friday, 17th January, 1919          3 eggs

Had a very busy morning.  Miss White came as usual.  Mrs. Hilton came up with the children and while they played in the garden with Michael, she helped me to do the spare room and Christopher’s room.  Michael and I walked down nearly to Carew Road with them.  Miss White left by the 1.32.  Michael and I fed the animals and lit the drawing room fire.  Got wood in, tidied myself and had tea.  Sonnie arrived about 5.45 and we had a tremendous jaw.  He looked so bright and well and happy. Dr. Macphail arrived about 7 and CA soon after 8.  I got Michael and Isobel to bed and we had supper and sat by the fire talking and reading.  The men played chess.  Mrs Coates and her kiddies came up in the afternoon,.

Saturday, 18th January, 1919                  4 eggs

Didn’t have breakfast till after 9.  I made all the beds before that and washed up the breakfast dishes and tidied the bedrooms and cleaned the bathroom and the bath. Mrs. Gurney came up for a little while to help, still looking very seedy.    CA, Dr.Macphail, Katie and Christopher spent a lot of time cutting and sawing wood.  Isobel had a bad cold and was in the house all day.  Christopher went out to play football and got home about 5.30.  I put Michael and Isobel to bed and we played scramble patience after supper.

Sunday, 19th January, 1919           6 eggs

Bitterly cold – frost free.  All very late for breakfast.  CA and Dr. Macphail washed the dishes and then they and Christopher did more wood chopping.  Katie went for a ride.  Isobel’s temp. 99.6 so she stayed in bed.  I played with Michael most of the morning.  Built him a “zoo” on the drawing room floor.  Mr. Gower came to tea and after tea Mr. Hilton and the three boys came in and we had some songs. CA and Dr. Macphail played chess after supper and we were all rather late going to bed.

Monday, 20th January, 1919        3 eggs

I got up about 6.30 and helped Sonnie up.  Gave him breakfast and he went off by the 7.59.  Dr. Macphail left for Harrow with Katie.  Isobel stayed in bed all day.  CA came home by the 8.20

Tuesday, 21st January, 1919        4 eggs

Isobel stayed in bed till about 11 – had a fire in the nursery and had dinner and tea there.  Katie at school.  I went to town by the 3.42, met Christopher at Finchley Road and we went to Selfridges for his uniform. We walked up Baker Street and bought him some  chocolate creams and I put him in the bus for Golders Green and caught the 6.30 home .

Wednesday, 22nd January, 1919   7eggs

Michael’s cold bad so kept him and Isobel in bed for breakfast.  Rather better day, not quite so cold.  Katie went to school and CA left by the 9.56.  After he had gone and I had fed the animals I dressed Isobel and Michael and we spent the day in the nursery. I wrote a few letters.  After dinner I read Rikkitikkietavie to Michael and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  Katie home by 4.30.  Ralph came for the night having just arrived from Cologne .  Gave him a good meal and a hot bath which he greatly appreciated and he went early to bed.  CA got home by 10.15 having been to supper in Shoreditch nd we got to bed about 12.

Thursday, 23rd January, 1919             3 eggs

Katie went off to school and CA and Ralph went by the 9.56. A very cold frosty morning  but sunny and bright.  Isobel and I fed hens and rabbits, Gurney went down to do my shopping and I wrote some letters and mended the nursery sofa cover and did a little other mending and spent rather a lazy afternoon.  Katie had hockey and didn’t get home until 5.30,.  Got Isobel and Michael to bed and sat in the nursery sewing and reading.  CA came home by the 9.30 and we had supper and sat by the nursery fire reading and then had hot baths and went to bed about 11.

Friday, 24th January, 1919             6 eggs

Katie went to school but Isobel still coughing so stayed at home.  I had a busy morning.  Got the spare room ready for Jim.  Miss White came and we did our letters and bills up in the nursery.  Put away groceries etc.,  Miss White left by the 1.32.  Katie had games and didn’t get home until 5, bitterly cold day.  CA with Jim and Christopher arrived about 5.30.  Gave them tea and put Isobel and Michael to bed . CA and Jim played chess all evening .  Sonnie had a horrid cold and went early to bed. Chown arrived back tonight.  Her mother is very bad poor girl and she looked very tired and seedy.

Saturday, 25th January, 1919           2 eggs

Sonnie in bed all day – temp 99.6,  rose to 101.8 at night.  Cold, frosty day.  We all worked at wood getting.  After dinner May and Willie and Archie arrived and we sat and jawed and had tea and they with Jim left about 4.30.  The girls and I walked down to Northwood to buy cigarettes and tuck.  Had a nice quiet evening.  Dr. Hilton came in for a little late in the evening.

Sunday, 26th January, 1919              5 eggs

Very late with breakfast.  Very wet day.  Christopher slightly better.  Daddy and Katie sawed and sorted wood all morning.  I wrote some letters and had a quiet afternoon and evening.  Children all went to bed early and had their supper in bed. CA and I had ours by the drawing room fire and went to bed about 10.

Monday, 27th January, 1919              9 eggs

Christopher’s temp. normal and he got up about 11.  Girls away to school.  Pianola came up from the hospital and Sonnie and I spent a long time trying to mend it but we couldn’t make it play.  Girls home by 4.30 – thick snow.  Had tea, played and read.  CA came by the 8.20 bringing up two large pots of orange marmalade and covered with snow.

Tuesday, 28th January, 1919             2 eggs

Thick snow everywhere and children didn’t go to school.  After breakfast we all dressed in extra stockings and boots and went in the garden.  Fed hens and rabbits.  Michael’s joy in the snow was lovely. CA went down for the 9.56 but missed it and got the 11.5.  The girls and I walked down and shopped and fetched the milk.  After dinner fed hens, and tidied up and wrote and read.  Thaw began before dinner.  Had tea in the drawing room and played nursery rhymes and sang them to Michael. Mr. Coates came up after supper and CA arrived about 9.45. I left them talking after I had given CA supper and came to bed and read in bed a bit.  Mr. Coates left about 10.30. CA came to bed about 11.

Wednesday, 29th January, 1919          6 eggs

Not much thaw yet.  The girls walked down to the station for the 8.50. CA drove down in the car for the 9.50 and Christopher and Michael went with him. I fed the hens and did some other jobs.  Mended Christopher’s grey trousers and collected his things for school.  After dinner we sat in the nursery and then Michael and I went with Sonnie down to the station and saw him  safely off.  Got home a little before the girls and had a comfy tea in the nursery and after tea sang songs again for Michael and the girls’ edification.  CA stayed in town as he had a dinner and we all went to bed early and all slept in my room.

Thursday, 30th January, 1919           3 eggs  (first bantams)

Kate and Isobel went to the station in the car for the 8.50.  Michael and I fed the hens and rabbits and  wrote to Sonnie. Then he and I walked down to Northwood to do shopping, groceries etc., and then walked up again .  He walked splendidly and enjoyed running in the snow.  Home in time for dinner and after dinner collected wood for drying and made a good fire in the nursery.  I then did some mending and got tea ready as Chown was out.  Girls home by 4.30 and we had a regal tea of buns and sponge cake, marmalade and raspberry jam etc. as it was Isobel’s birthday.  We are not giving her her presents until Saturday when Sonnie will be here. CA was speaking at a meeting in Northwood and got home about 10.  He had bread and milk and tea.  I had a hot bath and we went to bed soon after 11.

Friday, 31st January, 1919          6 eggs

The girls went to the station in the car for the 8.50 train and CA left by the 9.56.  I did my usual feeding of the animals and spent a long time getting a good fire in he nursery.  Miss White came about 11 and we did letters and accounts.  A bitterly cold day, hard frost.  I wrote to Mr. Terry and told him all about Christopher.  Miss White and I left by the 1.32 train and she helped me to shop a bit in Harrow for Isobel’s birthday.  We parted at 3 as she had to get to town and I finished my shopping and met the girls at school and came home with them. Gurney met us in the car.  Had tea up in the nursery and Christopher arrived about 5.40.  Gave him tea and had a good old talk with him – Daddy arrived home about 8.40 – he missed the 7.30 train as he had a collision with a taxi on the way to the station.  No damage done to either fortunately.  We had a quiet evening reading by the drawing room fire and went to bed in pretty good time.