Isobel Addison’s diary February – April 1934

Thursday, 1st February, 1934

Pa and I went to town by the 9.55 and he went on to his jobs.  Kate met us and she and I went on to Betty Gray’s wedding.  Met the “family” and had quite a good and amusing entertainment.  Spent the afternoon shopping. Had tea at Marylebone and came home on the 5.24 with Pa. Brigit had been with Isobel all day.  Susan much better. Chris and Brigit stayed to supper and we played bridge.

Friday, 2nd February, 1934

No train to catch!  Got up at 7 and went out to the hens before breakfast.  After breakfast spent a good time amongst the hens. Made a bit of a clearance with Wilfred’s help.  Susan much better came down to her pram in the morning.  Isobel and Brigit went to Wycombe in the afternoon.  I wrote to Jenny and attended to Susan. Did some mending after supper.

Saturday, 3rd February, 1934

Went out early to birds again.  Very frosty and cold but nice. Kate arrived at 11.  Pa worked with Chris at his cottage.  He and I went to tea at the Spinneys.

Sunday, 4th February, 1934

Retired to bed with influenza.  The dear family took it in turns to nurse me through the night.

Monday, 5th February, 1934

Dr. Alton came.

Friday, 9th February, 1934

The Prestwood nurse came to poultice and wash me etc.,

Saturday,10th February, 1934


Sunday, 11th February, 1934


Monday, 12th February, 1934


Tuesday, 13th February, 1934

Nurse Patten came

Thursday, 15th February, 1934

Dr.  Farres Smith

Friday, 16th March, 1934

Mrs. Mason came.  Mass with Brigit and Mike.

Saturday, 17th March, 1934

Miss Piner came to cut my hair

Sunday, 18th March, 1934

Chris and Brigit and Nurse drove me to Knebworth to stay a week with May.

Thursday, 22nd March, 1934

Bess came for weekend.

Sunday, 25th March, 1934

Chris and Michael came for me and we got home by  about 7.  Found my temp 100.4. Went to bed.

Monday, 26th March, 1934

Temp still up.  Dr. Alton.

Sunday, 1st April, 1934

All went to church at 8 at St. Anne’s

Monday, 2nd April, 1934

Isobel insisted on my breakfast in bed this morning.  Brigit came with Chris to stay.

Tuesday, 3rd April, 1934

Isobel and Susan went to stay with Una at Exeter and Michael at Moreton with 2 working pals.

Wednesday, 11th April, 1934

Went to High Wycombe hospital to get chest Xray.

Sunday, 15th April, 1934

Went to St. Anne’s suffering from rottenest of all complaints today, self-pity – must kill it.  Dr. Alton came and arranged for removal of gland on Friday – local anaesthetic – he says I’ll not feel anything – (I don’t think dear Pa thinks so!)

Wednesday, 18th April, 1934

Miss Lewin came to lunch and interview, very pleasing and charming.  We engaged each other, as it were, with no compunction.  Family arrived from Devon very well and happy. Chris had met them in town.

Thursday, 19th April, 1934

Michael returned to Baliol.

Friday, 20th April, 1934

Went to Wycombe hospital and had my gland out.  NO comments to be made or asked for, thanks –

Saturday, 21st April, 1934

Dr. Alton came.

Sunday, 22nd April, 1934

Bel and Brigit went to church.  Dr. Alton came and changed dressing and took out one stitch which was rather pricking.  Seemed rather surprised I wasn’t up!  Kate and Brigit began to move Michael’s things to get room ready for Miss Lewin.

Monday, 23rd April, 1934

Dr. Alton didn’t come today.  I got up middle of  morning.  They had got Peggy’s room lovely.  She came after lunch.  I went back to bed after tea terribly tired.

Saturday, 28th April, 1934

Temp kept up and down all week. Lots of pain.

Sunday, 29th April, 1934

Michael came for afternoon and evening.