Isobel Addison’s diary December 1929

Sunday, 1st December, 1929

A man brought a Morris 6 to show Duncan and we all went for a short little run in it, Very wet day, spent the afternoon reading and sleeping by the drawing room fire.

Monday, 2nd December, 1929

Went out this morning and bought me a hat.  Awfully wet afternoon.  Mrs. Fagan came to tea.  Duncan got in about 6 or 6.30. After dinner we all played patience.

Tuesday, 3rd December, 1929

Duncan left by his usual train.  Jenny wrote and I sewed and read and we then went out and did some of her Christmas shopping.  Had lunch early and both maids went  out.     Jenny and I cleared up and then she continued her letter and I’m afraid I fell asleep over my book by the fire.  Had tea and Duncan got in about 5.15.  I left by the 6.45.  Kate and Irving met me at Euston.  Pop got in about 12.30.

Wednesday, 4th December, 1929

Pop left about 10.30.  The window cleaner came.  Result: we can now see through the windows!  Kate went out about 11 and after the cleaner had gone I went to take Kay’s and my shoes to be mended and did a little of other shopping in Circus Road.  Came home and had lunch in the sitting room.  Kate got in about 2.30.  Irving came to tea with her in her room.  I wrote some letters and had a cup of tea about 5.  Kate came over about 6.30.  Pop got in at 8 and we fetched some dinner up from the restaurant and we had it in our sitting room, after which we moved furniture and rearranged the rooms preparatory to Isobel coming home.

Thursday, 5th December, 1929

Pop left before 10 for a Party Meeting, Margaret Bondfield’s messes to be cleared up.  Kate also went out early.  I did a bit of tidying up and then went out to shop in Finchley Road. Bus part of the way but walked a good deal.  It rained hard as I came home.  Kate got in just as I did and we had lunch in the restaurant and after lunch I tidied cupboards and drawers.  We had some tea and she then went to the studio and I continued my tidying.  Had some supper up in my room of salad and sardines. Kate arrived about 10.30 with Edith Marshall who has enormously improved.  She is no longer the silent girl who used to sit and gaze as though afraid of spoiling her “pose”.  She is now cheery and chatty and quite altogether lovable.  We talked and drank tea by the fire. Pop got in about 12.  Kate and Edith went over to her flat to sleep.

Friday, 6th December, 1929

Kate went to her studio early. Edith very kindly cleaned up the flat for me and she and I went and fetched Pop’s clothes from the cleaners.  Pop came in and we lunched together and then we went to catch a train for Missenden and Edith went on to Euston. We looked in at the bungalow and Liz came with us to see Peterley Farm, a really charming old place, just what we want except of course the price.  We had tea at the bungalow and got home just before 7.  The morning was lovely, sunny and warm but the afternoon most windy, wet and cold.  Chris and Brigit were here when we arrived, also Kate who had been to an audition and only narrowly missed getting a job.  We all dined together and then sat by the fire talking and went to bed in fairly good time.

Saturday, 7th December, 1929

Kate went to her studio at 11.  Chris went to his tailor’s.  Pop, Brigit and I shopped in Finchley Road  for Chris’s birthday etc. Pop went on to Swindon.  Kay, Chris, Brigit and I lunched in the restaurant.  Had rather an uninteresting afternoon in the sitting room.  Nick came to tea and he, Chris and Brigit went out to dinner and theatre.  Kay and I dined and she then went out with Mr. Fleming of America and the” Baltimore Sun” to see the “ Silver Tassie”. I had a quiet and lazy evening reading by the fire.  Pop came in about 10 to 11 and we got to bed before 12.  I “fell from grace” tonight and washed my hands as they had got very dry and sore and seemed at a standstill so I made some “gruel” and washed them in that and they felt much better.

Sunday, 8th December, 1929

Slept till 9 and Pop and I had some breakfast in our bedroom.   Woke Chris and Brigit and took them breakfast at 10.30 and gave Chris his little birthday gifts. He was most charmingly and delightfully pleased with them all.  We went down to dinner at one. Katie didn’t turn up from her flat until 2!     Chris and Brigit left at 2.30.  Richard Nunn came at 3.30 and stayed till 7, talking all the time, but we thought him more balanced.  Isobel arrived with Paton at about 5.30.  Kate left with Richard at 7 to go to supper with Irving and Pop and Bel and I had supper and went to bed about 11.  Rang up Wilmslow tonight for a talk with Jenny to hear how Duncan was.

Monday, 9th December, 1929

Got up just before 8.    Pop and Isobel both came to the sitting room and we all had breakfast.  Kate came about 9.30.  Bel went out and Pop left about 10.   Mrs. Nolan came      today to do the cleaning – a great relief – I went out to do some shopping, awful struggle against wind and gale.  Kate, Bel and I lunched in the restaurant and Bel came and got all the tea ready for me while I still further “fell from grace” and had a bath and felt much better after it.  Bel then went to the House of Commons and Kate came over here and we had Bessie to tea. Thomas looked in for a cup before going to take a dancing lesson.  Bess gave Kate a lift in her taxi to Kensington for her lesson.  Bel got in about 7 and we supped in the kitchen off salad and coffee.  Kate and Matthew came in about 8.  Isobel unpacked.  Kate went over to bed before 10 and Isobel was in bed by 11 and I was there by about 11.30 – very virtuous – rang up Chris tonight for a chat.

Tuesday, 10th December, 1929

Got up at 8.  Kay  came over before 8.30 and we all had breakfast in the sitting room. Isobel left at 9 and Pop just before 10.  I washed dishes and dusted the flat. Kate went to her room to meet the window cleaner.  We lunched in the restaurant and afterwards Kate went to her class and I took a bus to Finchley Road and ordered my blouse.  Took George’s collar to get the name on.  Posted a parcel for Bel and ordered Mrs. Baker’s parcel and also bought two cheap cushions and walked home.  Had some tea.  Bel got in at 5 and Kate just before 6. They dressed for the Garratt’s show and we had some dinner and after they left I sewed a frock for Kate.  They got in at 10 to 12 and Pop at 1 o’clock.