Isobel Addison’s diary December 1917

Saturday, 1st December, 1917             4 eggs

Jenny Wolfsty came and she and Katie and Isobel went for a bike ride. Gurney brought wood etc., in the car and left the car here and after dinner Daddy and I and Christopher, the girls and Leila Andrews drove to Pretty Corner.  Mrs. Davies gave us all tea and we called on the Coates and Hiltons and came home by train here.  Got in about 6.30 and had tea  and eggs and a nice long evening by the fire and went to bed fairly early.  Mrs. Thane  called today.

Sunday, 2nd December, 1917       3 eggs

Willie and Archie left after breakfast.  Mr. and Mrs. Carr and the two boys came for dinner and tea and we had a very jolly time.  CA and I went out to supper with the Youngs – a deadly dull show and bitterly cold.  We got home by 10 to 10! And sat up by the drawing room fire and had tea and got warm!

Monday, 3rd December 1917              4 eggs

Washing morning again which kept me very busy and I wrote several letters.  Miss White came down in the car and did some work here with CA and returned to town with CA.  Miss Westbury came to tea to talk over holiday coaching for Katie. The gas nearly went out when we lit it and I had to get the gas people to send and blow up the pipes.  Miss Laurie went to bed early and Katie and I had tea by ourselves at 9 and went to bed about 10.  CA got in about 12 but I was too sleepy to wake up and talk to him!

Tuesday, 4th December, 1917                5 eggs

CA   left about 10.  He is going to Manchester tonight to speak at the Reform Club there.  Mrs. Meiklejohn came for music and spent the night with us which was very jolly.

Wednesday, 5th December, 1917             4 eggs

Children all off to school.  Mrs. Michie went by 10.  I fed hens and rabbits and then walked out with Michael to do some shopping.  Bought fish and cheese and tinned tomatoes and cigarettes and then went up to Smith’s about the kitchen fire, the bottom having dropped out!  He then went on with Miss Laurie in his pram and I came home, sat by the dining room fire trying to get warm.  Paid my wages and wrote a letter.  Had dinner and sat reading nearly all afternoon.  Michael stayed in as he had rather a cold.  I fed the hens and tidied myself and played games with Michael. Strummed on the piano for them all and then read David Copperfield to them.  CA got home about 10 and we went to bed somewhere about 11.30.  His Manchester speech was quite a success evidently.

Thursday, 6th December, 1917        5 eggs

Waked at 5 a.m. to hear guns – air raid in progress.  Ceased about 6.15.  Made tea at 7.  Miss Laurie went out for the day and after Daddie went I took Michael out in his pram in the sun – very frosty and cold but nice walking.  He has a nasty cold so I kept him at home in the afternoon. CA rang to tell me of the raid. The brutes dropped some incendiary bombs in Hoxton and other places but we got two of their aeroplanes.  Put Michael to bed fairly early.  Miss Laurie got in about 6.30. Read to the children and put Isobel to bed.  CA was late tonight, didn’t get in until 11 or 11.30

Friday, 7th December, 1917           4 eggs

After feeding the animals and seeing Daddy off I went out to buy  new gym shoes and hair ribbons for Katie and Isobel.  Met Miss White and came home and saw to bills etc.,  Mrs. Coates came to lunch and a cup of tea. Mrs. Lyde came in for a little while.  Mrs. Coates then went on to Mrs. Crichton Miller’s and I walked with her.  Called on Mrs. Edwards who was out and met Mrs Lyde who was returning home and so walked back with her.  Then went on to call on Mrs. Thane who was at home and very pleasant. Came in and had tea and read to the kiddies. CA didn’t get in till after 9, despite a bet that he would be home by 8!      Michael stayed in all day owing to his cold.

Saturday, 8th December, 1917           5 eggs

Christopher’s birthday.  Andrews came at 9.15  and Daddy and the three children and I motored up to town to see the Tank. CA put £200 and I put £300 into war bonds. We went to Hamleys to buy a toy for Michael and motored home. After lunch I arranged the tea table with crackers etc.,  Janet and Leila came, also two of Christopher’s friends, Tetley and Rodwell, and soon after Christopher’s bike arrived. We had a jolly tea party with a war-time birthday cake and after tea played Blind Man’s Buff and Mink. Children had all gone by 7 and I tidied up and changed my dress.  Miss Husskisson came to supper, we played cards and had a very jolly evening.

Sunday, 9th December, 1917         4 eggs

A wet dull day.  Spent all morning doing programmes with Katie.  Also did some more after lunch. Daddy and Sonnie had a little walk before tea.  After tea played and sang hymns and read to the children.   Put Michael to bed as Miss Laurie was at church.

Monday, 10th December, 1917               2 eggs

After breakfast I cleared and washed the breakfast things as Elsie was away with her young man who is home on leave.  Fed the hens and rabbits and after  CA left did some more programmes for Katie.  Michael’s cold still rather bad and he stayed at home.  After dinner did some more programmes, fed hens and went out to buy a birthday present for little Lucy Cross.  Read David Copperfield to the children till supper time.  CA got home about 8.20.  Miss McGregor came in after supper. Elsie telephoned to ask if she might stay till tomorrow night and Bessie to ask if she could come to lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday, 11th December, 1917             4 eggs

A bright fine day, nice and sunny.  I made six beds and cleared and washed the breakfast things before 9.30.  Fed the hens and rabbits.  CA left about 10 and I spent practically the whole morning tidying up in the dining room and drawing room.  Michael went out for a walk in the sun for an hour and I went out about 12 and bought some flowers and met Bessie at `12.30.  Janet also came to lunch with Katie.  After lunch made a cup of tea and sat and gossipped with Bessie. Took her to the station about 3, bought cigarettes, came home, fed hens and wrote to Mrs. Hall whose boy Clifford has just been killed.  Mrs. Meiklejohn arrived at teatime for music –  last lesson this term.  Had supper early and a nice hot deep bath and came early to bed.  CA in the House tonight – non ferrous metal bill.

Wednesday, 12th December, 1917             4 eggs

Rather a foggy morning and very cold.  We were all rather late for breakfast.  I went up to town with CA in the car.  He dropped me at Marylebone where I met Lizzie, Carrie and Nellie and sat and talked with them by the waiting room fire.  Then they went on by bus to shop and I walked to Mr. McKechnie’s.  Left there at 11.30 a.m. Walked all the way to Sloane Court where I lunched with Maggie.  After lunch we  went to the post and the grocer’s for her and I took the underground from Sloane Square to Harrow.  Got home about 4.  Had tea and wrote a note to Mrs. Ford and took it round with Katie and Isobel.  Came home and changed my dress, wrote to Miss Booth and read to the children.  Had supper.  CA got in about 9.30.

Thursday, 13th December, 1917         5 eggs

I went out to get the girls new gym shoes and other odds and ends. Did a little Christmas shopping as well.

Friday, 14th December, 1917           2 eggs            A. 7 days

Miss White came down and we did letters and cheques.     After dinner she came with me to school to see the girls’ entertainment.  Dr. Macphail and CA came about 8.30.  Sonnie and I got the supper as Miss Laurie and the girls and the maids were all at the entertainment.

Saturday, 15th December, 1917          4 eggs

Gurney came with the car and wood and we had a good time tidying up the chicken runs and putting down ashes.    Also played football in the garden and took several snapshots.  After dinner Dr. Macphail and CA, Sonnie and I went to school to see the girls’ entertainment and greatly enjoyed it.  Home for tea and had games and music in the drawing room.  Played cards after supper and chess and read.  Went to bed sometime after midnight.

Sunday, 16th December, 1917                 3 eggs

Put a lot of my Christmas postal orders in envelopes.  CA sat most of the day preparing speeches.

Monday, 17th December, 1917             4 eggs

Miss White came down in the car and she and CA did a lot of work.  I did the washing. Andrews went out to buy my postal orders and cigarettes etc.    I put the orders in their envelopes.

Tuesday, 18th December, 1917               4 eggs

I spent the whole morning packing up and sending off my parcels and postal orders.  Campbell and Leila and their cousin came in for a few minutes.  After dinner I tidied myself   and went down to the station to meet Bella.  She had missed her train.  Went back to meet Damaris and Katie joined me but we missed her somehow and she came here and Miss Laurie walked down to fetch me back about 5.20.  Very cold and foggy – we played games after tea and then heard guns – air raid went on until about 9 or 9.30.    CA didn’t get home till after 11.

Wednesday, 19th December, 1917      5 eggs

Damaris went to school with the girls and they all got home for the holidays at 12.  Katie and Damaris went out for a bit before lunch.   I spent most of the morning over letters and parcels and did some shopping in Harrow with Bella and Michael.  Miss Laurie went out to the dentists.  After lunch Katie and Damaris went out together and Christopher and Isobel came to the shops  with me.  After tea we had games and read.  CA got home rather late.  Elsie left today.

Thursday, 20th December, 1917                  4 eggs

A very foggy day.  Miss White came in the car to work here and she and CA then left for town.  The children and I walked to Northwood to get our sugar ration.   Bought Bovril and bread and went to the Hiltons for hot water.   Ate our bread and bovril there.  The children walked up to Pretty Corner and came back with logs in  the car and Gurney drov us home.  Got here about 4.15 and had tea.  CA got home about  9 o’clock.

Friday, 21st December, 1917      3 eggs

Christopher Guttrdge came in early and went to town with CA.  Miss White came about 10.30 and we did cheques etc., She and I  and the children all went up to town at 12, did a little shopping and met Daddy for lunch at Buzzards.  Katie’s birthday treat.   After lunch we finished our business in town and Daddy dropped us in the car at Baker St., and we came home.  Had games and read.  CA dined in town with LL.G and Lord Milne and Waldorf Astor and got home about 11.30.  We had some tea and went to bed,.

Saturday, 22nd December, 1917      4 eggs

Sonnie stayed in bed not feeling very well.  CA took the girls to the zoo and to shop and to the churchyard with flowers for our little Paul’s grave.   I took the Andrews’ Christmas presents round to them, had lunch and went and did a little more shopping. Helped to get tea.  Mr. Lipscomb and Campbell came to tea and CA and the girls got in about 4.30.  Played cards with the children after tea.  Sonnie came down a bit in his dressing gown.  Daddy and I had a game of bezique and went to bed about 12.

Sunday, 23rd December, 1917        2 eggs

Made all the beds before breakfast.  The children went out with Daddy to skate  and Damaris and I read and knitted at home.   Had a busy afternoon.  Cleared and washed most of the dinner things and got tea etc., Sang hymns, games of chess etc., bed about 12.

Monday, 24th December, 1917              5 eggs

Daddy Isobel and Christopher went to see if there was skating, found none. Miss Westbury came for Katie’s first hour of coaching , I fed animals and did washing. Damaris left at 11 and the children and CA and I went and finished off all our shopping. Mr. Evans from Swears and Wells called with his son to thank us for helping us to get the boy out of the army – a very delicate looking lad.  Spent all afternoon doing up parcels .  Sent a pound of butter to Jenny.  Got tea and made toast.   Played games with children.  After supper I beat Daddy at bezique, had my bath just after the children   and then Bella beat me at Bezique.  Went to bed somewhere after midnight.

Tuesday, 25th December, 1917           4 eggs but one was broken

Children had their stockings at 7 when we all woke.  Christopher, Isobel and I went to church at 8.  After breakfast and clearing the table we all had our presents in the dining room and spent the rest of the morning amusing ourselves with them. After dinner Michael and Isobel and I went for a walk.  Fed the hens and got the tea.  Had a very nice evening with games etc.,

Wednesday, 26th December, 1917           4 eggs,  (all poulets)

Miss Westbury came at 9.30 for Kate’s work.  CA then took the children skating all morning.  I made beds and fed the animals did various other household things and wrote letters. Children skated again after dinner and in the evening we played games and read.

Thursday, 27th December, 1917            6 eggs (4 poulets)

CA returned to work today.  I spent the whole morning writing letters of thanks for myself and the children and tidying up and the children went skating.  After dinner I helped them with their letters and in the evening played games with them and read. CA got home about 8.15

Friday, 28th December,   1917           4 eggs (3 poulets)

Miss Westbury at 9.30.  Miss White came down in the car and worked here with CA.  I did letters and cheques etc.,  After dinner moved the beds and tidied up all the children and my own cupboards and drawers, finished after tea and had games in the evening.

Saturday, 29th December, 1917           5 eggs  (3 poulets)

Made beds etc., fed animals.  Gurney came in the car and Christopher went out bicycling with Campbell.  CA, Isobel and I drove back to Northwood and got bacon and sugar and saw the Hiltons and Mr. Terry about Christopher’s schooling.    After lunch Katie and I went to buy cheese and cigarettes and Christopher and Isobel went for bike rides with Campbell and Leila who cam back to tea.  Spent the evening reading.

Sunday, 30th December, 1917                  3 eggs  (2 poulets)

Bella mistook the time and brought us tea at 6.30 instead of 7.30 so I was dressed early.  Made beds and after breakfast fed hens and dusted the drawing room etc. Made the fire and read.  CA and Christopher chopped wood.  A very wet day – cold and misty.  Kate and Christopher went to the Andrews to tea and we had a quiet afternoon.  Shah came in with them just before supper.   A very windy night but not so cold.

Monday, 31st December, 1917

A finer morning but still  cold and windy.  Miss Westbury came for Katie.  CA went up to town about 10.15.  I spent a good part of the morning doing the washing and tidying up as usual!  After dinner got Miss Laurie’s room ready for her and did various other jobs.  Miss Laurie came back about 5.30 or 6I read to Michael and then to the big ones.  CA got in at a quarter to 9.  Wrote letters to Miss Chaparan, Damaris, Miss Kelly and Mr. Terry.  Went to bed soon after 11.