Isobel Addison’s diary August 1929

Thursday, 1st August, 1929

Got up about 6.30 this morning, partly because the dogs were fussing.  Made tea and cut bread and butter and brought it upstairs. Dressed afterwards and started shelling beans etc., Put the damsons on for jam.  Prepared a “dejeuner” which we had about 11.30.   Isobel did two hours work in her shed before that.  Michael’s leg was rather sore and I bathed and dressed it.  He rested it and read most of the morning.  After our lunch I finished the damson jam,  nearly 12-lbs.   I made an awful mess and took ages to clean it all up.  Then wrote to Pop and to Mrs. Northay.  Isobel and  I went for a long walk with the dogs, all the way to Luton and back by Haldon.  We walked from 4.30 to 6.45 and I felt very virtuous.  When we came in we made tea and toast and boiled eggs and Isobel then retired to her shed to work again till after 10.  I bathed and bandaged Michael’s leg again and we all three had hot baths   and got to bed soon after 11.  Isobel started a rather deep theological discussion with Michael and me after we got to bed.!!

Friday, 2nd August, 1929

Isobel got up early this morning and made the tea etc, and brought it upstairs. We then dressed and made beds and she went to work while I washed up.  Put a fomentation on Mike’s  leg.  He and I drove down to Wican Croft about 8.30 and fetched the boracic lint and a few other things and some roses.  Bel worked until after 11 and we then had lunch and she and Mike went to Maidencombe to bathe.  I re-arranged  all the flowers and did a lot of tidying up and wrote one or two letters.  They got back at 3 and Bel worked again and I did Mike’s knee again.  They went to meet Pop and Kate at 5.30  and I got tea ready. They were a bit late and we had tea about 6.30 or so.  Chris and Brigit and Nick came later and we strolled about the “estate” and they left about 10.30.  Kay and Bel had hot baths and we all got to bed surprisingly early!

Saturday, 3rd August, 1929

Bella  and I had tea and toast early – she went to work – took the other three up their breakfast in bed.  Did the laundry etc., Pop went down to Teignmouth to have his ears syringed.  Kate and I swept out the shed and she arranged her goods.  Mr. Crocker called up in the afternoon with a little further news regarding the poisoned trees.  In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Garrett and Major and Mrs. Leigh Ammon came and had coffee.  The Garretts were awfully nice and we rather like Ammon, but Mrs. Ammon is a terror, a tongue as long as today and tomorrow and such a snob!  We didn’t get to bed till the neighbourhood of 1 a.m.

Sunday, 4th August, 1929

I got up before 7 and walked down to church.  Pop came down very kindly and met me in the car coming home.  Mike went down about 11 to serve and Kay and Bel went on the motorbike to Maidencombe.  Pop dug up the front garden and I prepared dinner and made a fish pie for supper. After lunch we were all very lazy and I had a long sleep!  There was some very heavy rain off and on all day.

Monday, 7th August, 1929

Got up about 6.  Pop and I left by the 8.19 for Swindon.  Train very late, didn’t get there till 1.30.  Had some tea at Mrs. Bealis and went to the offices in Milton Road, where they formed a procession.  Pop and I with “Comrade” Hastings and Alderman Hunt walked in front of banners and a band.  We felt awful fools!  Got to the park at last and shook hands with hundreds of people.  They were all most awfully nice and it was a real pleasure to see them again. We had some tea at Mrs. Bealis table  in the Drill Hall and about 6.30 escaped for a wash to Farringdon Road.  Got back to the Drill Hall about 7 .30 where there was some speechifying and I gave away prizes.  It had begun to rain about 7.  We watched the dancing and talked to people till about 9.30 when we got away to a really well-earned rest!  Had supper and went to bed and fell asleep the moment I got into bed!

Tuesday, 6th August, 1929

Had breakfast about 9.  Wrote letters and went out to pay some calls.  Saw the Seymours and the Angers and went in to see the “priests”, found Father Pearce and Father Beaver finishing lunch and had a nice chat.  Went back to Mrs. Bealis for our own.  Pop went out afterwards to do some more calls.  I slept – a lovely sleep!  We went to the Palmers at Rodbourne for tea and he brought us back in his car and Pop called on the Hastings.  After that Pop went to a meeting and I sat and talked to Mrs. Bealis. When Pop and Mr. Beck came home we had some supper and went to bed.

Wednesday, 7th August, 1929

Left by the 9.20 for Cardiff  and got there about 1.30 and went to the Agricultural Show.  Were shown all round the Ministry of Agriculture section. Had tea with the Farmers Union and got the 5 p.m. to Teignmouth.  Kate and Bel met us and we got home about 5.30.

Thursday, 8th August, 1929

Busy discussing and deciding Kate’s trip.  Bel and Michael went to bathe at Maidencombe.  I did some washing for Kate.  She ironed her clothes in the afternoon and got already for going away tomorrow.

Friday, 9th August, 1929

Kate departed by the 7.41 train for London.  Pop and I went to Newton and had our hair cut and did some shopping.  Cooked bacon and mushrooms for lunch.  Isobel and Michael drove into Exeter to meet Mr. Hastings and got here about 6.30 and we had tea and strolled about the fields.  Chris, Nick and Brigit came about 8 for a little visit.

Saturday, 10th August, 1929

Pop drove Mr. Hastings into Exeter for the train. Did a lot of tidying  and got lunch ready. Father Crisford and a friend came to tea and we had a very pleasant time with them.  They le ft about 6.30.  The Unwins arrived at 10 and we all had some tea.  They slept next door.

Sunday, 11th August, 1929

Got up at 7 and Michael went to church.  Got breakfast ready and dusted the rooms  and the Unwins came in and we all had breakfast about 9. Spent the morning viewing sites and gathering  mushrooms and cooking dinner. After dinner Bel and Michael went to Moreton, Mrs. Unwin went for a walk. Pop and Unwin and I examined plans and they went and took levels.  I wrote to Kay and got tea.  Mrs. Unwin came home about 5.30 and the others about 8.30 Una C and Jack Wheaton called about 8 and stayed a bit.  I cooked a lovely stew of mushrooms for supper.

Monday, 12th August, 1929

Got up at 7.  Bel and I had tea and toast etc.,    and then I cooked bacon and eggs for Pop, Michael and the Unwins.  They left in their car about 10.  Bel and Michael met Nick at Newton and they went to bathe at Maidencombe and got home about 6.  Pop and I had a quiet lunch and a lazy afternoon.  Isobel went to Torquay  to dance with the Moreton people, Goodmans.  Wrote to Kay and a long letter to Mrs. Dalglish.  Nurse came up after tea with the books and some money.

Tuesday, 13th August, 1929

Got up before 6 and went out to get mushrooms, but didn’t find as many as I expected.  A most lovely morning – very dewy and warm and a beautiful sky, dappled clouds tinged with mauves and pinks.  Came in before 7 and made myself some tea and got breakfast for the others about 8.15.  Telegram and postcard from Kay.  Went down to Wican Croft and did a bit of  sorting and Pop and Michael and I brought up a miscellaneous load of goods in the car.  Got his bricks and soldiers and books and bookcase.  Made a scrumptious mushroom omelette for lunch.  After lunch had a snoozle.  Pop fetched Bel’s books and bookcase to her hut.  Pop did a lot more weeding in our “nursery garden”.

Wednesday, 14th August, 1929

Got up at  5.30, dressed and made tea and got bread and butter for Daddy and myself.  He left at 6.30 to catch the early train from Exeter to London.  After he had gone I went out for a few more mushrooms.  Got breakfast for Bel and Michael.  Shortened Michael’s breeches.  Bel took him to Newton to get the train for Dartmouth to spend the day and night with Father Crisford.  I spent most of the morning darning a shirt of Michael’s  – a most beautiful darn!  Fried fish for lunch.  Bel went to Moreton after lunch to ride with Brigit and didn’t get home till 8.30.  I read the “Forsythe Saga” most of the afternoon and evening, a truly wonderful book.   Pop came by the last train home.

Thursday, 15th August, 1929

Bel and I went to the dentists  at 9.30.  Michael returned in the afternoon.  Crisford and Father R with him, came in and had tea. They left about 6.  Chris, Brigit and Nick all came for supper.  Had to send the car to Moreton for repairs today.

Friday, 16th August, 1929

Letter and plans from Unwin.  Decided that I should go to town to see him.  Bel and I went by the 4.58 from Newton, stayed night at flat.  Very wet when we arrived in London.

Saturday, 17th August, 1929

Got up about 7.45 and Bel and I had tea and toast.    Mr. Unwin called for us and we drove over to his office and discussed and decided plans.   Bel and I then took a taxi to Regent Street, had her hair cut and bought some sandals for me. Walked to Buzzards, bought provisions and had lunch and went to pick up our bag from the flat  and caught the 1.30 home.  Pop met us, had tea and cleaned.  Pop went to do some more wall building and I helped a bit with a pick!  All in bed by 11.

Sunday, 18th August, 1929

Got up about 7.45.  Got breakfast and brought it upstairs.  Pop and I went to church at 11, also Michael who was serving.  Mr. Helps and his brother called up here  before lunch. After lunch Mike and I helped Pop to build the wall at the top of the Happy Valley.  Bel came later and did a bit.  I got tea and after tea Pop did more wall.  Chris, Brigit and Nick came over and brought the Citroen back.  Pop and I drove down to see the Helps, got back at 10 and had some supper.  The Moreton people left about 11.15 and we all came to bed directly after.

Monday, 19th August, 1929

Got up before 7 – Pop and Bel came down to breakfast with me about 7.45 and we took Michael’s upstairs as we hadn’t waked him up.  Isobel and Michael went out and met Nick and spent the day at S………..or thereabouts.  Pop and I spent the whole day at Wican Croft – lit the kitchen f ire and burned a lot of rubbish and emptied cupboards and collected crockery etc., for packing.  Had lunch there and tea.  Bel came down about 7 and we all had lovely hot baths. Got up to Colway again about 8.30 and had supper.  Bel felt seedy and sick and went to bed and had bread and milk in bed.  A letter from Kate this evening from Oslo, posted on the 16th.

Tuesday, 20th August, 1929

Bel and I went to the dentist this morning. She had gas and a tooth out.  Pop went to Newton and Teignmouth after we got home and did various errands.  Bel felt rather seedy all day and it was a bit chilly  so we had a fire in the sitting room.  I cleaned and mended some of my own clothes and wrote a long letter to the McIntyres.  In the evening Pop met Mr. Ward of Kingsteignton and came to a perfectly amicable arrangement about the electric light poles in the Long  Meadow.  Stella came in about 8 or so and we talked  about plans for our cows and poultry.

Wednesday, 21st August, 1929

Michael went down to the dentists at 9. 30 and then had a bathe off the pier and walked home, or rather to Wican Croft.  Pop and I had gone there to continue our packing.  Mike went up to Colway in the car with Wilfred and had lunch there with Isobel and they both came down to us about 4.30.  We had got a lot of sorting done and I nearly filled one of my big linen boxes.  Bel and I had hot baths.  Came home and made an excellent fish pie for our supper.  After supper we read and came to bed about 11.   Bel did a lot of washing and ironing today.

Thursday, 22nd August, 1929

Had my breakfast about 7.30 and took the others theirs upstairs.    I went down to the dentist at 9  and had ½ an hour’s horrid scraping.  Mike’s bike put in order today and he did some riding.  He also went to the dentists.  After lunch Pop went to Moreton.  In the evening Isobel and Michael went to Dartington to supper with Stella.  Mr. and Miss Helps came up about 8 and stayed until 10.  The other two didn’t get home till just after 10.30 and we had all sorts of visions of an accident – but they had had a puncture by Wear Farm!  They all had some tea and Bella and I had hot baths and came to bed.

Friday, 23rd August, 1929

Isobel and I had our breakfast together early and took Pop and Michael theirs.  After she was dressed she went to her hut to work.  I did some mending and wrote to May, Mag, Mrs. Hooper and Kate. Cooked dinner and spent afternoon collecting things to pack.  Pop went to Wican Croft and Bel and Michael to bathe at Maidencombe.  Got most of our packing done before going to bed.

Saturday, 24th August, 1929

Got up about 6 – all had breakfast at 7.  Prepared the cottage for our absence by putting newspapers in all the drawers  and between the blankets etc.  Did the laundry and packed up lunch and stacked the luggage in the car.  Croy and George were meant to be left behind but they took up their positions in the car with the luggage at 11 o’clock and sat there without moving till we went out to start at 12.15.  We none of us had the heart to move them so of course they had to come.  I’m sure they had planned it between them and knew that they had scored.  We stopped first at Moreton and saw Chris etc.,  left there about 1.30 and stopped at Sandy Park and ate our lunch.  The weather was lovely then but it began to rain at Okehampton and rained pretty steadily. We stopped at Launceston at an inn for tea – a very disagreeable inn – but nice tea – When we got on to Winsey Down in a downpour of real Cornish mist we got a puncture and had to unfasten the trunks before we could get off our spare!  But everyone kept quite amiable!  We got to  Treknow about 7 and had a wash and unpacked while Pop took the car with Mike to Foy’s garage.  When he got back we had a most excellent dinner and a cup of tea and all came to bed soon after 10.  Mrs. Northey  and Violet most welcoming and so awfully nice, and our rooms spotless and fresh.  Poor Mr. Northey has been very ill and has had two strokes quite lately.

Sunday, 25th August, 1929

We were not very early this morning and we made our beds and got down to breakfast about 9.50. After breakfast we walked by the cliff to church for 11 o’clock mass.  Pop and the dogs went on to Tintagel for the car.  After church Mike and Bel went and bathed and then we had dinner and Bel spent most of the afternoon working.  Mike and I walked round by Treknow to Trebarwith  and home by the cliff.  Had tea and went out on the cliff again  and watched the sun sink into the sea.  Chris, Brigit and Nick arrived at 10 to 9 and we all had supper.  We came to bed about 10.30 and Pop and Chris and Brigit sat up and played bridge.

Monday, 26th August, 1929

Bel and Mike went to bathe before breakfast  A lovely day.  After breakfast we all went in the two cars to Tintagel and did a lot of shopping.  The young  ‘uns went to bathe and Pop and I and the dogs came home.  Collected lunch and they  joined us and we went down to the shore at Tintagel and had a very jolly time.  Stayed there till about 5.30 and got some tea from a shop and brought it down to the sands. Got home about 6 and several of us had hot baths.  Chris, Brigit and Mike drove to Camelford to meet Kate at 7.30.

Tuesday, 27th August, 1929

We all drove in the two cars to Bossiney  Cove.  Left one car in Tintagel and Pop and I walked to Bossiney  and the others followed in the overland.  We ate our lunch half way down and as I couldn’t get any further down I came home with George, quite enjoyed the walk.

Wednesday, 28th August, 1929

Chris and Brigit went off about nine to Moreton and took George with them as we think she is not very happy or well  and the dogs in the neighbourhood  are showing undue interest in her!  Wilfred met her at Moreton and took her home.  Chris and Brigit got back about 7.15.  We spent the day at Trebarwith.

Thursday, 29th August, 1929

Took our lunch and walked to Tregardeck, a long walk and very hot. When we got there we couldn’t get down to the beach because the tide wasn’t out so we came home.  The others all went down to Trebarwith and had tea and a bathe.  I came home with Croy  and lay on my bed to cool and rest.

Friday, 30th August, 1929

Had a high tea about 5.30 and went down to the sands till about 9 o’clock. Very jolly.

Saturday, 31st August, 1929

Rather wasted the morning.  Finally Kate and Isobel went off to find horses to ride and the others went to bathe.  In the afternoon Pop and I and Christopher and Brigit went in the overland to Rock and had some tea and got home about 7.