Isobel Addison’s diary April 1917

Sunday, 1st April, 1917             6 eggs

Katie succumbed to the family infection today – very seedy.  Others much better.  Cold, snowy day. CA out in the garden. Fine afternoon. Bella took Baby out in his pram for a bit.

Monday, 2nd April, 1917               5 eggs

Thick snow on the ground this morning again.  Katie a good deal better.  Fed all the hens, rabbits etc., Melrose came for CA  with the car at 10 and Sonnie and I went with him to look at a house in Cornwall Gardens – too small.  CA went on to the ministry and we went to Roland Gardens and presently Bessie came with us to look at one or two other houses and to call at the Agents.   Lunch with Bessie and home by the 3.20. Tea, played with Michael and then in the garden with Christopher and Isobel.   Got the  children early to bed and sat and read to them until 8.    CA came in at 8.15.   Had supper, wrote letters, came to bed about 11.

Tuesday, 3rd April, 1917     6 eggs

Michael was very poorly all night and temperature this morning 103.  Dr. Hilton came up to see him by 9 o’clock, he seems to have got a second attack of influenza. Snow thick on the ground this morning but brilliant sun and quite warm.  Dr. Hilton came in again about 12.  Michael’s temperature went up to 104 at dinner time but was 103 at bedtime.  He was very ill all day and had only snatches of sleep, 10 minutes at a time.

Wednesday, 4th April, 1917           7 eggs

Michael still pretty bad.  Restless till about 2 but after that slept till 6.  Temperature 102 and later 103 but 102.4 at night.  Children all very good and helpful these last two days.

Thursday, 5th April, 1917     4 eggs

Michael’s temperature 101.2 but 103 at dinner time but went down to 100.4 at bedtime.  He really seems to be mending.

Friday, 6th April, 1917           5 eggs

Michael’s temperature normal and he seems much better but very weak yet. We let him be dressed part of the day but kept him in my room   The children and I had a walk after dinner.

Saturday, 7th April, 1917         4 eggs

Katie and I went to town by the 10.36.  Did some shopping in Finchley Road and took flowers for Easter to little Paul’s grave . Got home about 3.30.  CA and Isobel had tried to go to Missenden but the  car wouldn’t work so they came back.  Michael was able to be out a little  today in the sun.  Dr. Hilton came just after we go home and returned in the evening for a game of chess.   Put the clocks on for “summertime”

Sunday, 8th April, 1917   Easter Sunday              3 eggs

The Hilton family came to tea, also Frances Andrews. Spent most of the day in the garden.    CA planted a lot of cauliflowers with great care!!

Monday, 9th April, 1917                5 eggs

CA had to go to town to lunch with LL.G. and afterwards to see Balfour.  I spent most of the afternoon sawing wood and felt very stiff.  Washed Katie’s hair and got her things all ready for her visit to Knebworth.  CA got home about 7.30.

Tuesday, 10th April, 1917    Judy  X             4 eggs

A bitterly cold day so postponed Katie’s going until tomorrow.  Isobel and I went up to town, lunched with Bessie and looked at several houses – the Boltons and elsewhere.  Had tea at Barkers and Bel and I came home by the 5.10.  CA didn’t get home until 9.45

Wednesday, 11th April, 1917                      6 eggs

Packed up for Kate and she and I went to Harrow and on to London.  Lunched in Baker Street.  Looked at houses in Cornwall Terrace and Avenue Road.  Met May and Bessie, Archie J, Joyce, Billie, Kathleen Buchanan  and her sister in Gunters in Bond Street and had tea.  May Billie,Katie and I taxied to Baker St., where I caught the 5.40 and they went on to Kings X for Knebworth.  Sonnie spent the day with Campbell Andrews at Harrow and Leila came here to play with Isobel.  CA got home by the 7.56.

Thursday, 12th April, 1917           9 eggs

Took Christopher and Isobel to town  by the 12.12.  Went into Madame Tussaud’s for half an hour.  Met CA for lunch in Baker Street and then  went to look at the Cornwall Terrace house.  CA went back tot the ministry and I called  at the agents and then we had a little tea and caught the 4.14 home.  CA  dining at the Pilgrims Club – stayed in town all night.

Friday, 13th April, 1917      6 eggs

Frost during night. But a brilliant morning, sunny and lovely but cold.  Fed all the animals and didn’t do much else.  Miss White came at 11.22.  Wrote a few letters and paid a good many bills.  Sonnie seemed a bit asthmatic at teatime so went to bed directly after.  I rang up Knebworth and heard from May that Kate was alright and quite happy.  CA got home by the 8.20.  Sonnie very bad from about 9 p.m. till 12, very sick and breathless but slept well after that.

Saturday, 14th April, 1917    8 eggs

Christopher stayed in bed all day but was much better and quite bright and had no asthma.  CA and I pottered in the garden all morning.  Sifted sand for the parrot. Put the cock in the other run with the pullets for a change, gathered greens etc.  Mr. Piggott came after dinner do do papers and Mr. Andrews with Mr. Reid, a friend came to tea.  They all left by 6.  We had a quiet evening.

Sunday, 15th April, 1917             3 eggs

Bessie telephoned the news that Fraser Buchanan was killed in action  last Monday.  CA motored to Missenden to plant potatoes and got home at 4. A very sunny lovely day though a bit cold.

Monday, 16th April, 1917                 6 eggs

CA went by the 9.40.  A very nice sunny morning but turned to rain after 12.  Sonnie, Isobel and I went to town and shopped and had lunch at Dickens and Jones.  Went into Madame Tussaud’s for a bit   Had a cup of tea at Marylebone and came home by the 3.20.  After tea Isobel and I walked down to see the  Hiltons. Home about 7.20.Telephoned to Bessie.  CA got in at 9 o’clock.  Supper,  read played bezique and went to bed somewhere around 12.

Tuesday, 17th April, 1917               6 eggs

CA went by the 9.40.   I started in the car at 10.30 for Knebworth.  Sunny day but a cold wind.  Spent the whole day with dear old May and Willie and started home at 5.30.  Took exactly 55 minutes to get back   Played with Michael till he went to bed and then went in the garden   with Christopher and Isobel.  Nurse Bella and I had a game of bezique after supper.  CA didn’t get home till 12.30.  We had some tea and talked and got to bed about 1.30.

Wednesday, 18th April, 1917        6  eggs

A drizzly wet day and very dull.  CA left at 9.56.  I wrote several letters and Sonnie and I did some wood chopping and sawing.  It rained practically all the blessed day. CA late in town tonight.  Had to stay for some munitions bill  in the house.  Got home about 12.

Thursday, 19th April, 1917      5 eggs

Christopher, Isobel and I went with CA to town and went and looked at 2 or three houses in Chelsea and also at 22 The Boltons again.  CA went on to the ministry and we went in to see Bessie   and then on to Whiteleys.  Had lunch and then went on to Hamleys where they each spent some of their birthday money.  Caught the 3.20 home and walked up.  I wrote to Kate and one or two letters after tea.  CA got home just after 9.

Friday, 20th April, 1917          9 eggs

CA went down for the 9.16.  I went by the 9.56 and we went to St. Paul’s for the American service, a bit disappointing.  Caught the 1.10  home.  Miss White was here and Campbell and Leila Andrews and their little cousin came over  for tea.  All the children seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly.  They left by the 6.55 train and CA got home about 9.45.

Saturday, 21st April, 1917          7 eggs.

Michael and I went to Knebworth in the car to fetch Katie home.  Saw Jenny who is staying there until Monday.  Left about 5 to 3 for home:  Got home at 4.  Mr. Inman came down for tea and supper, left at 9.  We had a quiet evening by the fire, reading etc.,  The daffodills have at last begun to come out   and there is really a feeling  and a slight look of spring.  We had an invitation today to go and spend the night with George and Mary at Windsor Castl of on Tuesday.  It would be a great lark if one had the courage to go. CA  of course will go but I can find an excuse if I don’t want to!

Sunday, 22nd April, 1917           7 eggs

Spent most of the day sawing wood.  Sir George Newman came over in the evening.     Miss White came after lunch for a bit to do some work.  Dr. Hilton came up for a little while after supper.

Monday, 23rd April, 1917       6 eggs

After much wavering I decided not to go to Windsor  as it is such a fag to bustle off and get clothes and I couldn’t do it under at least £15 and I’ve only £53 in the bank, so we have pleaded my family bereavement.  I am sure our darling old Fraser would be the first to laugh at  his being made my excuse on such an occasion and in fact I almost feel him laughing with me.  I went up to town with CA in order to  meet Jenny who was passng through London and on her way home again. We did some shopping for her with Bess, had lunch and got the 1.10 home.  Children all very peaceful when I arrived.  We went in the woods for a little while, all except Kate.  It has been a lovely day, real spring at last.  I did a lot of weeding on the rockery after tea. CA didn’t get home until 12.  Dr. Hilton brought him up in his car.  We had some tea and talked and got to be about 1.30

Tuesday, 24th April, 1917           7 eggs

Children all off to school this morning.  I cut the girls sandwiches before breakfast and after breakfast brushed and packed CA’s clothes for Windsor then fed all the animals.  Telephoned to Dr. Macphail, Dr. Hilton  and the fan company.  Wrote several letters and spent the rest of the morning sorting CA’s clothes and cupboards. After lunch Bella and I with Michael’s help did some more weeding.  He filled his little barrow with our weeds and trundled it back and forwards to the rubbish heap.  He and I went to fetch the girls from Harrow and bought him a hat. After tea played in the garden and did more weeding.  A quiet evening and went up to bed about 10 – wonderful!  Another beautiful springlike day – most refreshing.

Wednesday, 25th April, 1917           7 eggs

Katie and Christopher went to school.  Isobel’s temperature over 99 and she complained of feeling poorly so she spent the day in bed.  Michael’s temp was 100 and he seemed very seedy – we think he got a touch of sun yesterday. Temp rose to 102 at dinner down to 100.4 at night and he was much better.  CA didn’t get home until 12.30 and he related his Windsor experiences and we went to bed about 1.30.

Thursday,  26th April, 1917                 7 eggs

Michael and Isobel both much better and got up after breakfast.  Christopher had sore throat and slight temperature so stayed home and went back to bed about 8 o’clock.  I spent most of the day weeding.  A lovely  sunny day and very mild.

Friday, 27th April, 1917            6 eggs

Isobel went back to school today. Sonnie in bed all day. Campbell Andrews came and had tea with him.  Miss White came by the 11.22 and left by the 5.59.  Nurse Bella left for Sheffield by the 4.26 from here.  I got all the kiddies to bed and CA got home by  9.45

Saturday, 28th April, 1917              7 eggs

Got the washing done early and animals all fed.  Sonnie and Michael went down to shop for me and we spent the rest of the morning weeding.   Katie went to spend the day with Janet at Pinner.  CA had to go up to town in the afternoon to confer with ? re  Ireland and didn’t get home  till 8.30.  One of our chickens came out this afternoon, rather premature.  Dr. Hilton came up soon after 8 and spent the evening.

Sunday, 29th April, 1917         5 eggs

Spent the morning gardening.  Miss White came down in the afternoon and Mr. Phipps at teatime till 7.  Another chicken began to come out but died in its shell and the hen left all the other eggs.  My chicken died at night.

Monday, 30th April, 1917            5 eggs

Children off to school and CA by the 9.40.  Michael and I walked down to Mrs. Hilton’s to get his little pushchair.  Found Mrs. Coates and Ruth there and spent the morning.  Helped to darn stockings.  Home for dinner and after dinner Michael and I called for Mrs. Coates in the car and went to Harrow to do some shopping.  I saw Miss Husskisson and had a talk about Isobel.  Home for tea.  CA came home by the  8.20.