Governance Suggestions

Proposals suggested by the Officers at their meeting on 4th August as amended by Central Council  on 20th September 2014  These proposals do not need to be incorporated into the Constitution.  They can be agreed by as our policy.

  • Members nominated to Central Council must make a declaration of any financial or personal interests they may have in the provision of health or social care. These declarations will be published on the website.
  • The agenda for meetings of the Central Council is drawn up by the Chair and Secretary. Any Council member (or indeed any member of the Association) may propose items for the agenda, which should be forwarded to the Secretary in good time –  2 weeks before the meeting – for the agenda to be circulated to members a week before the meeting. It is open to the Chair to accept urgent changes to the agenda. The Secretary will ask for suggestions for the agenda from members 3 weeks before the next meeting.
  • A programme of meetings is normally agreed at the AGM.
  • The Secretary will produce draft minutes of Central Council meetings within 7 days of the meeting which will be made available to CC members protected by a password. If no objection is made to their accuracy they will be made public.
  • Comradely conduct is expected at all times. If any member disrupts a meeting of the Central Council they may be asked to leave by the Chair.
  • The Financial Standing Orders should be amended to make it clear that any proposal for unbudgeted expenditure in excess of £1000 must be agreed by the Treasurer.
  • We propose criteria for affiliations by the Association to other organisations. When we are asked to consider affiliating to any organisations we should be clear about:
    – what the organisation is seeking from us an affiliate;
    – is an alternative contribution from the SHA more useful e.g. as a signatory/a one-off donation;
    – how affiliation may benefit them;
    – how affiliation may benefit the SHA and our objectives, primarily in terms of us both supporting and being seen to support the aims/ policy of another organisation. There may be times when we choose to affiliate to an organisation for other reasons advantageous to the SHA in which case we should be clear about what those reasons are;
    – the degree to which affiliation may promote a more specific campaigning issue or policy that the SHA is engaged in at the time;
    – cost – both the individual affiliation fee and the total at the time. We could consider capping total affiliation fees to a certain % of our income (it is currently 7.7%. We could say, maintain at no more than 8% or 10%, both arbitrary figures);
    – we review all our affiliations regularly at the AGM, and where appropriate our representatives are asked to make a report.
  • The Director will produce an explanation of the membership system, which has caused some confusion.
  • The Secretary and Director are to produce a paper analysing the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of incorporation.