Royal Commission on the NHS Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Part I  A Perspective of the Nation’s Health and Health Care

Chapter 2     Objectives of the NHS
Chapter 3     How Good the Service is Now
Chapter 4     What Others Say

Part II   Services to Patients

Chapter 5      Good Health
Chapter 6      Priorities
Chapter 7      Primary Care Services
Chapter 8     Pharmaceutical, Ophthalmic and Chiropody Services
Chapter 9      Dentistry
Chapter 10    Hospital Services
Chapter 11     The NHS and the Public

Part III   The NHS and its Workers

Chapter 12      General Manpower Questions
Chapter 13      Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors
Chapter 14      Doctors
Chapter 15      Ambulance, Ancillary, Professional, Scientific and Technical, Works and Maintenance Staff

Part IV    The NHS and Other Institutions

Chapter 16      The NHS and Local Authorities
Chapter 17      The NHS, the Universities and Research
Chapter 18      The NHS and Private Practice

Part V    Management and Finance

Chapter 19        Parliament, Health Ministers and their Departments
Chapter 20       Health Authorities and their Organisation
Chapter 21        Finance
Chapter 22        Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Appendix A 1 Evidence submitted to the Commission by Organisa­tions and Individuals.
    •  2 Those who assisted the Commission in Other Ways
  • Appendix B  Visits by the Commission
  • Appendix C The Commission and its Staff