Substance Abuse

This page is about drugs of all sorts, including alcohol and tobacco. In our view the issues surrounding them all are similar. It is a fact of life that, in the absence of a strong religious taboo, homo sapiens has recourse to mind altering drugs of one kind or another. Attempting to prohibit the use of such drugs stands as much chance of success as banning sex. Probably less chance. Driving these things underground is counter-productive.

The only rational response to this evident truth is to provide the requisite drugs within a regulated framework that assures an adequate supply and the purity of the drugs. This should take place within a taxation regime that generates funds to support comprehensive health education programmes aimed at discouraging drug use, and providing specific care and treatment when needed.

In the UK the NHS and local councils fund free access to residential detoxification and financially-supported access to rehabilitation.

Harm attributed to different drugs
No alcohol for me
No alcohol for me