Reappraisal of the Inverse Care Law

The Inverse Care Law


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Literature Review

  • What is the Inverse Care Law.
  • The Inverse Care Law and Waiting Time and Classification
  • Type for Cardiac Surgery
  • The Inverse Care Law and the Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in Primary Care
  • The Inverse Care Law and the Availability of Health Promotion Clinics
  • The Inverse Care Law in Clinical Primary Care
  • Evidence Against the Inverse Care Law in Provision of Care for Coronary Heart Disease
  • Summary of the Studies and Literature
  • Implications for Further Research

Chapter 3: Methodology

  • Design
  • Participants
  • Materials
  • Procedure
  • Limitations
  • Ethics

Chapter 4: Analysis of Results

Chapter 5: Discussion

  • Results Summary.
  • Results in Relation to Literature Review
  • The Role of Expectations
  • Implications for Research and Policy

Chapter 6: Conclusion and Bibliography

Kerris Cooper 2010