Health Inequalities 25 Years after the Black Report

Conference on  Health Inequalities 25 Years after the Black Report,  Friday 9th September 2005 Manchester Town Hall

The purpose of the conference was to consider the Black Report on inequalities in health and its consequences. What has happened to health inequalities since 1980? What happened to the recommendations made in the report?

Main speakers:

Rt Hon Beverley Hughes MP Minister for Children, Young People and Families : Notes of the Minister’s speech.

Bev Hughes Minister for Children with baby Oscar
Bev Hughes MP with baby Oscar

Prof Richard Wilkinson, University of Nottingham Medical School: Themes from his Presentation. Recent publication –The Impact of Inequality: How to Make Sick Societies Healthier by Richard G Wilkinson. Polly Toynbee’s review summarises his argument

Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, Senior Lecturer in Public Health, University of Liverpool: Notes of Dr Scott-Samuel’s presentation:  Black, Thatcher and Blair – reflections on health inequalities and hypocrisy

Prof John Ashton CBE, North West Regional Director of Public Health and Regional Medical Officer: Notes on Prof Ashton’s presentation

Dr James Munro, School of Health and Related Research University of Sheffield: Notes of Dr Munro’s presentation

Dr Sohail Bhatti Director of Public Health, Huddersfield: Dr Bhatti’s presentation on inequalities between very small areas of Huddersfield. This work is based on the use of Mosaic software, further details of which are available from Emily Sparks.

The notes have been kindly prepared by Ursula Harries and Fiona Reynolds. Daisy Hayden, of the Commission for Patient & Public Involvement in Health has also produced a summary.  We are very grateful to all three of them