Richard Wilkinson

The work of Richard Wilkinson has been hugely important to the development of the Socialist Health Association’s policies and approach to the world. We are proud to have supported his work and some of his early publications are available on this site.

Dear David Ennals 1976

The letter to New Society which helped to launch the Black Report.

Health, Wealth and Poverty conference 1992

Income and Health

Allison Quick and Richard Wilkinson‘s book Income and Health was the fourth of a series of five reports commissioned jointly by Ruskin College Oxford and the Socialist Health Association in 1984. It was published in 1991. The text is reproduced by permission and without amendment except that the footnotes have been inserted into the main body of the text and the 71 bibliographical references have been omitted.

Social Determinants of Health Book Review 2000

The Black Report – Health Inequalities 25 Years On 2005

Reducing Inequality 2008 Verbatim transcript of Richard Wilkinson’s contribution

Health inequalities Scottish experience and response 2009

Professor Wilkinson’s later work is documented at the Equality Trust.